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Gold/Mining/Energy : Inventus Mining Corp - IVS
GNGXF 0.116-11.6%Jan 25 4:00 PM EST

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To: StemuliteWorks who wrote (70)4/27/2016 2:07:11 AM
From: JW@KSC  Read Replies (2) of 728
Stem - Re: "Are we not we paying the fees? Spare me with the liabilities."

Stem -

Perhaps Mineguru, You or someone can step in and correct me if I'm wrong in content and provide a Link for Ontario Canada Claims Rules

IMO Investus has Mining Claims and annualized fees are paid and Assessments on each claim must be done annually or every two years.

I Can't locate the the exact wording about Claims fees for Ontario Canada , although they are probably much like the U.S I would imagine. This Page in U.S Dept. Of Interior BLM explains the US Claims Fees.

Stem - if you are from Ontario or can provide a Link to a reference source please pass it along, If I'm wrong.

This reference for Canada Claims is from a Currently published book in 2015. See Item (2)
Canada Mining Laws and Regulations Handbook Volume 2 Ontario, Quebec Front Cover Int'l Business Publications, 2015. Page 162

There is a Difference between Mining Claims and Mining Leases. Investus has Both.

In Ontario when appying for a Lease, the application must include required fees and the first years rent
Ontario Ministry Northern Development of Mines

Investus did convert some Claims to Leases in 2009, in order to do Blasting for Bulk Samples to get a understanding of the Avg. Gold content, this long before the 007 & Godzilla Zones were found.

IMO, Investus has already or will be or is in the process of converting at least two of thier Claims into Leases.... Claims 3009440 & 4202512.
This so they can probably do the Bulk Sampling in the 007 & Godzilla Zones, the Highest Grades Zones to date, and probably where Spotted Mining maybe Bulk Sampling this year to access average Grades for those zones. Speculation Only, but it makes sense to me. Others may have and are welcome to their own opinion.

Accordingly Bulk Samples should not be run in a Pilot Plant, but rather the plant should designed for Sample Program. Due to This, it may preclude any Revenues as it's Sampling Program and just how many tons of Conglomerate will actually be used in the Bulk Sampleing Process?

If that Ore is processed all the way into Dore Bars and there are any revenues from it, might pay for Mount Logan Resources NEW Office Space in Ontario for a few years.................

The following screen shots are from o The Book - Mine Planning and Equipment Selection 2000 page 47

"Once a claim is staked the prospector must perform assessment work in order to maintain the claim in good standing. This work must amount to $400 per claim (16 ha unit) per year and be reported to the Mining Lands section of Ministry of Northern Development and Mines. Claims are forfeit if the assessment work is not done. The land affected by the forfeiture then returns to the Crown and may be staked by someone else.The prospector’s right is only to explore the mining claims in good standing. Mining cannot take place until the claims are brought to lease. Mining leases are issued for the express purpose of undertaking mineral exploration, development or mining. The right to go to lease is a statutory right upon the claim holder fulfilling the obligations of the Mining Act. Twenty-one-year leases are issued by the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines and may be renewed for further 21-year periods. Leases can be issued for surface and mining rights, mining rights only or surface rights only. Once issued, the lessee pays an annual rent. Further, prior to a mine coming into production, the lessee must comply with all applicable federal and provincial legislation."- See more at:

As I stated in a previous POST "Granted Bulk Sampling does involve a rudimentary form of Mining or Trial Mining. DRilling grades thus far are to spoty at this point and Bulk Sampling may give a better overall Average of Grade from an area."

If any of the above is information is incorrect, then my understanding of Mining Claims and Leases needs a Canadian a course, and I will humbly apologize for my Errrors (not my Opinions and Speculation). As Always,

Your welcome to choose to not read the following Ramblings and Editorial Rant that have nothing to do with Inventus.:
Some us don't know where in the world other posters are from or what their expertise and background is, unless it's in a username as an example the name like GoldExpert and even then they may or not be what the name implies.

It his case it appears the name MineGuru looks to me like he is knowledgeable investor or has some background in mining by reading his work here, on MUX and on Stateside's Board.

It's hard to write to an audience of 10 investors or more, not knowing backgrounds and knowledge of most. You can only judge or gage a person by the content and way they write posts and given time you get to know which individuals to listen too. Example: try reading the yahoo boards. This is just generally speaking, and not to imply at anyone on this board. Just an understanding of how hard it is taking to write in-depth posts with information to include links to provide references of which you write about, which some may put to good use.
I've been doing that on MUX/US Gold for 10 years.

I know some find the work worth the time I spend posting info and comments and links to verify the info and comments. Thanks to thoses who post or send feedback in Si Mail... That's how I use to do DD back in the late 90's on Stock Boards, dig through thread Posts hunting for useful Links on a Company and stay away from the Hype and stock bashing that went on.

I Goof off with Videos Pics etc. for the entertainment factor that usually fit the Topic of the post , and sometimes do post Off Topic, itt usually has something with PM'S or Why PM'S should be going Upward.,

Ground Control to Major Tom, Orbit Hiway has been Achieved, Shut Down those rambling Rocket Engines Now !
Kennedy Space Center


APRIL 27th 2016
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