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Pastimes : vitamins herbs supplements longevity and aging

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From: Brinks9/20/2012 8:10:58 AM
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Anatabloc nutraceutical supplement at GNC

I have been on for a couple months and am feeling its many benefits. I also have been collecting testimonies from others who have been on for a year. See below. Well today I go for blood testing so
I will have some stats. Folks its all about inflammation. Read the WSJ article below.


Anatabloc® leverages the body’s natural process for regulating its own inflammation using anatabine, a naturally-occuring compound found in some plants, combined with Vitamin A and D3 to help the body to avoid excessive creation of inflammation. Pre-clinical studies have shown that this combination inhibits pro-inflammatory pathways, thereby helping maintain lower levels of inflammation.

Anatabine is a naturally-occurring alkaloid, found in eggplant, peppers, green tomatoes, tobacco, potatoes, and a variety of other plants and vegetables in the Solanaceae family. Anatabloc® stimulates a natural body process to promote a healthy inflammatory response.



Read this WSJ article of September 3 , 2012 here

Note they talk about Inflammation and the C-reactive Protein------This is the exact third party testing that Anatabloc is going through now to see if it lowers C-reactive protein. If it lowers CRP it would be huge in preventing strokes or heart disease.

Fred Couples -- His C Reactive Protein levels (an inflammation marker measured by blood tests) dropped from 6.5 to 0.8, according to his interview on ESPN's The Morning Drive through use of Anatabloc


To Scot
Offshore Surf Shop
Carlsbad, Ca.

Subject: question

This is excellent. Thanks for sharing. Did you do this without exercise??? Just Anatabloc? Thanks

Quote from Scot regarding Anatabloc:

"But there are three things I have had improve dramatically and have numbers to measure them. Last year I weighted 215 lbs, now I'm at 185 lbs. My blood pressure was around 150/95, now it's 125/65 or lower. My lowest reading was 107/59, just last week. And my eyesight has improved by one full diopter, from -1.75 to -.75, I barely need correction anymore. I never expected any of those things to happen, but I'm really glad they did."

From: Scot

Date: 9/17/2012 2:43:08 AM

Subject: RE: question

I have been exercising moderately the whole time. The problem is before Anatabloc it didn't seem to matter. I always wondered why I would gain weight by 3 to 5 pounds every year, even though I was known by my friends to eat right and exercise. One of my favorite meals is baked chicken and steamed vegetables,

I never eat fast food. I'm a moderate, I don't over commit either way. I would go into the gym and do the cycle for 20 minutes before I would play tennis. I walked 2 miles on the beach every day with my dog. Not over the top, but I wasn't going crazy with anything. Well, that kind of pisses you off after you gain 40 lbs when you think you are doing the right things to stay healthy. I wasn't over the top with the program, but I thought I should of held an optimal weight instead of getting worse every year with my lifestyle. Well, here is what I think is going on.

There are two kinds of fat that form in our bodies that can be a problem. Subcutaneous and visceral fat. Visceral is the more dangerous fat that forms around our internal organs and causes heart disease, cancer, diabetes, ect. It is formed by the over expression of, you guessed it, NF-kB. And, visceral fat causes more and more over expression of NF-kB all by itself. It's a feed back loop that makes itself a bigger and bigger problem. So moderation still causes problems because of auto- immune disease. Anatabloc stops that loop, and it reduces the visceral fat in your body by blocking that loop. I don't have that shelf of hard fat in my abdomen anymore, it has gone away.

I didn't change anything except that I don't crave things like sugar, or late night eating anymore. So I don't over indulge because I don't have to. I still like sugar, but now I don't need it, and I'm sure it's the Anatabloc doing that. I think I was pre-diabetic because my body was clogged up with inflammation, but now all of those problems have gone away. I feel 20 years, or more, younger. And even after a year on Anatabloc I still feel better every day. The reason I put my work address on an earlier message is because I like to talk to people face to face about what has happened to me on Anatabloc. I like it when people come by my shop and talk about it. I absolutely think that it is the most important thing a person can do to protect one's health. I am absolutely amazed by the way it has helped me.---------------------------------------
Offshore Surf Shop
Carlsbad, Ca.

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