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From: Kitskid7/11/2017 3:28:35 AM
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My trouble began about 4-5 days ago:

I am having a problem loading sharpcharts using firefox.

I can load p&f charts using firefox.

I can load sharpcharts using Internet Explorer.

Obviously it is a browser problem.
My virus software, Java and other OS software shouldn't be a problem.

When I try to load a sharpchart, the address bar pulses like it is repeatedly sending the address.
(When I tried to search for "FIREFOX" on the sharpcharts site, I got the same pulsing address bar.)

After halting the page request(s) and clicking the address bar security icon (grey-lock + orange-triangle)
I get a message "CONNECTION IS NOT SECURE" . Which leads me to this Firefox information.


How can I tell if a page has mixed content? Look for an icon in your address bar to determine if the page has mixed content.

No mixed content: secure
  • : You’ll see a green lock when you are on a fully secure page. To see if Firefox has blocked parts of the page that are not secure, click the green lock icon. For more information, see the Unblock mixed content section, below.
Mixed content is not blocked: not secure
  • : If you see a lock with a red line over it, Firefox is not blocking insecure elements, and that page is open to eavesdropping and attacks where your personal data from the site could be stolen. Unless you’ve unblocked mixed content using the instructions in the next section, you shouldn’t see this icon.
  • : A grey lock with an orange triangle indicates that Firefox is not blocking insecure passive content. Attackers may be able to manipulate parts of the page, for example, by displaying misleading or inappropriate content, but they shouldn’t be able to steal your personal data from the site.

I've tried as many changes to the browser as I could find but nothing has worked.

Any one got any idea what the problem is?

Thanks in advance,

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