Technology Stocks : The Singularity, A.I.: Machine & Deep Learning,. and GFA
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To: dvdw© who wrote (44)8/25/2017 1:45:48 AM
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Terrible audio... but interesting subjects.

It occurs to me that AI might be the reason for the Fermi Paradox:

(I've never wondered why we haven't been contacted. It seems to me they must be far far ahead of us.)

The idea I had was: Civilizations in the universe inevitably come to the point of the singularity and merge with artificial intelligence. The growth of technology is exponential and moves very fast at that time.

All species in the universe evolve into different creatures depending on their environment. Whether a species can handle the transition or destroys itself is the determining factor. A successful transition and merging of biological life with artificial intelligence means the species can join the other super intelligent creatures of the universe with a nearly infinite sustained increase in intelligence and knowledge.

An unsuccessful transition means the end of the species.

Those who are successful understand that unsuccessful species that destroy themselves are too dangerous and violent to save and let them die out. Natural selection on a cosmic level.

Perhaps that's why some speculate that they have tested taking control of our nukes... to give us time to see if we can do the transition before we eliminate ourselves with nukes.
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