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From: Nspector5/12/2017 5:14:56 AM
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Lightwave Logic For Dummies I and II

The world is in fact consuming Data at a rate that is not sustainable with current technology and it is about to hit a wall and no one knows what will happen occur when that happens Moore’s law dictates a doubling every few years. A single individual just watching their dog from work is consuming more bandwidth than an Apollo mission to the moon.

For the most part Today’s computers are using silicon with electrons performing calculations then those electrons are converted with modulators/transceivers to light and then sent down fiber optics and at the other end they are converted back to electricity with another transceiver. There are 2 different widths of fiber, the larger core (Big Pipe) is Multi mode 850nm ish the wavelengths are very tight /\/\/\/\/\/\ and then there is single mode pretty much almost a straight line ----------- 1310 nm and 1510nm (key). It is important that you understand because when you look at the technology often it will be multimode however within the past year the industry has chosen Single Mode as the Path Forward.

OK so Electrons can only get so close because they bump into and interfere with each other so they must be kept apart. They also generate heat and massive cooling (just feel the bottom of your PC) is required so computers are moving to Photons because they are fast and can literally pass through each other without interference. The industry needs a stable material that is compatible with Silicon (and the entire CMOS process) to make the conversion on new Hybrid devices and today’s answer are devices made of Indium Phosphide (InP) and Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) while they are available to anyone this material is very expensive to use and does not scale (ability to reduce the size) to move forward. Lightwave has created a Patented (and some of it IP is held in secret) polymer, therefore the only place it is available is from them, this material is sprayed or spin coated on devices the poled (+ and –‘s lined up). Initially Lightave started out just making the Polymer but it took months a months to test a batch and they needed to 100’s of variations that is important to understand because there was a steep learning curve that many here took as failure, but it was all just part of the process of learning. Anyhow about 5 years ago Lightwave decide to bite the bullet build a chemical lab and a device lab and create their own feedback loop.

So there were steps throughout the evolution here, initially it was in a lab in Newport, then one of the founders had a medical problem I think it was Bim and Marcelli struggled to keep this afloat. Bim was a Dupont guy so he brought this to the attention of his Dupont buddies, they vetted it, basically recreated the process/knowledge that was lost with the founders memory. Anyway Basically A former Vice President of Dupont Polymer (Fasic) and Founder of Dupont thin films Eaton tapped their connections in the chemical world, after a few years they reached out the pharmaceutical industry to help clean up the dirty chromophore. So that is Polymer side basically a titan of the Polymer industry had blessed this. I think it was about this time that Fred Leonberger (Godfather/inventor of todays InP Modulator technology) started looking at this technology he hung around and blessed it. Now The fiber side, The former V.P. of Corning (the worlds largest fiber optic company) Joe Miller Joined another blessing. Oh also the entire time they had Terry Turpin NSA computer guru lending his support. I forget exactly when but we also had Smith of Taser on the board, he brought on Marcelli, then Marcelli moved to the Operating side and Admiral Zelibor took over Jim and Tom did the lab moves Z called for a device to prove that it worked. (When he came one I asked Admiral Z what his greatest accomplishment to date was, I asked he didn’t volunteer it, but he said a call from the Pentigon on 9/11 to take command of a 100 vessel carrier group to the middle east operation enduring freedom was born) Somewhere along the line Michael Lebby was doing a multi million dollar study of the Path Forward for the entire industry,now he has taken over the CEO slot and Just as important is Fred Leonberger (inventor of today’s incumbent technology) after years of guiding them he has decided to move to the Board of Directors and head up the Operations committee. Those 2 moves are huge obviously they have cracked the nut.

Initially when Lebby came on the board he headed up the operating committee and said we are doing 1 Gig, 10 Gig then the 25 Gig Single Mode Modulator to show the industry how we can modify our polymers to perform and scale. As of Last week we Just checked that Box. The Material WORKS.

Elevator Pitch - - - A Cheap Patented Plastic made in a test tube and dropped or sprayed on Silicon that is compatible with the entire CMOS process, will be used to convert Data to Light Waves using minute amounts of electricity and does not require cooling (a very green technology) . Similar to and Intel inside TM.

Oh the data center thing, data centers are getting bigger and bigger buying up all the real-estate around and they need something that can move the data around in a single mode form (distances are too far for multi mode). That is the initial target market for Lightwaves entrance into the market.

The uses for this technology are far too numerous to note but some are obvious like Millitary, Medical, Data Communications, Telecommunications, Gaming and on and on Literally 10’s if not hundreds of Billions of dollars may very well rely on this goo that will be inside doing the work but for now just focus the 2km data center market at 1 Dollar per Gig.

(Takes a while to download)

As Z says Leonberger, Lebby and Miller can wax eloquently for hours talking about this, they are highly respected and can command an audience with anyone in the industry.

Fortune 500’s and Academia have tried, so I’m sure there is much doubt in the industry as to how such a small company could do this, but look at the talent, over the years I’ve watched, listened, questioned from every possible logical angle and I’m convinced that they did it.

I have no doubt that we will see a partnership soon or will simply be bought out. The industry needs a solution and it needs it soon. A Billion or two (do I here 5?) is peanuts for some of these companies.

OH as for how they fund operations the was an initial PP years ago (that I missed out on) and many others along the way, then LPC has been brought in (many do not understand it and because of that they are scared of it) they basically act as a middleman Lightwave sells them shares at a discount and they sell them on the market, there is a built in profit for them. As soon as Lightwave has a cash cow partner that will be close that out currently they own about 5 Per Cent and will do everything in their power to see maximum return on that core position, many do not quite Get That. Lightwave always keeps about 6 months of cash on hand Marcelli watches the money very close and is great at that, they always keep just enough on hand so they can concentrate on the actual business.

