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NVDA 248.20-0.4%Jul 16 5:20 PM EDTNews

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To: Glenn Petersen who wrote (1529)6/9/2017 2:00:02 PM
From: John P  Read Replies (1) of 1603
Glenn, nvda is one of the most intriguing growth stories of data center growth..... nvda's GPU is in every cloud computer we have taken a very deep dive into NVDA for a number of months.

The short term story with FANG and the NDX is that the NDX hit a top on 06/04/17 and we've been having a sell off in FANG....

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my kick the day off

The old adage is that they ring a bell at the top, and on a trading basis.. The WSJ blog ... had the big head.. to ring the bell and Cramer sees this ..... and Jimbo is always useful in creating huge massive volume when needed....8 million share s exchanged hands in the first 15 minutes today between 164 and 168.50.

He was instrumental in creating the bottom on Oct 8th 1998 when Dell which you could never buy under it's 200 dma back in 1997 and 1998 plummeted along with the market and Cramer gave the capitulation to sell signal .... He plays his role so well........ And he also has great insights and knowledge.. Is he actually, affected by the passion or fear of the moment or just the master craft man..... in the 1998 movie rounders.

I walked into my associates office at 5 pm yesterday and the NVDA headline was there on the monitor

I commented that they always ring a bell at the top... and I was looking at this picture of the WSJ story on a 50 inch monitor...... ( it was not talking up the entire screen but it was the only one opened.... )

so we are having the check-back.

we were at 155 when I started writing this and now we are back to the 200 period MA on the 15 minute chart.

NVDA CFO Collette Kress spoke for 40 minutes on Tuesday.

that's why I highlighted those areas data centers, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and gaming

what they are doing with inferencing, the ability for GPU visualization Triangulation is extraordiary and has applications in everything from energy extraction to Medical procedures to autonomous driving and possibly 250 additional OEM applications.

The Data Center business of nvda is incredible...
as is

the use of NVDA to compute in data centers has lead to 500,000 Kuda developers around the world -- creating the acceleration of computing via the GPU.

A I / Deep Learning enabled -- is focused not on just the hardware, also the software and the development framework.

I have 6 pages of notes that NVDA CFO Collette Kress presented on Tuesday at the San Franciso investment conference. They are full of really amazing technologies. As is the 70 page slide presentation that NVDA provided at JPM's Global tech conference in New York on May 10th......

Nvidia does have an investor site which does the a huge wealth of information on the financial as well as the technical aspects of the company......... That's the part of the NVDA website that anyone who wants to know the future of machine learning, A I autonomous driving and ultimately the singularity....

I have been deciding if I want to create a thread to focus on the machine learning, A I / Deep Learning, Inferencing, autonomous driving and the interplay of a number of key companies in the area as well as what ISRG, Celegene. are doing TSLA and Elon Musk and Peter Diamandis are up to........

Is there a central repository site on SI for this.....Glenn ..?

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