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The Coming Dollar Crash of 2005 Could Soon Break You
...Or Make You

We'll give you the Single Biggest
Trading Opportunity of 2005
(...and a stock that will skyrocket
as the dollar dives)!

Dear Investment U Reader,

I've been watching the trend develop like a roiling storm. Despite occasional pauses, the U.S. dollar had been steadily descending. In a few months, it's expected to crash and then continue to flounder for the next five years.

Alan Greenspan warns that central banks around the world are looking to diversify their holdings away from dollars.

Warren Buffett reveals that his company now has a $12 billion bet against the dollar.

The Wall Street Journal reports "a growing fear that a declining dollar could touch off nasty side effects for stocks."

What Kind Of Profits Are We Talking About?

Investors who knew exactly what to do when the dollar declined had the opportunity to chalk up gains of 89%... 124%... and 522% in as little as three months. Between February 2003 and April 2004, one stock multiplied more than 50 times, booming 5,293%.

Just imagine - had you invested $10,000, you would have gained a nest egg of $529,300 on that single investment.

Brokers are sounding alarms up and down Wall Street. Investors are wringing their hands. But The Oxford Club sees this trend not as an epic disaster but as a historic opportunity.

Over the next few weeks, currency values are going to completely unhinge, creating the Single Biggest Trading Opportunity of 2005. (And we will show you exactly how to profit from it.)

As professional investors know, with $2 trillion dollars changing hands every day, you can make the most money when there are shifts in currency values. For example, the legendary George Soros made $1 billion in a single day in 1992 by short selling the British pound, just before the government's attempt to bolster its value predictably failed.

Now I am not suggesting that you can make money the way George Soros did. Trading currency options and futures can be very risky. Instead, I am recommending a far safer way to win BIG during the Dollar Crash.

Please understand - as the dollar falls with respect to other currencies - many U.S. stocks will indeed fall with it.

But other stocks that are denominated in certain foreign currencies will BOOM. In fact, as their currencies rise relative to the dollar, you will automatically earn huge profits even if these stocks don't go up in price!

Best of all, we will help you take advantage of this historic opportunity without undue risks or complications. You won't need a foreign broker. You won't need an overseas bank account. You won't need to make intricate option moves.

Now Is The Time To Act. The Plunging Dollar Actually Makes Certain Stocks Stronger and Safer.

By August, 2004, three of the world's top-five-performing stocks were already non-U.S. based. The U.K.'s British Energy PLC had gained 364.30%. Costa Rican-based Rica Foods, Inc. jumped 360% within a year. Bermuda's Excel Maritime Carriers rose 272.10%.

And this is happening while foreign shares are a bargain compared with U.S. equities. The S&P 500 has been expensively trading at 20 times earnings, while many overseas markets are as much as 50% cheaper on an earnings basis.

In other words, if you know where to look, and if you get in early, you can acquire foreign stocks with blockbuster potential that have minimal risk. Today, they are available at costs that are remarkably low.

But Don't Count On Your Broker To Find Them.

A recent survey revealed that not one investment advisor in 40 is even talking about the opportunity to earn big profits in stocks that are denominated in foreign currencies.

But there is good news for our Investment U readers. I am prepared to send you the names of some painstakingly researched stocks that are poised to grow explosively over the coming weeks and years.

Here Is One Stock That Promises
"Profits Of A Lifetime"...

One of the stocks we are looking at is perfectly positioned to thrive as the dollar continues to descend. Its upside potential is astronomical, and yet the company is well grounded and rock-solid.

How solid? Well, imagine a company that sells more life insurance than any other in China, a country that includes more lives than any other.

This company also sells 69% of all accident insurance in its country and is one of its largest asset managers and institutional investors, earning a piece of hundreds of billions of dollars in assets, year after year after year.

In fact, its assets are so large that they accounted for more than half of all assets under management by Chinese life insurance companies.

This company sells life insurance, annuities, and accident and health insurance policies throughout China. Currently, the company has more than 48-million individual and group insurance policies.

And that number will almost certainly rise sharply in the months ahead.

How do we know?

