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To: nissan who wrote (6899)7/13/2017 11:24:18 AM
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Hi J,

KVH just needs to announce something, anything related to JLTV. It could literally be $100k contract. This "pipeline" term is damaging their reputation and any research into AMPV will disappoint Investors. It's clear now that MKVH intentionally used that term for plausible deniability purposes. Slight of hand. The pipeline could still be another 5 years away, for all we know. A broken clock is right twice a day. Starting to think we invested in a broken clock. Where is the HTS ready vsat hardware he talked about in January that was in production. There is zero proof that they modified the hardware for the existing Agile plans.

It is good news to see JLTV is expanding and moving forward. It's going to be huge for someone. KVH seems to have reason to invest in this so called pipeline. Strange considering G&S is on track to drop for its fourth year in a row.

Btw, I've researched S-3 filings a little. The blanket effect is real for companies that aren't transparent. There are some positive examples, however. Tesla being one. At the same time, Elon Musk is very transparent about his aggressive vision. He's showing confidence and has put his own money into the fundraising. In pharma, S-3 has had a devastating effect and no CEO has stepped up that I could find. That said, these companies are taking a great deal of risk on single drug trials. KVH probably falls somewhere in the middle here. It would help if Martin put some of his own money in. He makes close to a million a year and has done nothing for his shareholders. In fact, he's getting ready to dilute us.

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