OK Now Lightwave HAS JUST Turned a New Page, I think we will begin to See Lebby, Leonberger and Possibly Miller tap someone on the shoulder to form something bigger. Let’s see, oh and yes some criticize me for being too positive and forward thinking, so I apologize also to them.


X’s LWLG for Dummies Step II

These are opinions, MY opinions and are not based on anything other than MY intuitions/interpretations of things that I read or hear many of you talking about. Remember though that in the stock market perception can become reality; but “true” science is in fact science, not opinions. I am not here to purposely mislead anyone, just trying to present how I see this. Often times I scratch my head wondering why many investors that have bet on this like to publicly post their doubts without researching them, like hey I can argue this and create doubt, this is fun, or honestly sometimes I wonder if Bipolar disease is more rampant that I thought. I’m not one to talk thought I think I have ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia along with a pornographic memory (not a typo) but my second grade teacher Sister Lucy beat most of it out of me with a yardstick and some good ol fashioned red ink on my homework, I never got a participation trophy and calculus wasn’t for me oh and I could not make the varsity team but I tried none the less.

I do tend to oversimplify but I guess but that is the only way I can understand it.

Packaging, So packaging apparently means different things to different people, to me it was always about the physical box that the magic would sit inside of and with the old legacy technology it required a gold Kovar box for protection, Lightwave all along thought that they could place theirs inside of plastic box because it did not require protection from the elements. I did however notice that the testing was performed in a nitrogen environment by because it is an “industry standard”.

Lebby and PICS - IMO I think they will be super teeny tiny things and they will most likely be sealed in plastic. I think that the devices they are working on are small as in this > - <. The packaging may be about just attaching the fiber to it and locking it into place.

Remember they said they “learned things along the way”? Just My Opinion.

Fiber entering the device. Remember last year when Lebby was talking about face plate density was an issue with the connectors taking up space, and now discussions are on fiber entering through the face plate and being attached directly to the device, sounds like they are killing two birds with one stone, because along with physical limitations there is the signal loss that occurs with every connection.

How can they attach it? Photons will bounce off of an angle cut so today’s practice is to cleave (cut at a 90 degree angle) and line it up. I think that tapering, fusing, or a concave end and glue acceptor kind of thing might work. They’ll figure it out, after all it is just a piece of glass getting connected, (I helped the fiber chick splice mine and while I’m sure it was multi mode (not single mode) with a rather crude microscope, cleave it, line it up and lock it down). But multi fiber (Big Pipe Large diameter fiber optics) is much easier to connect hence why the industry tried that route first.

You know how you hear things and your antennae/awareness is tweaked, you get the true meaning of what they are saying? Following are a couple examples.

Mario Paniccia while at Intel once stated while commenting on how Big Pipe and Little Pipe (multi mode and single mode technology) is just about impossible to connect, at the time Intel went the Big pipe (Multi Mode) route because it was easy he stated that ultimately the “market will decide” I knew when I heard that a light went off, he knew they on the wrong path I started googling the crap out of Single mode technology trying to understand it.

Just as the with Lebby last year IMO while scratching his head “how will the face plate density thing get solved”, yeah right, he knew, he wanted the audience to “get it”, seed planted, industry moves forward.

OK so now we have Lebby who studied the entire market guiding and presenting for us, Yo Dudes, what a uniquely qualified individual we now have to lead a New technology, Light Replacing Electricity, Plastic Replacing OR COMPLEMENTING Indium Phosphide (InP), Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) and Silicon. The groundwork here has been laid, the production is consistent, the stability has been tested, both labs are in place, Marcelli knows how to keep them running. Leonberger for darn sure is one of the best that has done this before AND is doing it again. Lebby has the contacts and the ability to present this technology and convince some very talented individuals to join forces.

This industry is heating up, $1.25 I think is dirt cheap. My short term price goal is a $1.25 base (and I’m talking Next week), my one day la,la, la goal is a price increase of about 82 Cents in a single day, OK a buck, but the sky truly is the limit. Like I said though, we will get taken out, there will come a day when it will all be over, funds and/or shares will transfer and we will all be on our way thinking that we were the geniuses here. Many shoulda, woulda, couldas will be kicking themselves but Hey, I Most Absolutely Could Be Wrong, it Ain’t over til it’s over and Mark My Word, Games Will Be Played to make the Doubters Doubt.

Yep, This year will be the year that we come out on the field, Lebby will be shouting this from the mountain top. Do I think 5 Bucks is Possible by December 31st? YUP, and honestly I think I would be disappointed with that number.

I cannot wait until Lebby lays out the numbers in 1 weeks as to the potential, remember guys we will be getting the benefit of his studying the entire F’in world market potential/requirements along with current technology in this field for years. Remember not only does he have over 200 patents in this field “He headed the Optoelectronics Industry Development Association (OIDA), the premier networking trade association for business and scientific professionals in the optical space based in Washington, DC. Dr. Lebby has testified on behalf of the optoelectronics industry on Capitol Hill and brought the industry together on key issues. In 2015, - - - > Dr. Lebby completed a set of industry roadmaps for integrated photonics technologies over the next decade as part of the Federally funded IMI (Institute of Manufacturing Innovation) competition. These roadmaps layout industry needs for 400Gbps, 800Gbps and beyond. < -----“

Remember what Ol Ralphy said “The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” I think Leonbergers and Lebby Minds are sufficiently stretched to see the end of the tunnel on this one guys. Can you say Legacy’s?

X, Have a good Day Perhaps I’ll see you at the Shareholders meeting.
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