Because it's an $18.6-billion company with a distribution force of more than 655,000 exclusive agents operating out of approximately 8,200 field offices throughout the country. (Did I say distribution force? This is more like an army.)

In the first half of 2004, its profits reached nearly $4.7 billion. And this figure will almost certainly rise sharply in the year ahead.

You can bet that management will do a good job for us, too. After all, insiders currently own 75% of the outstanding shares.

Now Imagine Earning a 40-60% BONUS
On Top of Your "Normal" Profits

Right now, the Chinese yuan is artificially pegged to the U.S. dollar. By not allowing it to "float" and rise to its true value, the Chinese government has made its exports cheaper on the world market. But this unfair policy also keeps the Chinese people impoverished with diminished purchasing power, while enriching manufacturing tycoons and the country's political elite.

According to Jim Rogers, former partner of George Soros and probably the world's most experienced foreign stock investor, the yuan revaluation is coming. "It has to."

China has already promised to let the yuan float. And this could happen any day as the country struggles to stabilize its economy.

Now, when the yuan is freed from its artificial restriction, the Chinese stock I've been talking about could bring you substantial profits even if its price goes down! On the other hand, if the stock zooms upward as we expect, you'll make even more money. Porter Stansberry, founder of Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, estimates your yuan float bonus at 40-60%.

Don't Miss What Has Been Called "One of the Best
Investment Opportunities of the Last 50 Years"

The crash of the U.S. dollar and the inevitable rise of the Chinese yuan will supercharge certain investments with extraordinary profits.

All you need are a handful of these investments. As Investment U president, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud points out, "The way people end up getting rich is by having a few major winners... and by limiting their losses."

Welcome to a World of Wealth

My name is James Boxley Cooke. I've retired now, but I'm a former executive with T. Rowe Price, one of the oldest and most respected names in the mutual fund industry.

I'm no longer in the mutual fund business, however. But I still love showing people the shortest and most direct route to achieving great wealth.

I'm talking gains that could double your wealth each and every year for the next five years at least - without putting your wealth at undue risk.

And you not only earn spectacular returns... you actually lower your risk.

This grand trading opportunity is flying completely under the radar of most U.S. investors. Even though it is earning investors annual gains of anywhere from 146% to over 5,000% - right now... as we speak!

Best of all, the profit boom fueled by the dollar's fall is in its very early stages. There's still plenty of time left. Get in now and you stand to make a substantial sum in the near future. As I said - properly positioned in this investment strategy and you can double your money every year... and build a multi-million-dollar fortune faster than you ever thought possible!

It's a Small World... and a Profitable One!

You see, currencies are like any other commodity. They rise as demand increases and fall as demand decreases. Very soon, the demand for dollars is likely to crash. And that sets us up for the Single Biggest Trading Opportunity of 2005 - and for at least five years to follow.

Here are five reasons why many experts believe the dollar will continue to fall:

Interest rates are so low that investors in other countries can get higher yields elsewhere.

A basket of goods and services in other countries around the world generally costs less than they do here at home. That means the dollar is overvalued on the basis of purchasing power parity.

The U.S. is running a massive current account deficit. Because Americans are buying billions more in imports each month than we're exporting, the demand for dollars is waning.

The falling dollar itself is a bad omen - a self-fulfilling prophecy. Investors anywhere prefer to hold investments in a currency that is rising, not falling. When you pull up a chart of the U.S. dollar the trend is decidedly negative.

And if the dollar's falling, U.S. stocks may soon follow. That's because if the U.S. dollar falls 20%, investors have to get a 20% appreciation in U.S. dollar denominated stocks just to break even! And as demand for U.S-denominated assets weakens, down goes the dollar even further.
This may sound negative for U.S. stocks and the economy. But regardless of the impact this will have at home, it also creates a monumental investment opportunity elsewhere. But we don't want to risk our hard-earned capital on wild-and-wooly currency bets. So what do we do?

We recommend investments in the safest and highest-returning alternative to U.S. stocks - foreign shares. Not just any foreign shares, of course - only the shares of the best international companies - companies that are likely to see their local currency rise against the dollar.

