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Politics : The United States election--and the next First Lady?

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From: Solon4/24/2016 7:17:27 AM
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/u/TrumpGal The compilation of Question Posts

I was a democrat, still am I guess other than my support of Trump. I'm not feeling particularly coherent tonight, so here are some quick thoughts.

I was horrified at the direction in which Bush took the country, destroying the prosperity of the Clinton era and getting us into needless wars. I was excited about Obama. I voted for him twice. Eventually I realized Obama was as big of a fraud as anyone else. TPP really solidified it for me.

When I really started to think about it, Obama was no different than Bush. He's not progressive at all. Sure, he came around to gay marriage (after initially being against it), he doesn't like guns (but could never do anything about it), but those are just wedge issues used to pit the parties against each other while the donor class laughs all the way to the bank. Obama and Bush are the same because they get money from the same people. When it comes to the stuff they care about, we will get the same no matter if the president is GWB, Obama, Bush, or Clinton.

Obama has supported the military industrial complex keeping us involved in endless wars, orchestrating regime changes and causing further destabilization in the Middle East, and arming the "moderate rebels" who are in fact al-quaeda affiliates. He's continued the Patriot Act and surveillance. He uses executive orders frequently even though he campaigned against that. Obamacare was originally developed by the conservative Heritage foundation and implemented by Romney in Massachusetts. It's a giveaway to the insurance lobby and it penalizes citizens for not buying a product on the private market - it should have been ruled unconstitutional, IMO. The TPP was drafted in secret by and for global corporations. How can the hope and change candidate support this stuff? I don't have links to support each and every point, but take a look at this list

I realized that we could not have another 8 years of this with Hillary Clinton. She will govern exactly like Obama, get involved in needless conflicts and sell out to corporations and big banks wherever she can. This interview with Elizabeth Warren really drives home who Hillary is: I also read up on how Wall Street feels basically fine with either Hillary or Jeb as president Now, sorry, that was mostly about why I'm not voting for the democrats this time around even though I was at some point what you would call pretty liberal.

Money in politics really is the biggest issue though. No matter what a candidate says they will do, the bottom line is they are bought and paid for and they will succumb to those interests. Trump is self-funded and bypasses this entirely. This is so, so important. It means he can make appointments to people who are actually QUALIFIED. He doesn't have to give jobs to political hacks and donors. He isn't part of a machine. I don't expect him to know everything, just to hire competent people and manage them well.

Trump is used to running a business where HIS money is the line. Look how he runs his campaign where HIS money is on the line. It was like pulling teeth to get him to put his first 200k on radio ads, while others have dumped 10s of millions down the drain to get worse results. I want him to run the country like this, as if his own money were on the line.

As far as social issues, I don't think he cares either way. He said he would look at Planned Parenthood and be open to funding the non-abortion things they do. He thinks gay marriage should have been left to the states, but he disagreed with Kim Davis and said the law is now the law.

He's non-interventionist. He wants to bomb the shit out of ISIS, working with Russia, but he doesn't want us to interfere with sovereign nations generally. I agree with this - ISIS is like the Nazis, and they are a threat to us, we have to take them out. Other candidates want to make a no-fly zone which basically means shooting down Russian planes and going to war with Russia... for what?!

He wants to build our infrastructure, not spend the money on wars or "nation building." He's said it's ridiculous we put money into building schools in Iraq, which get blown up anyway, but we can't put up a school in Brooklyn? Bringing blue collar jobs back is a big issue too. There are so many towns and counties that have become ghost towns when "the plant" closes down and moves to Mexico or China. The areas become severely economically depressed. These are people that want to work, not be on welfare. The number of people on food stamps exploded under Obama and the unemployment for blacks is depression-era. Wages overall have been stagnant for 10 years. These are the kinds of things Trump talks about.

In the same vein, he wants to improve our trade deals. We're a debtor nation, and it makes no sense for us to trade on terms that are so weak for us. Who benefits? Global corporations who can maximize profits by accessing more global markets but setting up shop in the countries that allow slave labor and headquartering themselves in the country with the lower taxes.

When it comes to immigration and security, this shouldn't even be an issue on party lines. I'm going to vote for the candidate that I think will make the country safe. Trump wants to bring back surveillance programs that worked in NYC. The Muslim ban may be extreme, but non-citizens have no constitutional right to come here. As for the wall, Hillary voted for a fence on the Mexican border that was never built, and this was the DNC platform in 1996 on immigration: Trump doesn't use PC language but there is nothing wrong with the concept of securing the border and deporting each and every person who is here illegally. Not all are bad people, but they are depressing wages in addition to causing crime.

Trump has also vowed to keep Social Security and Medicare intact, and wants to repeal Obamacare. He's supported single payer and universal healthcare in the past.

I'm sure there's more I haven't thought of but those are some of the main points why I like him so much.

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