Technology Stocks : The Singularity, A.I.: Machine & Deep Learning,. and GFA
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From: richardred9/4/2017 1:00:33 PM
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John on this Labor day while having some free time. I found your thread. I can say truthfully. A lot of the AI Theory & technology stuff is over my head. However I love your subject and plan on contributing. It's fits in this new era of investing. I always like finding technology in all fields. Along with investments that coincide with their infancy. Long before the Iron Man movie ever came out. Iron Man has always been a favorite of mine. A man kept alive by a device to keep shrapnel from entering his heart. Along with a body of armor (smart Machine). Just think now about the artificial hearts, legs, and other extremities. How far will it go from here? Another subject of interest for myself. Computer trading of Stocks. One of the reasons I came up with this quote. "If Wall Street is like a Game of Chess. If you decide to play the game. Sometimes It better to be the aggressor. Making sacrifices along the way is part of winning. However, even the best can be beat by a supercomputer" Many times when I was playing a known superior chess club member, or opposing schools superior opponent. I wasn't focused on Checkmate till later. Unless a blunder was made. Mainly just saving enough pieces left for one. IMO A stalemate is better than a loss. IBM's supercomputer Deep Blue lost the first match to Garry Kasparov 1996. Deep Blue won the second match. Did it learn from it's first match? I believe supercomputer have advanced greatly since 1996. Humans can learn from mistakes to, myself included. However it's that Damn expecting a different result that's a killer. Another interesting topic , Food technology- I remember When P & G came out with olestra. A fat free wonder. However it gave people the runs. DAR is starting up a plant to make animal feed from Bugs. Could this could be the start of feeding the world? Think grasshoppers or others.

BTW I do have a technology based thread in Rochester based VUZIX. I do owns some, but offer no recommendations. It's to early and risky.

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P.S. I sold my Nvidia way to early. Sigh!
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