But the current opportunity in foreign shares goes beyond currency advantages... which is why so many of the shares of the world's best companies are soaring higher.

As I indicated earlier, while the S&P 500 is trading at 20 times earnings... and the Nasdaq trading at 37 times earnings, many overseas markets are spectacular bargains on an earnings basis.

Investors also know that the countries, which these foreign stocks call home, are less likely to be hit by destabilizing terrorist attacks. Nobody has a grudge against Denmark or Argentina, for instance...

And then there's the growth factor.

Countries like China and India are growing four and five times as fast as the U.S. economy. And its foreign companies - not U.S. companies - who are churning out most of the goods and services to meet the soaring demand.

You Know Them, You Trust Them, You Buy Their Products... And Not Buying Their Shares Has
Cost You a Bloody Fortune!

Look around your house and what do you see...

A television set made in Japan. Dress shirts woven in Taiwan. Shoes made in Italy. Coffee from Brazil. A watch made in Switzerland.

And in your driveway? A Toyota or Nissan? Or perhaps a BMW, a Saab, or a Volkswagen?

Foreign products are everywhere.

And right now a handful of the companies who make those products - as well as the foreign companies that supply them with the raw materials and essential business services - are offering us the opportunity to get very rich.

243.8% to 967.6% gains - just this past year!

Some examples...

Investors recently pocketed 243.8% gains when South African Highveld Steel and Vanadium kept hitting record 52-week highs...

Investors in Hong Kong-based Euro Tech Holdings profited 266% as the company prepared to win contracts from the People's Republic of China...

Irish neuro-science biotech company, Elan, earned investors 273.2%...

Dutch Mittal Steel Company became the world's largest steelmaker as investors reaped 319.9% (and now it's set to gain a foothold in China)...

Novatel of Canada, a manufacturer of global positioning systems, was awarded a major contract in the Galileo Space Technology Development program. Investors blasted off to 468.5% profits...

Hong Kong's Tramford International quietly provided network security and software development as their investors were wowed by a 967.6% gain.
Some of the most profitable foreign companies are those supplying the goods and services needed to support growing economies like China and India. For instance...

Chinese resin and plastics maker Sinopec Beijing Yanhua Petrochemical surged 242% in 10 months...

Another Chinese manufacturer - Aluminum Corp. of China - has been benefiting from the global boom... up 324% in just over a year...

Eastern Europe's largest mobile phone company, Vimpelcom, rose 116.7% in less than seven months...

And shares of the Asian software developer Infosys rose an astonishing 1,154% in under a year.
But even those gains are tiny compared to the profits Luxembourg's Millicom International Cellular. That company - which supplies cellular service to developing countries - soared 5,293% in just 14 months!

But that's just a sampling of the huge gains being enjoyed by markets benefiting from burgeoning growth and the flow of money from U.S. devalued assets.

Many more are companies you know well.

United Kingdom's Rolls Royce Group has jumped 199% in less than 10 months...

Swedish cell phone giant Ericsson is up 331% on the dollar's woes in less than a year...

The British office equipment firm, Danka Business Systems, rose 492.7% in 13 months.

Consumer electronics giant Sony jumped 371% in 13 months. Its competitor, Hitachi, rose 299.7% in 15 months.
As you can see, these international companies are hardly "foreign" at all. You and others buy their products everyday.

Why These Profits Are Happening Right Now

And clearly there is money to be made in these markets. Especially now. Why?

Reason Number One; money tends to flow to international markets when the U.S. investments and the U.S. dollar are less attractive... like now.

Reason Number Two; foreign shares are breathtakingly cheap compared to U.S. stocks. Whether you're looking at sales, earnings, book value or dividends, foreign shares are a bargain compared to U.S. stocks.

Reason Number Three; all these companies are denominated in other currencies... currencies that will rise as the dollar continues to decline. That means you can make money on these investments, even if the share price stays the same - or falls slightly!

Here's what I mean:

Say you use your U.S. dollars to buy a Swiss company's stock that's denominated in Swiss francs - and the dollar declines 20% against the Swiss franc. You've made a 20% profit... even if the stock doesn't budge in price. Even if the stock price falls 10% - you're up 10% because of the currency appreciation...

