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Politics : Actual left/right wing discussion

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To: koan who wrote (8688)12/3/2010 2:16:16 PM
From: TimF1 Recommendation  Read Replies (2) of 10074
Now 80% of scientists lean democratic (liberal) and only 6/12% call themselves/lean Republican (Gallup poll). 80% versus 6/12%. In statistics that is a powerful difference and statisticians would say represents two populations.

My conclusion is that conservatives are the result of one of two things: either they are wired to think differently (nature)than liberals, or follow dogma at the expense of facts or logic.

If your conclusion has any actual basis in argument or fact you don't present it even in the most skeletal form. Scientists are not in general paragons of perfect logical thinking. They are intelligent, but so are people in fields with very different political leanings like doctors (who are not so "liberal") and engineers (who lean conservative). They often have a lot of knowledge within their fields, but again so do others, and knowledge of say chemistry doesn't make you an expert in military issues or economics (In important ways even economists are not experts in economics, they are the closest we have to it, but alchemists used to be the closest we have to experts on chemistry. This isn't intended as a slam on economists, I have a lot of respect for some of them and have studied the field myself a bit; its more an indirect comment about the complexities of the field.)

Even if scientists where clearly the best example of general knowledge and understanding (not just in their specific fields or even in the wider field of science), wisdom, and logical thinking, the fact that more scientists lean to the political left wouldn't be much in the way of evidence in support of the ideas of the political left. Scientists deviate from the norm in all sorts of ways, just because scientists are more likely to be something, do something, support something, act in some way, think in some way, doesn't imply that that way is better.

most conservatives do not believe in evolution.

That's a very questionable statement.

Very few liberals do not believe in evolution.

That's questionable as well.

That is huge because evolution is a solid fact and quite simple to understand.

Its far from the only example of such a thing. Liberals are far more likely to believe price controls work well, but they clearly don't. You can cherry pick your question, and then say "my side does better on this important question", but that doesn't do well in terms of leading us to an accurate wider understanding.

it describes exactly what a liberal is. Someone who is comfortable with change, science and logic. .

Many "liberals" are quite opposed to change, and to a reasonable application of science or logic, when it gets in the way of one of their favorite ideas, actions, or programs. Liberals support change, the way they support "tolerance". They tolerate what they think is acceptable, and support change they think are good ideas. Just like conservatives.
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