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It is inventive, innovative, in the grand tradition of royalty/streamer outfits ... if/when it turns out well, Nolan will make the hero list that is headed by Lassonde, who invented the entire concept ... few had any faith at the point he put so much of his little company's cash into a small slice of a property unproven to any great extent ... even after abx.vse hit big at Meikle, it took a while for punters to realise the implications for Franco ... it took years, six or eight if memory serves, came in fits and starts, was a chartist's dream the way it ranged between the upwards-sloping parallel lines, then periodically violated them, mostly on the upside but not always, depending on where you drew them of course ... it certainly stimulated one friend of a friend to use up reams of graph paper, scotch-taped together, doing p&f with various size boxes, this was considered witchcraft at the time ... and arguably, i guess the jury is still out on that, lol

Yes it will open up new angles for earlier stage project financing ... if it works ... jury is definitely out on that, eh, for the time being ... they'll have to convert the whole interest into a stream or royalty, in such a way that it doesn't lose ultimate value, and yet leaves enough on the table to encourage development by whomever they trade it to ... hasn't been done before, so there are no precedents for establishing value ... not easy, seems to me

I have decided to give NW and crew the benefit of the doubt ... just finished this morning getting ssl common into every account, in which there already were quite a few of the warrants, and i've also added a few of those in a couple accts, so now it's pretty substantial, combined ... had to make some hard choices, pared back other faves and used cash that was intended for reloads once this gdxj mess gets sorted out - in margin accts last winter i bought fair size chunks of new Franco, partly in order to generate filled tickets [have traded it in the past], but mostly as a place to stash funds for tax-loss time picking ... well i never got around to selling any, there was always a way to pick up bits of speckies without selling fnv, so i just leave it sit ... thought hard about it again this morning, figured well, can always decide some other time ... what's in the back of mind is my old full-service broker musing, 'You know, maybe this is something you should just buy and keep', which he may have said about American Barrick actually, but he was aware of Franco fairly early on ... anyway, in re Sandstorm, this common now in my girls' sheltered accounts i'm intending as multi-year keepers, be trading their ssl.wt once they get rolling again, but leave the common alone, fingers crossed for green to show on the their holdings pages
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