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Technology Stocks : Gridline Communications

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From: Stronger11/21/2016 7:32:38 PM
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As promised , accurate information regarding post by "RodeoGoat"

Have read your postings as advised. Your representations are ridiculous. I would recommend you get more detail regarding your statements, as you have left out much of the history of the items you quoted. Not sure who you are , but your representations are NOT TRUE.

" I looked up public records and here is what I learned.

In 1996 , Mr. Terry DIllon started started Wireless Communications Technology , Inc. he was seeking to do business in Africa. In 1999 he got sued. The Securities Fraud was alleged. Investors purchased stock. Mr. DIllon said the company was profitable and was going public, but it appears the company had significant because note holders were not being paid. Company disappeared. "

Response: first, Mr. DIllon was not sued. Mr. Dillon secured For D. E. Wine what he was asked to do
And secured 2(two) National Contracts in Africa for the Company
Wireless Communications Technology Inc. Mr. Dillon was then asked by the above group
To join them and go to Africa to secure Communications Contracts.
Mr. Dillon ended up spending his own money, as the company had none, as well as the
Travel and expenses for a senior party of the firm that had requested Mr. Dillon's
Then over a 3(three) period, Mr. Dillon secured the agreements with the Ivory Coast
To build and deeply the the First GSM Cellular Network on the Continent.
Mr. Dillon was then asked to go to Guinea Africa and do the same, which he did and
Paid his own expenses to do so. Once completed, another group joined the company
And took it over. Those parties then took control and never implemented , and also
Short built the Ivory Coast Contract.
When the above parties decide they wanted to do something else, they asked Mr. Dillon
To take it over. He agreed and found out that the entire network built in the Ivory Coast
Had never been paid for by those parties, and never executed the full implementation.
Mr. Dillon invested over $1million of his own money to try to keep it going.

"January 2006 Mr. Dillon became the President, COO, and CTO of Gridline Communications
Holdings, Inc. This company was also sued by investors in August 2012. Investor had a
Note, Gridline didn't make the payments. Lots of stocks were purchased and notes created
By investors but company had no revenue streams."

Mr. Dillon was hired by the executives of D. E. Wine to serve as CTO. He was given a contract
To do so, but such contract was never fulfilled.
After a year, he was asked to assume the role of CEO and President, as the current party(s)
We're engaged in International Legal matters. Mr. Dillon was contacted by the Board Of
Directors and asked to assume the above mentioned positions. Mr. Dillon agreed to under 2
(Two) conditions, those being :1) position be temporary, 2) he would not be responsible for
Raising necessary funds, which the BOD agreed.
As the company had little money, they weren't able to honor the contract agreement.
Mr. Dillon has remained with the company to try to restore the company to a viable operating
Company. He has successfully secured a National build out for Equitorial Guinea Africa, and
An additional opportunity for the rural build out of Cheshire County United Kingdom.
The company is now negotiating for funds to begin build out of both projects.

"July 31, 2013, the SEC issued order against Gridline Communications Holdings, Inc.
The SEC revoked the Exchange Act Reg(12j), so the stock trading game ended.
On June 11, 2013, the SEC said that Gridline Communications Holdings, Inc., is a void
Delaware Company. They also said the company had made no public filings since
September 30, 2005 when the company stated in their filings that they has a $990,000.00
Loss. So, during that time, Mr. Dillon was the ships Captain, he failed to play by the rules and
Make the filings so we could all know what was taking place. This is serious."

This Matter was a D. Wine issue Prior to Mr. Dillon joining the firm.
The company executed an agreement to acquire a PinkSheet Company.
When that was done, they filed for a trading symbol, it was not granted as the SEC said
It was a one sided transaction. However, the company was required to continue to file its
Reports. This issue was dumped in Mr. Dillion's lap with NO PAY nor FUNDS to continue.
The Delisting was done and agreed with the SEC as to the reason, and the firm was delisted.
Mr. Dillon had a very pleasant conversation with the SEC and was agreed to delist and not to
Continue filing. No ticker symbol, no ability to trade.

"Gridline Xtreme was formed by Board approval to use for Overseas Projects. The major
Shareholder in this entity is Gridline Communications Holdings, Inc. there is a smaller
Shareholder that has provided funds for travel expenses over time to allow the company the
Company to secure the National build out project for all of Equtorial Guinea.

June 18,2014, formed GridlineXtreme, Inc. and this company is trying to do business in
Equitorial Guinea Africa. This is based Press Releases I found on the Internet. Rumor has it he has
Raised a lot of money again selling stock and notes. Sound familiar, 2 years later the company is still blowing in the wind, nothing is happening, but Mr. Dillon makes Press Releases about Joint
Ventures , etc.. Anyone heard that before?"

Mr. Dillon has deliverd 2(two) major projects to our company.

Mr. Dillon has done everything he has been asked to do for this company. He and his wife have survived of their Social Security with no pay from company.
The above responses to your to your statements are verified and accurate.

" Dillon selling the same bill of goods. Gridline Communications Holdings, Inc. and GridlineXtreme,Inc
Are in the same business trying to go to Africa, so is Mr. Dillon credible?
How can you sell the same goods twice over. Gridline Communications Holdings, Inc. is a void
Company. I take that to mean the company---- the company does not exist. Enough of the deception
It's time for Mr. Dillon to come forward and speak the truth. There is no reason to believe Mr. Dillon."

Well Sir, the TRUTH has been posted above. Sometimes good people get blamed because others leave
And that person remains to give others a fighting chance .
I'm simply trying to be stronger, hoping you can read and be a stronger man, if you can.
If nothing else, maybe now you have some what of a not so distorted view Sir
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