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Asleep At The Wheel: Lazy Journalism and The Apple vs Qualcomm Dispute

Last week, the Apple vs. Qualcomm Saga continued, with Apple responding to the recent actions undertaken by Qualcomm to attempt to enforce its standing contracts regarding the use of Qualcomm intellectual property in iPhone devices.

Let’s just say that it was no surprise when Apple’s response came that it was once again littered with questionable interpretations of the value of Qualcomm’s IP, the depth of Qualcomm’s contributions to technologies critical to the iPhone, and challenges to the fairness of Qualcomm’s licensing terms. More problematic, however, was the kerfuffle of red-delicious eyed media and analysts predictably giving Apple’s response a pass, and putting out articles jumping to the iPhone maker’s defense, clearly without so much as reading one page of the legal documents before parroting Apple’s position by default.

Over the past few months we have been regularly discussing this dispute between the two technology giants. Not just because talking about Apple makes for good reading, but because we see a much bigger story lurking underneath its dispute with Qualcomm – a story at the heart of which a battle is being waged for the future of - and access to - innovation. More than anything, we believe that there are two sides to every story, and feel that to simply accept the rhetoric coming from Apple, particularly as it relates to such a critical topic, is a form of dereliction of duty. It certainly is odd that so few seem interested in analyzing Qualcomm’s claims in earnest, or in remarking on the company’s relative silence in contrast to Apple’s invective.

Here are some basic facts: Together, Apple and Qualcomm have developed some of the most beautiful and popular mobile devices on the planet. If you believe Apple could have done it without Qualcomm, then just put your device in airplane mode. That will give you a taste of where Apple’s handheld universe would be without Qualcomm. Oh wait… Qualcomm also developed airplane mode. In fact, Qualcomm even invented the lock screen. The truth is that Qualcomm’s technology – much of it, critical and fundamental technology – is omnipresent in all smartphones. Apple can pretend otherwise, and try to minimize Qualcomm’s contributions to its ecosystem of mobile products, but that sort of propaganda doesn’t hold water, even when some journalists, analysts, and bloggers are either too lazy or too beholden to Apple to bother looking any of this up and fact-checking their own articles.

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