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Politics : Obama Watch

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To: zamboz who wrote (276)6/7/2009 2:45:36 PM
From: LTK007  Read Replies (1) of 290
Before i post a couple OLD OLD rants. i want you to click this link.
i consider Harper's Magazine to be as genuine "semi-rad" magazine around.
This is the oldest continuously published Progressive Magazine in the United States, i subscribe to it's printed edition, and once a month i say "O Boy, Harper's is here!!!"
Harper's and CounterPunch are my to favorite magazines of World Affairs and The Human Condition and of certain great fiction writers(CounterPunch i get via E-Mail)

i get SICK at Obaimites that consider themselves progressives--an utterly FALSE claim on thir part, and yet another sign of the decline going on all around us.
So click this FIRST, then the other stuff:)Max 6/7/2009
The cartoon of Obama's holding a "I Have a Dream" Poster is classic.

Message 25561619

The attempt to use Obama happenstance of his color to get people to leap on his wagon one the mosy disillusioning events of my life regards realizing how utterly EASY it is to con people.

"Love Me i am Lib" retards(and there are MANY) that didn't know me, on hearing me say i am NOT going to vote in this election, period, say "Is it because Obama is black? Are you a racist?"

Well i would say "if i am a racist than Reverend Wright is a Racist, hell if Reverent Wright was running i WOULD vote for him." And they would get nervous norvous, it would be like saying "Malcolm X" to a Liberal in the 60s, their basic reaction was FEAR-- they get that look of "that dangerous Black Man'

Hell Reverend Wright is FAR FAR truer to MLK than Obama, so Obama, Hack Politician DENOUNCES him for daring to say America is an Evil Militaristic Empire.
Listen to MLK's condemnations of the NAM war, and then picture Obama doing the same----PLEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i got banned from Poet's thread for daring declare the thread was bogus. i give an example of how the Stepford-Liberals banned you in a twink if you dared speak not nicely of Obama.

i have banned from EVERY RIGHT WING Thread and Every Obama is the Man, thread, on SI.

i find it curious that they ban me as fast as the mos def Right Wing Thread do also ban me

Just another sign this country is going to hell.
a post fragment on LeftWing Porch thread just before i was banned, includes a link to the "Scary Kiss" scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers(the original IOTBS)

<<Fascinatingly sickening it is witnessing people performing mass lobotomies on themselves.

Now than that Obama has Embraced McCain and Lieberman and Emanuel Rahm, i see the One War Party, coming out its closet that any but self lobotomized can see it(But the self lobotomised is the Vast Majority of all Americans, sadly).

Yes , when on SI, i do feel about as lonely, as lonely as Dr.Miles J.Bennell did when surrounded by PODPEOPLE.

Here, C.C, enjoy this as it shows how i feel about ALL OF YOU that have assassinated the ability To THINK Free, be Free, you all that are of THE HERD.

You will get a thrill out this U-Tube video , getting to know what it is like for people like me, THE OUTRIDERS/THE OUTSIDERS/THE UNTAMED/THE FREE THINKERS.

Witness my misery and be satisfied your are but one in the MASS MULTITUDE in the the body of THE HERD MIND that make life for people like me a lonely journey.

We do, however, network, and thus remind ourselves we are NOT wholely alone just close to it. Max

From 1956--the last 3 minutes of a classic movie. >>

and this fragment with a link

<<a reminder Obama EMBRACED McCain and Lieberman this week while he BANNED Ex-President Jimmy Carter from the Democratic Convention for committing the apostasy of daring to suggest Israel was an Apartheid State.

That fact you all have NO problem with that tells me who you are

You say "Go Obama" for his McCain your IN!and Carter you are OUT!.
If i were to stay here i would strangle to death in the dark waters of hypocrisy from you 'Love us, we are safe, we are good, we are rattle no cages, we LOVE are new KING, we follow we follow we follow, we are the New American; the Unity of the Far Right and The Center"

As i say this thread should be changed to the Centrist Porch, it being called the Left Wing Porch is a bad joke.

i leave you to your false GAWDS.

i give another link
i doubt you will click

Once you see the post starts with this <<CG, i collect names of Israeli jews that are strongly oppositional to where Israel has been and where it is going, these the jews SHOUTED DOWN by the Fanatic Ultra-Zionist--so when i charge this shouters as Judeo-Nazis, i am talking about a group that captured both the power in Israel and the U.S., and it is this FANATIC group that Obama is EMBRACING, and that is UNACCEPTABLE to me, as a human being.

the rest of the post

Message 25190075

So here is where i hide out now, regards Obama as this a world where people like me are can strongly relate to "Dr.Miles Bennell's" situation

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