That's pretty nice in itself...

But here's what's happening. More and more savvy investors are seeing this opportunity. And they're dropping their U.S. denominated investments in favor of better-valued stocks held in stronger currencies. That's driving the stock prices higher too.

These "double whammy" gains could make you very rich...

You get the benefit of the currency appreciation... and you get stock appreciation as more and more money finds its way to these once ignored and therefore vastly undervalued equities!

Add to the mix a number of global economies that are showing renewed signs of growth and prosperity and you have a recipe for outstanding profits.

Best of all, there is a way to make your move easily... with the right information.

Let me clue you in right now.

Meet the Leader of Your International Expedition

You don't have to pay big commissions to buy international companies. You're going to learn a way to buy these shares for only $5 a trade.

And you don't have to cover spreads the size of the Sears Tower. You're about to meet someone who will show you how to do an end run around them.

And you can also forget about learning German or French in your spare time to read those annual reports. You're about to ally yourself with someone who knows those reports forward and backward.

His name is Alexander Green. Currently, he's the Investment Director for The Oxford Club, a private financial fellowship of more than 60,000 members around the world.

Mr. Green is perhaps the most capable man in the U.S. to lead you on this journey. He has spent more than 15 years as a research analyst, investment advisor and registered portfolio manager for an international investment firm. He's traveled to the four corners of the planet… and has investment contacts around the globe.

Most importantly, he knows international markets like no one I've ever met. And he can smell opportunity a continent away. And his winning record on the global stage speaks for itself.

Let me give you just a few examples.

A Long History of International Gains

After the terrorist attacks in September 2001, he watched closely what happened in international markets. After all, this was an attack on the U.S. And most of the economic fallout would be at home.

He immediately recommended shares of Wal-Mart de Mexico, the largest retailer in Mexico (51% owned by Wal-Mart). Although the shares had dropped precipitously, he knew that this company was responsible for a large portion of Wal-Mart's international sales. He also knew that since the company offers a much bigger selection and better prices than any of their competitors, business was unlikely to drop off.

His recommendation played out just as he expected. And the shares soared 72.2% in just five short months.

This was hardly extraordinary. As an international money manager, Alex has been capitalizing on situations like this for almost two decades.

Clients of his were astounded, for instance, when he recommended shares of the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (now HSBC Holdings). And they climbed more than 600% in the months that followed.

Similarly, he wrote a special report to clients of this international firm urging them to buy shares of Israeli software developer Checkpoint Software. Just before the shares rose 1,120% in a matter of months.

He has continued these good works for members of The Oxford Club.

A couple years ago he witnessed the collapse of the currency in South Africa, the rand. And he knew, then as now, where there is a crisis there must be an opportunity. As a result, he led a financial expedition to South Africa.

Sure enough, the country itself was an economic basket case, with huge social, political and economic problems. In fact, he concluded that the problems were so bad that the currency was likely to continue to cave in.

That meant exporters who took in their revenues in dollars and paid their expenses in the local rand would make a windfall on the currency exchange rates. And it was a virtual certainty those shares would fly.

So he recommended two export-oriented mining companies to capitalize on the situation.

The first was the country's largest exporter of platinum, Anglo American Platinum. Over the space of just five months, the shares rose 73%.

But his other, even safer, investment recommendation was ASA, a publicly traded fund that held only South African mining shares. Sure enough, after he recommended the fund the share price rose 129% in just 13 months. During the biggest bear market in the U.S. since The Great Depression, I might add.

He has also scored big with the world's largest food maker, the Swiss company Nestle. And with China's largest independent power producer, Huaneng Power. And with the world's largest commodity firm, Australia's BHP Billiton.

And with the fall of the dollar imminent, he recommended Oxford Club members invest in a pair of Templeton Emerging Market Funds that would benefit. And benefit they did. In 2003 alone, The Emerging Market Fund rose 88.9% and the Templeton Dragon Fund soared 101.9%.

It's no accident that some of Alex's best recommendations involved global markets. After all, over 72% of the best profit opportunities of the last 10 years have been with companies located outside U.S. borders.

