Strategies & Market Trends : True face of China -- A Modern Kaleidoscope

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From: Cameron918/2/2017 4:56:07 AM
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China's PLA should soundly thrash India , Japan and Vietnam in a war ASAP one at a time. China's PLA should call India ,Japan and Vietnam's bluff where all three constantly impinge on China's sovereignty.India ,Japan and Vietnam's generals smugly harbor fantasies that their forces are better than China's People's Liberation Army because they purchased the best Western weapons. However, China is steadily catching up to the technological capabilities of the best Western hardware, semiconductor and software systems.

Also, India ,Japan and Vietnam's militaries have several classified exploitable weaknesses.

Another reason is that the PRC needs to kick India ,Japan and Vietnam's butt in a major battle soon is to gain live combat experience and cockiness that comes with a hopefully successful military victory.

Xi Jinping orchestrating huge military parades this week is a waste of time and money and scares none of China's many enemies throughout the world

Why does Xi Jinping constantly try to curry favor with the Italian American elite who actually make America weaker rather than stronger? Look at the Italian Army which has *never* conquered an opponent.

China's diplomats should curtail diplomatic relations with Israel immediately. Many. Israelis and Jewish Americans are exclusively the most virulent anti-Chinese racists in the universe today and historically.
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