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No problem. One thing I hate about the new way business operate now is you can't buy a software product and just use it forever... they'll stop supporting features I must have, like updating accounts in Quicken, so you are forced to buy a newer version every few years... Then you get to learn a whole bunch of new crap you didn't need just to get back to the functionality you had before...

I asked their support on Twitter and Facebook to fix it or tell me what to do, but it was just before the weekend so I'm hoping they answer me on Monday.

Hardware too... my DISH DVR used to be great then they did some stupid, fracking update that has the damned things taking twice as long or more to go from function to function for very little added benefit AND they screwed up a few things that were easy to program before. I called tech support and chewed them out after it was clear it was their end, not something I did....

Then we have the damned phones and tablets that all work great when you first get them then the bastards force update after update of bloatware on your until they are virtually useless compared to the fast machines they were when purchased. It amazes me "we" let the tech companies get away with it, but I guess most blame themselves and buy new products which is what they want you to do. So, I guess we buy their stock, take profits and use it to upgrade!
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