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To: WalterP who wrote (6885)6/14/2017 4:40:35 PM
From: awecr2   of 7013
Thanks for the info, Walter.

Unfortunately, AMPV will have negligible impact of $5-6m/year.

Here's where I struggle with the MEMs argument. My research suggests MEMs do fall short, as they suggest. However, the evidence also suggests the aggressive players, Waymo and Tesla, are finding software driven solutions to offset that. Waymo blows away everyone in performance metrics, is clearly ready for real world but also suggests they have brought everything in house. Hard to believe they are making their own FOGs or RLGs. This leaves MEMs with software adjustments. Tesla is definitely not using FOG or RLG. Their pricing doesn't support it. I also believe they are misleading consumers because their product is for blue sky conditions. $200 FOG unit price is a dream until something is offered.

Martin definitely misled when it came to comments made earlier this year regarding HTS hardware in production. Using his argument, they have been offering HTS ready hardware for 5 years. Suddenly they are suggesting hardware is in production? Agile plans will move the needle for volume but only when new HTS hardware is released will they see meaningful sale and profitability growth. I thought this hardware would be offered over 2 years ago. Has me wondering again if they are going to be offering multiband with Viasat-2?Something I think we all thought they moved away from. Viasat has suggested they are going after the cruise ship market in maritime. Hard to believe they wouldn't want a maritime partner vs going it alone. EPIC has been out for over a year. If they were just focused on Ku, why not offer new hardware by now? There is enough coverage to promote EPIC but nothing to speak of.

At $50/month, Agile would be a significant loser at the gross margin level. I wonder if they were just referring to the beginning Service plans that are just data? Hope so. I'm not surprised to hear shipping and O&G are still strained. They are waiting on HTS products. Who would spend $20k+ on hardware that is obsolete? KVH is not promoting current hardware as HTS ready. Clearly, this is only necessary for purchases. Who cares when you sign up for Agile plans? No friction because users can upgrade at any time.

I'm guessing you are referring to Rignet as an indication of how poor O&G has performed? The good thing is that O&G is no longer a drag. The market

The pound dollar has been $1+m negative per quarter for two years running. Another reason to be optimistic about the stabilization of core areas. Just tired of waiting for a real return to growth. The opportunity cost has been very painful. Reason? No new hardware or markets.

We are completely reliant on Agile plans, right now. Wish they would make a real announcement that gives reason to be excited. Sounds like the same story. Nothing new.

Regards, Aw
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