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From: Paul Lee5/3/2017 11:51:27 AM
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Lightwave Logic, Inc. (OTCMKTS:LWLG) Logs Significant Milestone in Prototype Bench Testing

By Michael Luke - May 2, 2017

We have yet to cover Lightwave Logic, Inc. (OTCMKTS:LWLG) here on Street Register prior to today, so for just a bit of background, the company claims to be nearing commercialization of its portfolio of organic, nonlinear electro-optical and all-optical polymers, which have the ability to alter light waves for various optical applications. Initial use of this material is for the conversion of digital information into light pulses at speeds that are orders of magnitude faster than conventional materials.

It may sound like science fiction, but the company has some very real alternatives to mainstream solutions that have been validated by some very real prototype tests.

Lightwave Logic, Inc. (OTCMKTS:LWLG) announced last week that it had achieved bandwidth suitable for 25Gbps data rates in its all-organic polymer ridge waveguide intensity modulator prototype. This is a significant improvement over its initial 10Gbps device modulator.

A modulator converts electronic/digital information into pulses of light that can traverse fiber optic cables. Modulation is the central information-encoding technology for the datacenter, data communications, and high performance computing industries. To achieve 100 Gbps, modulators are typically operated in groups of 4 (each at 25 Gbps) using a variety of circuit configurations.

A Polymer Photonics Integrated Circuit (P 2 IC ™ ) is analogous to an electronic integrated circuit, but incorporates two or more optical functions on a single substrate platform. P 2 ICs ™ are expected to experience an increase in component density, similar to Moore’s Law described for ICs, where numerous photonic functions are enabled using electro-optic polymer materials. This results in photonic devices that are scalable — meaning capable of low and decreasing cost while also increasing performance.

Tom Zelibor, CEO of Lightwave Logic commented, “Less than two-quarters from our initial 10Gbps waveguide modulator press release, our engineering team has pushed the performance to where we can now address the explosive 100Gbps market for optical modulators.

“Enabled by our P2IC™ polymer system, our prototype device is suitable for data rates at 25Gbps, and we believe it can be scaled further to operate up to 50Gbps. A 50Gbps device would be the key to open the door for our company to address the next large market, 400Gbps nodes (e.g., using eight modulators). Our near-term next steps will be to optimize relevant 25Gbps device performance parameters. We expect that the 25Gbps device will generate significant industry attention as we squarely address powerful, cost-effective miniaturized solutions for both today’s 100Gbps, and future 400Gbps higher performance markets.” (Source: Marketwired)

Some estimates for the global fiber optics market place its value at nearly $25B annually in the next five years. An ever increasing demand for high quality, high bandwidth applications provides a fertile market environment for purveyors of fiber optic technology and LWLG’s all organic components provide an added spin that we find fascinating.

Add in the fact that volume has been picking up in a big way along with a solid run up the chart for LWLG, and it gives us good cause for wanting to have this one on our radars moving forward.
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