By ignoring the global market place, you're missing out on three out of every four of the best stock opportunities. In fact, the most common and costly mistake American investors make is to assume the biggest profits will always be found in our own back yards... and that there's no other legitimate place to get rich.

That's simply not the case.

And not opening your eyes to all the profits the world has to offer can cost you millions in your lifetime.

But that's about to change...

Your Passport to Riches

Alexander Green, in my opinion, is arguably the very best international trading advisor in the United States. And now he's providing a unique trading service for individuals who are willing to look outside of U.S. borders... who appreciate the economic effects and realities of a declining U.S. currency... and who are looking to lock in substantial gains in a very short period of time.

It's called The International Trader Alert.

His expertise, in-depth research, and special global contacts uncover the handful of international companies that have enormous upside potential.

Easier Than You Ever Imagined!

Every recommendation is a company based outside the U.S. and denominated in another currency. He will show you exactly how you can buy these stocks through any broker.

In other words, as a subscriber, it won't take even the slightest extra effort or expense than if you purchased any U.S.-listed stock.

His updates will come at least once a week, advising you what to buy, how long to hold, and exactly when to sell, using his proprietary "laddered stops" to both protect your profits and your principal. This keeps your risk very low.

By subscribing to The International Trader Alert, you're about to learn how to become very rich in a short period of time.

Investment Bonuses for 2005…and Beyond

Not only did most markets outperform the U.S. market on a straight percentage basis in 2004, but when you add in the benefit of translating your gains back into dollars… your returns are given an additional - and often, substantial - bonus.

Investing in the S&P 500-stock index in the U.S. would have netted you under 9% this past year. Coincidentally, the Dow Jones Index of 600 European companies rose a similar amount, 9.5% in local terms but nearly double that - 18% - in dollar terms.

Investors in Austria, Europe's best-performing market, were certainly thrilled with the 55.61% increase they experienced. But for U.S. investors who switched their funds back to U.S. dollars at the end of the year, the return jumped to 67.96% - a 12.35% improvement.

South African market participants had an excellent year, gaining 28.12%. But U.S. investors who ventured into the market reaped 52.17% - another near doubling of the return - a full 24.05% better.

With the U.S. dollar still struggling and international markets so cheap, the profit potential for subscribers is greater now than ever. The exodus of wealth from U.S. denominated currencies is fueling a bull market in international company stocks like we haven't seen in decades.

The simple fact is that, when the dollar is weak, returns in most foreign currencies are enhanced when translated back to dollars.

You don't get these types of gains without many companies earning triple-digit returns - like the ones I've shown you in this letter. But what's more shocking than the profits these non-American interests generated is the fact that most U.S. investors weren't even aware of them!

What may even surprise you more is that from 1997 to 2004, U.S. markets failed to make the global top five in any year...

But how could you have known about what was happening abroad? The mainstream media - knowing the majority of its readers and viewers don't care what happens outside our borders - barely report it.

And let's face it. Your broker or financial advisor isn't equipped to give you the advice you need to take advantage of this historic opportunity.

Your Very Own Link to the Best Global Opportunities

Alex looks for "momentum-driven" stocks - stocks where revenues, earnings, and a long list of other fundamental factors are moving higher at a substantial rate - and where the growth has been consistent over several consecutive quarters. He also looks for opportunities where a company's bottom line profits will benefit from a weak U.S. dollar. And right now the waters teem with companies that do just that.

Besides the Chinese insurance company I mentioned earlier, he will give you many other investment "Shooting Stars" that could double your money in the coming year.

These 3 Shooting Stars Are Only
the Beginning of What Could Be the
Biggest Trading Opportunity of a Lifetime.

Shooting Star #1: Canadian Transportation Company on the Move

This stock has already zoomed 35% upward over the past 52 weeks, and according to our researchers, sales are likely to climb in the months ahead. For the last nine reported months, the company already posted double-digit growth in both revenues and net income. Operating margins top 32%. Best of all, earnings are expected to accelerate even more as the company gains market share and saves from lower labor costs. Before this happens, jump aboard to double your money.

