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Gold/Mining/Energy : Inventus Mining Corp - IVS
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To: StemuliteWorks who wrote (46)4/21/2016 3:41:26 PM
From: JW@KSC  Read Replies (1) of 728
On the Consolidation - I guess we find ourselves on opposite sides of the Fence on this Issue StemuliteWorks.

No I don't want to see consolidation. Yes I think it will take place.

Do I want to see consolidation? No, in less it would be in the best interests of the Company.

No matter how much you own. In my case especially not considering I based my Purchase on the Stock on at least going to $0.50 with the amount of shares I Purchased. I would like to see a return a on capital in the $???,000 range. Perhaps you can figure out the least amount I own. It may be greater than the minimum sum of the equation, but certainly not less.

So No, I don't want to see the Consolidation happen. But Que Sera Sera.

IMO whatever the 3 Largest Shareholders decide will happen will happen as they hold appox. 31%. and as far as I know, Institution(s) only own 1.38 M shares. See Note, there maybe other Large shareholders who held their shares.

NOTE: There are 3.7 Millions shares That are not part of the 31% mentioned that were done in a transaction in 2009 and had a 4 month holding Period. Whether this Party held those shares or not is an unknown.

NOTE: Also there are another Appox. 12M shares owned by 3 parties In 2011 (last date of record I have) by former Ginguro Associates or investors. Whether these Parties held those shares or not is an unknown.

a) Is there a retail Investor(s) who own enough where their vote might have a huge impact Vote?
b) Will more than 20% of retail investors Vote for Consolidation?
c) Will a large Percentage of Retail Investors that Get the Proxy bother Voting at all, thus changing the amount of shares Voted. Thus giving the Large Shareholders an advantage?
d) Will it be determined by the Board after the shareholder meeting not to do a Consolidation?
e) ????
f) ????

The best one can do is make sure you vote and say Que Sera Sera.

A lot of my basis for seeing the Consolidation happening is based on:

Not knowing ahead of time of the last Private Placement those participating went in thinking a consolidation was likely, Given the share Price at the time. Also in order to gain more attention by Financial entities the share price needs to be higher (Granted Share Price has improved since the last PP) .

Also the less shares the better from some people's stand point. Not a factor, although Ian Ball for one likes to see a small Share Structure for Abitibi showing only some 10 Million Shares Outstanding. Granted IVS is not the same with RZZ having a share price of $4.18 up from $3.00 in February.

In the PR I found (which is Below) it sound like the IVS wants the Consolidation to happen.

Just a couple of Quotes:

There are currently 85,183,806 Common Shares issued and outstanding. Upon the Consolidation becoming effective, it is expected there will be approximately 42,591,903 post-consolidation Common Shares in the capital of the Corporation issued and outstanding on a non-diluted basis
Those words could be interpreted a few ways.
1. Yes if the consolidation takes place, there would be 42.6 Million shares.
2. We expect the company will have 42.6 M shares post-consolidation.

Taken in context with the next quote each person must choose 1. Or 2. For themselves.
The board of directors of Inventus (the 'Board') has concluded that the Consolidation would be in the best interests of the Shareholders as it could lead to increased interest by a wider audience of potential investors and could better position the Corporation to obtain financing and pursue acquisition opportunities.
Granted it does also say:

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Board may determine not to implement the Consolidation at any time after the Meeting and after receipt of necessary regulatory approvals, but prior to the issuance of a certificate of amendment, without further action on the part of the Shareholder.

04/12/2016 - Inventus Mining : Announces Proposed Consolidation

Disclaimer - I own shares in IVS.V
The Opinions and Comments are those of my own.
Do Your own Due Diligence, the make Investment Choices Based on your own Study.
Good Luck at the Rigged Market Tables.

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