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Microcap & Penny Stocks : Olympus Ventures (BB: OVIS) ---Short Squeeze is on!

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To: Riley G who wrote ()9/27/1997 4:13:00 AM
From: Riley G   of 492
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 1997 01:00:40 -0400 (EDT)

I spoke to Randall Baker yesterday afternoon 9/26/97. I informed him that I am an investor of OVIS and would like to hear both sides of the story. Randall immediately started talking about the illegal 10K from June 1996 and also the scam/manipulation going on right now with regards to the stock price of OVIS.

I cut him from what he was saying and ask him questions.....
1. Is your client short or not on OVIS?
Randall: He may or he may not!!!! (He does not want to admit the fact)

2. If he is not short, why is he upset with the runup of OVIS? Investing is seeing our money grow! Aren't we suppose to be happy that our investment is going UP instead of down?
Randall: We are after the management who is not telling the truth about the outstanding shares and illegal shares given to Michael Zapara.

3. I myself verified the outstanding shares, Are you telling me that the TA is not telling the truth?
Randall: Yes, the TA is not telling the truth!

4. I was told that you are holding 1 million shares of OVIS. I heard that you have mentioned that to Riley G. Is that true and if it is, can I have the cert number?
Randall: No, I didn't say that we have 1 million shares. ( Riley, He probably meant 1 million short)

5. OK, OK! Lets start from the beginning, if you are concerned about US investor of OVIS, why is it that you sent a press release stating that you are into Real-estate consulting and stated that the original OVIS does not exist? Of all the names in the world, WHY DID YOU FILE WITH THE STATE OF WASHINGTON AN INCORPORATION WITH THE SAME NAME "OLYMPUS VENTURES"? You even sent somebody there and literally "walk" the documents to state office which is done by mail 100% of the time.
Randall: We said that because we want to HALT THE TRADING OF OVIS!!!! We did that because WE WANTED TO HALT THE TRADING OF OVIS!!!!

6. WHY?
Randall: Because we don't want any more investors getting fooled by the scam OVIS is in!

7. SCAM, I still don't see any scam going on except the illegal press release you have done. If you are really concerned about us (investors)and would like to warn us about the runup/manipulation of the OVIS stock, then ANYBODY WHO IS IN THEIR RIGHT FRAME OF MIND WOULD.........
FIRST, issue a press release stating your allegations AND, NOT, pretending or trying to SCARE the UNKNOWING investors by stating that the OVIS they have invested in no longer exist. I don't see that you are concerned about the welfare of the investors at all with your actions. (no comment heard from Randall)
SECOND, would file a major complaint with the SEC about the scam that you are claiming(which has no basis at all).
THIRD, would contact the proper authorities other than the SEC.

Randall: Did not give any answer but just kept on going around the bush with BS again.

8. Are you a lawyer? I would like to know what is your position or why are you representing your client? Who do you work for? I am an investor with a huge position on OVIS and would like to hear both sides. By verifying your occupation and background, I would make my decision on who to believe.
Randall: No! I'm not a lawyer! I am a broker!

9.OK a broker...for who? Can you give me your phone number or office address?
Randall: No, I work for myself. I am not connected with anybody. I can't give you my office number you can just call me on this number (WHICH, BTW, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, A CELLULAR PHONE NUMBER).

10. Mr. Baker, you still have not convince me one bit! You mentioned that the shorts will not have to cover how is that? I spoke with SCHWAB, ETRADE AND CERES about naked shorts and undeclared shorts...ALL OF THEM TOLD ME THAT, YES IT HAS TO BE COVERED! And one way of covering it is by buying back ALL the shares that was shorted and as a result...the price (BID AND ASK) will just FLY!
Randall: No, they don't have to cover. They are lying to you ( I told him, Come on, all 3 professional brokers lying about naked shorts and undeclared shorts..I don't think so). He continued, The TA would have to close down their office when the last cert is issued!

11. (Very much surprised with the answer) I said, WHAT? How would that happen? The TA just breaks down the certificates that was given to them in bulk by the DTC. The TA has nothing to do with it. In fact, they said that they are currently swamped with requests
Randall: (now very nervous and just stuttering on his answers) No, they will shut down for there will be no more shares to be issued.
I said, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! The TA will not shut down, but instead, THE DTC will go back to the Market makers, also your client, who shorted the stock and ask for the shares they shorted. This by the way will result to huge runup on the OVIS price.

12. I just finished researching IOMEGA and PRESSTEK who experienced a short squeeze. I hate to tell you Mr. Baker that OVIS is very much identical with the IOMEGA AND PRESSTEK's situation.
Randall: No way for the TA office will close and there will be no shares traded.
(This goes to show that Mr. Baker does not know what he is talking about even if he claims he is a broker) The manipulation is being done in SI web site? I asked how? By mentioning that they will be buying the shares and stating the minutes it take for the trade to get filled. Is that manipulation to you? I don't think so! I stated, There are dozens of chat rooms(like AOL, Motley Fool, Excite, etc.) discussing stocks and when to buy. I even said that in SI alone, there are more than a dozen threads that discuss the same thing like EUTO, ARET, ZE, EXSO, etc and with much more posts, like SYCR...HOW COME YOU ARE JUST CENTERING IT ON OVIS? Why not EXSO or SYCR? Randall replied, "Oh um,
more familiar with OVIS" . I immediately followed, EXSO is in the red in financials and it had a run up from .06 to .50, EUTO has not proven anything so far but it went from .003 to .25. Why not complain against this stocks?
Randall replied " Oh umm, is there a number I can call you back?" I'll call you back later.

I asked him to give me his office number instead, but he does not want to. I even said, I don't want to call you on your cellular phone because it is more expensive. I would rather call you in your office. Guess what, HE DOES NOT WANT TO GIVE ME THE NUMBER IN HIS OFFICE. He hang up!

Anyway, Mr.Randall Baker sounded very concern about the whole situation. He knows how strong the cartel has become. Mr. Randall Baker does not know what he was talking about, even if he claims that he knows more than the guys (traders/brokers) of SCHWAB, ETRADE AND CERES. Come on guys, it was confirmed again that these guys in California are a bunch of SCARED AND NERVOUS shorters WHO WILL BE PAYING US BACK BIGTIME$$$$. They are soooooo desperate right now and will just do anything to avoid the squeeze. Why? because, they will pay us BIGTIME!!!!!$$$$$$$

As soon as I mentioned IOMEGA and PRESSTEK, he(Mr. Baker) sounded more concerned. I guess he was present during their time. FYI, IOMEGA had a runup from $20 to $330/share because of a squeeze. Presstek had a run up from $2-$4 to $200 because of short squeeze also.

What we are seeing now in OVIS is a very identical situation! Just hang in there guys and as Riley have said, TIME IS IN OUR HANDS!!! I for one is now 100% sure that the squeeze is about to start. IMHO, we will definitely see a huge runup when the TA prints the last certificate.

GO OVIS!!!!!! OVIS AIRLINES IS NOW CLEARED FOR TAKE OFF!!!!!!! We are serving chocolate mousse with M&M's toppings for dessert

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