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Anybody who carefully reads any of my messages related to crypto currencies will be able to verify that I exclusively talk about bitcoin and not about any other of the about 1000 "altcoins" which have emerged over the years. Here a link to a site which keeps track of the better known crypto currencies:
CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations
Bitcoin is the original, the "real thing" having been introduced in 2008. Here's the original white paper:
All other crypto currencies try to mimic its success, are derivations of it or try to improve on certain perceived shortcomings. There are a lot of questionable altcoins with shady actors, some have already collapsed, others are still in the midst of a pump-and-dump scheme. The latest craze are so-called "initial coin offerings" (ICOs) which are often just concepts to be implemented on the Ethereum crypto platform. Especially regarding these ICOs I also see parallels to times.

Bitcoin has proven itself to be a trustworthy vehicle during the past decade. It has withstood all hacking attempts, "fear, uncertainty and doubt" (FUD) attacks and also a "hard fork" recently. Bitcoin's blockchain exhibits properties which highlight the weakness of traditional banking and which many banks, insurances and other companies are exploring to adapt for their own purposes. Unlike a stock it's difficult to put a value on it. For all the talk about it being a bubble one should think about the proportions. Just the European Central Bank alone pumps 60 billion euro each month into bonds of struggling governments. That's more dilution in a month than the total market capitalization of bitcoin accumulated over a decade. I bet that bitcoin will outlast the euro - so what's the bigger bubble?
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