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Technology Stocks : Texas Instruments - Good buy now or should we wait?
TXN 131.69+1.5%Oct 15 4:00 PM EDT

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To: Woody_Nickels who wrote (6150)10/26/2008 12:55:24 PM
From: tree_toe_bandito  Read Replies (1) of 6170
<<Every time the gov't needs money they look around
to see where there is a large amount in some accounts
and they confiscate it>>

That's a special case of tree_toe's First Law, which says that "someone" will figure out how to steal the pile. It doesn't have to be the government, could be the company you work for.

If the government tries to take over 401(k)s, people will stop contributing. That is probably the only deterrent we have. Of course if people stop contributing, they will lose a deduction on their income tax, so the government still wins. If people withdraw from a 401(k), they will pay income tax, and if before 59 1/2 a 10% penalty. That's win, win, win for the government.

I think that there is extreme danger that TXN, indeed, the market as a whole, will have another waterfall decline. Watch the foreign markets. The trading day starts in Asia, and moves through Europe to the US. If those markets are getting clobbered, we usually get clobbered too.

TXN could test it's 2003 low around 13. At least the danger of that is so great that I am not buying TXN at this juncture. If TXN drops to 13, that's another 20% decline on top of the previous disaster.

This is shaping up as a bad recession. Get a book on the Great Depression. Only the people who were in the market went from solvent to destitute in Oct. 1929. It took a couple of years to wipe out the rest. We are in the "wipe out the rest" phase of this one. It looks like in the present case, that the government is going to be doing a lot of the wiping out. There may be no place to hide. Spend it while you got it.

I think it is TXN's fate to merge with or be acquired by another company. If so, the folks who bought TXN between 99 and 20 aren't going to get their money back. This stock is a "strong sell" until proven otherwise.
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