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1000 ISPs Live with 56 Kbps x2 Technology

3Com Leads 56K Market with its End-to-End Solution and Commitment to

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 16, 1997--3Com Corporation
(NASDAQ:COMS) today announced that more than 1000 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) now offer live 56K(1) x2(TM) technology service to millions of online subscribers worldwide. One year after its unveiling, 3Com has established itself as the 56K technology leader. 3Com was the first to market, first to guarantee a free upgrade to the standard and now is the first to achieve significant ISP deployment.

Through the more than 1000 ISPs who offer x2 service, 3Com customers now have local access to x2 Internet services in nearly 4,000 cities across all 50 states and 33 countries. Internationally, x2 deployment has also gone unmatched with more than 100 ISPs live in Europe and nearly 60 ISPs live in Asia/Pacific.

''As 3Com drives toward a standard, the market will continue to see an aggressive x2 rollout for even broader end-to-end availability,'' said Ross Manire, senior vice president of 3Com's Carrier Systems Business Unit. ''People in all parts of the world will benefit from the increased speed x2 technology provides.''

3Com Leads With 56K End-to-End Solution

3Com's software-upgradable remote access systems have helped accelerate deployment of x2 technology. For the large numbers of ISPs who use 3Com's remote access equipment, x2 only requires a simple software upgrade. In fact, nine of the top 10 ISPs have based their high-speed dialup networks on 3Com's remote access products including America Online/ANS, CompuServe, AT&T WorldNet, IBM Global Network, NetCom, Mindspring, Prodigy, MCI and PSINet. The flexibility of 3Com's technology gives consumers and ISPs an easy upgrade path to future
enhancements and eventual 56Kbps standards.

''Netcom has made a strong commitment to providing the download speeds our productivity-seeking business and professional customers demand,'' said David W. Garrison, chairman and chief executive officer, NETCOM On-Line Communication Services, Inc. ''We offer x2 service in 85 cities across the U.S. and Canada and throughout all of the United Kingdom. We rely on our relationship with 3Com to offer the end-to-end networking products that give our customers the kind of Internet access they require.''

''We have been using 3COM's advanced 56 Kbps x2 modem technology for more than seven months now. Our switched infrastructure and Internet backbone network were easily upgraded to support the new technology through automated software upgrades at our network access points,''
said Sid Overbey, vice president switched access and Internet services at IBM Global Services. ''The ease of deployment allowed us a rapid rollout of this technology -- of our nearly 1100 remote dial access points in 52 countries, about half currently support the x2 technology,'' Overbey continued.

1000 ISPs Live With 56 Kbps x2(TM) Technology

In addition to the impressive adoption by ISPs, consumer demand for x2 modems is equally compelling. According to VisionQuest, August 1997, the more than 20 modem vendors shipping products with x2 technology account for approximately 70 percent of the U.S. retail modem market.
x2 modems also are shipping with products offered by several of the top PC manufacturers including Dell, Gateway 2000, Packard Bell, NEC, IBM and Hewlett Packard. Major chipset vendors have also licensed x2 technology. Texas Instruments has announced that they alone have shipped more than 13 million x2-capable chip sets.

3Com's Commitment to Standards

3Com emerged as a leader in the standards process in September 1996 when it was the first company to submit papers to the ITU (International Telecommunications Union). Continuing this commitment, 3Com was also the first to protect its customers' investment by guaranteeing a free upgrade to the forthcoming standard(2). Most recently, 3Com has been the only company to publicly announce licensing terms for its 56K solution -- an unprecedented move to expedite the standards process. 3Com remains committed to reaching a standard as quickly as possible.
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