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Politics : The United States election--and the next First Lady?

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From: Solon4/20/2016 10:52:13 AM
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Trump's 2016 Run for President: Common Criticisms and Why He's Qualified for the RoleAfter Trump openly called out president Obama for running a secretive administration after promising to be a transparent president, the liberal media went after Trump. They embellished stories about Trump's past life, distracting the conversation from what he was actually saying. Many of his critics still like to point to the financial difficulties he went through during his relationship with Marla Maples. Donald hit a few life snags and actually failed in some of his business ventures, and the media loves to paint as stupid anyone who has ever failed. But everyone who has great success has had many failures along the way. Failing is just part of becoming a winner. For those who have faith, it would appear that Donald was being punished by God for his infidelities, but this was to be Trump's first set of major failures. He bankrupt at least one project and was said to have been wiped out financially. Critics and haters enjoyed gloating and stating that Trump is not a smart man because of this major disaster. However, business-minded entrepreneurs have pointed out that after the major setback, Trump dug in and is now even richer than ever. The comeback is the true sign of a hard working and truly savvy businessman; a "loser" with less drive would have packed it in and just thrown in the towel.

This can all be boiled down to a piece of great advice Trump gives in his books: The ignorant will point to a man's failures and dwell on them, but the successful will realize that everyone has failures in life, and it's what one does about the failure that makes or breaks a person.

More financially successful than ever, Trump has turned his attention to the Presidency, announcing that he is running in 2016. Because the Obama Presidency was so disastrous, maybe what this country needs is the exact opposite. Barack Obama never built anything himself or held down any normal jobs. Many hard-working Americans do not relate to Obama at all. Trump, on the other hand, has had to fight to get permits, gone through the rigors of hiring employees, and created thousands of jobs and many businesses.

Trump has spoken of reducing taxes to give working-class Americans a better chance to provide for themselves and reach goals. The theory is great, and it works: It is what Ronald Reagan did in the 1980s and resulted in a strong economy. But Trump's critics wonder if he has what it takes to make the country run as well as it did under Reagan, who had decades of political experience when he was elected President of the United States.

Many Americans point out that Trump can't possibly be worse than Barack Obama. Obama was elected president based on campaigning that he would end the war, yet not only did he fail to do so, but also the war actually escalated under his administration, with the death toll growing by the thousands. Obama promised to do something about the failing economy, yet the economy did not get better because of his actions, but simply because of the passage of time, which was inevitable. For those who lost everything, it's a little too little, a little too late.

The biggest mark against Trump is that we can't be sure if Trump wants to be president, or if he is just drumming up publicity for other projects he is working on. Trump is a master at keeping the public talking. Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: If Trump is running for president, he is the man to vote for, because Trump always puts his all into his projects and comes out ahead. It's about time the United States hire a man with experience, guts, and desire.

What's Your Vote?
Should Donald Trump be President?
  • Yes, He has what it takes, I am not brainwashed by the negative media
  • No. only career politicians such as Obama and the Clintons should be president
  • I don't think he is the best choice but I will vote for him over Hillary
  • After 8 years of Obama, I'm voting for Trump
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