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To: Moonray who wrote (170835)6/12/2014 11:18:16 PM
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OT Moonray re: re-posting links + All re: signal/noise

Moonray re: Suggest you read this thread for Apple news, first.

Your chiding of JakeStraw for posting a link with the same content as yours (posted a week earlier) might ring more true if you hadn't done the exact same thing yourself hours earlier.

You posted this: Apple and Honeywell Take on Nest with a Smart Thermostat (#170797)

12+ hours earlier I posted something (arguably) more detailed: Thermostat War Heats Up as Honeywell Takes Aim at Google (#170764)

All: I don't bring this up because I'm annoyed that Moonray posted his/her link without bothering to read 33 posts earlier (I had a similar inclination once, an age ago), I'm mostly hoping to riff on Doren's even more recent statement that "Its a fine line between endless bickering and real discussion" (#170841)

I have noticed that there is a certain recent sensitivity to contrary opinions here. As a longtime AAPL ... long, myself, I can appreciate this. But I can also say with confidence that the best posting environments are those which are more loosely moderated. Not unmoderated, mind you (I checked out SI's unmoderated AAPL board and it looked like yet another cesspool) but ... moderately moderated.

I urge the board to engage in less public navel gazing and to strive for a higher signal/noise ratio. I believe things are about to pop in the AAPL universe in a way they have not since before Steve moved on, and frankly all of us should have better things to do than complain. I believe that those of us who take some sort of long position, barring broader market downtrends like, for example, the shiz going down in Ukraine and Iraq) are about to experience more profitage than we have seen for years.

I admit that I have done two things in the past few days (besides posting another serious hint towards what I perceive as Apple's inevitable and soon-to-be-more-fully-revealed direction): I have tuned out a moderator and I have provisionally un-tuned-out someone I had previously thought of as a troll. I am curious to see how all that will turn out. Heh.

Until my next post, I offer two thoughts:

1. Yes, it is all about the software :-)
2. Apple 3.0, coming soon. Y'all should hear about it sooner than most, and you might even be able to figure it out before I spell it out. Hint. (#170288)
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