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Pastimes : Investment Chat Board Lawsuits

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To: rrufff who wrote (7620)3/16/2005 3:33:44 PM
From: StockDung  Read Replies (2) of 12393
CMKM files, clarifies, muddles and still confuses

2005-03-15 20:41 ET - Street Wire

by Lee M. Webb

CMKM Diamonds Inc., a massively diluted pink sheet promotion suspended by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on March 3, has filed its first material change report in almost two years.

Among other things, the March 14 SEC filing on a Form 8-K offers a clarification of information contained in a March 4 news release. Notwithstanding the attempted clarification, however, many of the company's cult-like Internet followers evidently remain befuddled.


As part of the March 4 news release commenting on the SEC trading suspension, CMKM offered a belated disclosure of a fundamental piece of information regarding the company, acknowledging that CMKM had more than 703.5 billion shares issued and outstanding.

In a mangled bit of phrasing, the company went on to state that the more than 703.5 billion shares were issued and outstanding "to approximately 2,032 stockholders of record (excluding shares held in 'street name')."

Many of the company's starry-eyed followers seized upon that awkward phrasing, declaring that the staggering 703.5 billion shares issued and outstanding did not include shares held in street name, which is how most shares are held.

In the March 14 SEC filing, the company noted that several stockholders had raised concerns over the meaning of the March 4 disclosure.

"The issued and outstanding share number includes all shares of common stock issued and outstanding as of March 4, 2005, including those held by stockholders in their respective brokerage accounts and/or other nominee names," the SEC filing explains.

"A stockholder of record is a person/entity that holds an actual certificate for shares of the Company's common stock in its name," the attempted clarification continues. "Therefore, the Company has 2,032 stockholders that hold certificates in their own name.

"'Street name' refers to shares held in a person's/entity's brokerage or other trading account. The majority of these shares are typically shown on stockholder lists as being held in CEDE & CO.

"The Company is not aware of how many stockholders have shares held in 'street name,' but the Company's stockholder list as of March 4, 2005 had 407,321,106,308 shares held in CEDE & CO."

Still befuddled

Notwithstanding the awkward phrasing in the March 4 disclosure, investors with some understanding of fundamental securities concepts probably realized that the 703.5 billion shares issued and outstanding included both certificated and street name shares.

Moreover, given that the March 14 clarification establishes the number of shares held in street name at approximately 407.3 billion, a simple calculation pegs the number of certificated shares held by stockholders of record at approximately 296 billion.

Evidently many of the company's cultish Internet followers who congregate by the hundreds in virtual rooms hosted by a site called PalTalk are still befuddled, however.

The largest and most popular PalTalk room devoted to CMKM is Sterling's Classroom, named after Internet tout and U.S. Air Force officer Major Sterling Collins.

Before lending his name to the PalTalk room that provides both text and audio messaging for up to 1,000 people, Major Collins attracted a large, gullible Internet following on stock message boards.

Major Collins has tallied thousands of Internet posts ranging from relatively short pieces of egregious pumping to mind-numbing conglomerations of gobbledegook that ramble on for thousands of words.

"I just talked with, Frank, a very reliable source that many of you know from the CMKX board," Major Collins announced in an early tout on May 21, 2004. "We just got info directly from Urban (Urban Casavant, CMKM's president and chief executive officer) himself to one of our sources whose name is Topogigio on the RB board. Here is a quick rundown of info:

"** We have diamonds! Many of them!!!

"** We have the largest diamond find ever!

"** We have Platinum!

"** We have Gold!

"** We have other resources!

"** We have a naked short position of 1 Trillion shares!

"** We don't have 1.4 million acres, we have millions of acres!

"** Urban said that CMKX will be at .50 to .60 cents even without the covering of the naked short position!

"** There is much more that I will get with you all later!

"** My apologies if this sounds like hype!!!"

Apparently many of the cult-like CMKM followers who congregate on PalTalk still believe much of that hype.

In particular, the notion that CMKM has been the victim of a massive shorting campaign is a tenet that is rarely challenged on PalTalk, where many of the faithful have been proclaiming for months that the company had very few shares outstanding.

In spite of the March 4 disclosure that there are actually 703.5 billion shares outstanding and the March 14 clarification explaining that the staggering outstanding total includes the more than 407.3 billion shares held in street name, many starry-eyed members of Sterling's Classroom are still confused.

Some still cling to the belief that the 407.3 billion shares in street name are "counterfeit shares" electronically produced by the Depository Trust and Clearing Corp. to accommodate the imagined massive short position in CMKM.

There is also considerable confusion in another PalTalk room devoted primarily to CMKM, Willy Wizard's Underground.

Willy Wizard is the Internet alias of Hal Engel, a car salesman, stock tout and former securities violator who is still making instalment payments on an SEC fine.

Mr. Engel, who has been touting the stock since last summer on his website and various Internet discussion sites, reportedly owns more than 920 million shares of CMKM.