Shooting Star #2: Russian Mobile Cellular Communications Giant with Connections

This company already has about 34 million subscribers. Earnings are expected to grow 25% annually for the next five years and the company is expected to report $2.75 earnings per share for 2004. Others are beginning to take notice - according to Forbes, this company has experienced one of the world's biggest jumps in "guru" holdings. To double your money, better dial in fast.

Shooting Star #3: South African Oil and Gas Group with Global Power

This group has spread to 23 other countries. It pays a nice dividend, has a low PE ratio of 14.85, and as I write this letter, its share price just hit an all-time high. Most significantly, they're involved in a giant share-for-share transaction agreement with several other companies that are expected to be approved by competition authorities in South Africa and the European Union during the first half of 2005. For you, timing could not be better for doubling your money.

Please keep in mind that these are but a few of a long list of international companies poised to reward investors with fat profits in the months and years ahead. The International Trader Alert is the only service dedicated to making sure you know about them - and that you're in them before they enjoy their biggest gains.

And Alex gives you two ways to profit. One's a conservative approach where you buy and own the stock outright. Or, if you'd prefer a more speculative play, he'll recommend a well-positioned option play when possible. That's when the profits can really mount up. For instance, Taro Pharmaceutical recently returned over 1,000% on the stock in a year. But a few well-timed option trades could have turned $5,000 into over $95,000... in about nine months!

The international markets are a proverbial gold mine of opportunity - littered with stocks like our Chinese insurance company that are on the verge of producing huge "breakout" profits for those savvy enough to strike while the iron's hot.

No wonder that, as reported in the Wall Street Journal, 75% of the new mutual fund money went to international funds in January, 2005.

That's why it is so urgent that you get on board now. The International Trader Alert features precisely the kind of fast-moving international stocks that can quickly double and triple your investment.

Here's how our service works...

As a subscriber, you will be notified by an "instant alert" as soon as Alex sees that a stock is ripe for the picking. You'll know what's driving the opportunity, what price to buy it at, how and where to buy it, when to sell it, and what the profit potential is. And if you want to speculate, he'll include an option recommendation - when and if a good opportunity presents itself.

These plays move quickly - as do the gains- so the service will be provided by e-mail or fax. You then relay the recommendation to your broker and the trade gets executed. The whole process takes a matter of minutes.

Besides the "arrive anytime" alerts you'll get a summary (also by e-mail or fax) at least once a week updating you on the current status of each recommendation.

Plus, as an International Trader Alert subscriber, you'll also get a direct access phone number to our VIP trading desk, headed by Alex's research associate, Chris Matthai. Use it anytime you have a general question about a stock we're recommending, finding a discount broker, background research, company news, or questions relating to Club services. Please understand that while we provide investment recommendations, we are not licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to provide individual investment advice, and therefore, cannot address your personal circumstances.
As with other VIP services, enrollment will be conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost to join The International Trader Alert is $1,250 per year - a terrific value when you consider the kinds of returns this service has produced.

Stop Anytime for a Full, Pro-Rated Refund

If you'd like to stop receiving The International Trader Alert at any time, just let us know by mail, phone or e-mail. We'll issue you a full pro-rated refund for any unused months left on your subscription.

Reserve Your Spot Today

Because we expect we'll see-an over-subscription and then a waiting list for this service, enrollment will be limited.

Let me assure you that Alex does not divulge the names of companies he is researching prior to recommending them. The effectiveness of this service is due in large part to the speed and confidentiality of the recommended trades. As editor of The International Trader Alert, his loyalty is to his subscribers.

Join us today, and Alex' next profitable recommendation could be in your hands tomorrow.

Click here to ensure a reserved spot in this remarkable trading service.

I look forward to welcoming you on board!


Chairman, Board of Governors
The Oxford Club

P.S. Please don't miss taking advantage of the historic currency upheaval that has created the Single Biggest Trading Opportunity of 2005. The Chinese life insurance stock I talked about earlier is but one of several on the cusp of enormous growth. To secure one of the remaining spots available in this service or to let us answer any questions you may have - simply click below.

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