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To: Graham Osborn who wrote (56673)1/17/2016 5:06:37 AM
From: bruwin   of 71203
"some of the great fortunes of our time will be made in commodities"

Hmmm ... I wonder. It could be a case as to which commodities will contribute to those fortunes.

One wonders if previously much used but finite commodities such as oil will feature as strongly as they have in the past. Apart from their finite aspect, it's also getting harder to find oil deposits that are relatively cheap to extract, as one find in Saudi Arabia.

Then there's also the pollution risk of oil either when extracted or when transported. Seems to me the "world" is getting somewhat fed up with the negative side effects of fossil fuels.

As a result we've seen far more effort, research, investment, etc.., in renewable energies.

Now sun and wind cannot provide the 24 hour/per day RELIABLE base loads that industrial countries need. As a result a lot of work and research has gone into forms of storage capability to store that solar energy when the sun goes down, but there's still a long way to go before that storage capacity becomes large enough to supplement a country's overall base load.
But sun and wind, etc ..., can add to a country's power grid, especially for ordinary households, and especially where solar panels on roofs or wind can add to a country's electricity grid and give the house owner a credit on his electricity account.

But that BASE LOAD needs to come from a reliable, ongoing, reasonably non-polluting source of ADEQUATE power. IMO that can only be Nuclear Power.
Some will holler out about safety and impending tragedy, etc.. as we saw in Russia and Japan.
Well, France has been getting over 70% of its base electricity supply from its own developed, designed and built nuclear power stations for many years ... without any problems.

And that most recent tragedy in Japan was primarily caused by the fact that when the Tsunami wave hit the coast of Japan it swamped and cut off the generators that were supposed to kick in and remove the radioactive stored rods. Had those generators been positioned in a more sensible situation there would not have been the problem because the rods would have been lifted and therefore no melt down.

Apart from the current sources of renewable energies such as sun, wind, tidal which can be there at times and not be there at other times, I would like to propose another source of ongoing energy which is there 365/24/7 and which doesn't disappear behind a cloud or dissipate when the wind dies down .... ---> OCEAN CURRENTS.

In those parts of the world where ocean currents move alongside coastlines, they can be tapped into and their ongoing energy supply used to turn something. Because when you turn something you can generate alternating current ... i.e. your electricity supply.
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