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To: Ahda who wrote (24688)8/24/2017 5:06:57 PM
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Thank you for the feedback, Ahda.

ECB actions have not been influenced much by the Brexit. What counts most for the ECB is the economic development in Italy, France and Spain, the EU heavyweights. - GB has been a net payer to the EU, other countries will have to step up to substitute its role.

I really recommend all readers of this forum to start "playing" with crypto currencies, especially bitcoin. It's not that difficult. Here is a link to what is recommending itself:
Getting started

1. Create a "wallet", a personal bitcoin account on a PC or smartphone. There are many options. I have been using Bitcoin Core which loads the complete blockchain (around 150 GByte, it takes days) and Mycelium, an Android wallet. The most secure option are "cold wallets" (devices similar to USB sticks) but for small amounts they are overkill.

2. Set up an account at a bitcoin exchange, e.g. at Coinbase. It may take days to weeks currently, though, because all exchanges are overwhelmed with new customers. Coinbase has added one million customers this May alone.
There are also services to purchase bitcoins directly, like

I'd start with the purchase of a small bitcoin amount for, let's say, $50-$100. There's no need to purchase a whole bitcoin, any fraction will do, $100 is about 0.025 bitcoin.

3. Transfer the acquired bitcoin (fraction) from the exchange to the personal wallet. A certain amount (up to about 1%) will be deducted as a network fee.

4. Keep the bitcoin amount on the wallet or spend it. Here's a list of dozens of merchants accepting bitcoin:

There is a learning curve but it's worth it. Just imagine there could be a bank holiday one day, for some days or weeks. Traditional banks would be closed. The bitcoin network is available 24/7, no bank holiday there. It helps to be already acquainted with the system in such a situation.
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