While disclaiming any suggestion that he might be offering investment advice while touting the stock, Mr. Engel nonetheless claims a responsibility to his many followers. He also claims some credit for bringing perhaps as many as 10,000 shareholders or so to CMKM.

Commensurate with his weighty responsibilities, Mr. Engel spent a considerable amount of time in his PalTalk room mulling over CMKM's March 14 clarification regarding the 703.5 billion shares outstanding. Alas, the stock tout just could not come to a conclusion regarding the matter.

While Mr. Engel waffled over an interpretation of the straightforward clarification, one of his trusty PalTalk administrators, who uses the Internet alias "oogie," showed no restraint in offering his misinterpretation of the clarification.

Oogie, one of the most vulgar posters to ever disgrace a stock discussion site, is another early CMKM booster who touted much the same tripe as Major Collins at one time.

Indeed, the vulgar tout attributes claims he was making last year about CMKM having diamonds coming out its wazoo and so much gold and silver that it was simply storing it in vaults to information that came from Major Collins and another tout, Jose Davila.

Evidently oogie had a bit of a falling out with his fellow touts, particularly Major Collins, when those wild rumours did not materialize.

Earlier this year, the vulgar tout expressed his displeasure with Major Collins by calling him a "blue-gummed, lying nigger." Major Collins is black.

That outrageous racial slur delivered in Mr. Engel's PalTalk room caused something of a flap. Rather than apologizing, however, the foul-mouthed tout delivered some more shocking racist remarks.

Among other things, the disgusting tout claimed that on Jan. 17, a U.S. holiday commemorating Martin Luther King, he had driven several hours to urinate on the civil rights leader's grave.

All of that came at a rather inopportune time for Mr. Engel, who was trying to round up donations to pay for the PalTalk room. While soliciting donations, a banner in Willy Wizard's Underground carried an exclamatory warning that there would be no more racial slurs.

Evidently Mr. Engel also had a heart-to-heart with his vulgar PalTalk sidekick. For the most part, the foul-mouthed tout now limits his vulgarity to obscenities like calling other people "dumb pricks," "stupid cocksuckers" and "fucking assholes."

Indeed, Mr. Engel's pal oogie employed several such obscenities while emphatically proclaiming that CMKM's March 14 clarification unequivocally indicated that 703.5 billion shares were held in certificate form by registered shareholders and the reported 407.3 billion shares in street name represented naked short shares.

While several more knowledgeable investors took issue with that claim, the vulgar tout's misinterpretation received wide approval among the befuddled faithful.


In its March 14 SEC filing, CMKM also offered a clarification with respect to another comment in the company's March 4 response to the SEC suspension.

In closing out its March 4 news release, CMKM made a plea to shareholders to "refrain from contacting the company, the SEC, NASD, the Transfer Agent and/or Stoecklein Law Group to allow them to focus on completing the tasks at hand."

As noted in a March 4 Stockwatch article, the plea on behalf of the SEC and NASD seemed misguided, given that both regulatory agencies invite communications from the public and, moreover, the SEC had specifically invited contact from anyone with information regarding CMKM.

Evidently CMKM decided to revisit its request that shareholders not contact the SEC or NASD.

"This request was not meant to discourage anyone from contacting the SEC, NASD or any other regulatory body with regards to any matter," CMKM advised in its March 14 clarification. "The Company encourages its stockholders to comply with all regulatory bodies and if necessary call or contact them at their sole discretion."


CMKM's first 8-K in almost two years holds very little in the way of new disclosures regarding the company.

Among other things, the March 14 filing includes certificates of amendment to CMKM's articles of incorporation as the company boosted its authorized shares from 200 billion shares to 800 billion shares between March 1, 2004, and Aug. 18, 2004.

CMKM has never solicited proxies from shareholders, but evidently it managed to obtain majority approval for at least one of the amendments increasing the number of authorized shares.

On March 1, 2004, CMKM filed an amendment increasing the number of authorized shares from 200 billion to 500 billion. According to the certificate of amendment, that increase was authorized by 65 per cent of the voting shares.

On Aug. 18, 2004, the company opened the floodgate again, increasing the authorized total to 800 billion shares, most of which were subsequently issued. However, the company muddled the certificate of amendment.

In the space where the company was supposed to record the vote by which a majority of shareholders approved the amendment, Mr. Casavant simply inserted the date Aug. 18, 2004. He included the date again in the space provided for it.

While the certificate of amendment carries the important notice that failure to include any of the information required or submit proper fees may cause the filing to be rejected, the muddled form evidently passed muster with the Nevada Secretary of State.

Assuming CMKM makes good on its stated plan to comply with its reporting obligations, it remains to be seen whether the company will be more careful with filings such as financial statements and disclosures of stock issuances submitted to the SEC, which might not be so forgiving when it comes to muddled documentation from the pink sheet company.

CMKM now has one day remaining in its 10-day SEC trading suspension. The stock last changed hands on March 2, closing at two-100ths of a U.S. penny.

The saga continues.

Comments regarding this article may be sent to

(More information regarding CMKM Diamonds and associated companies can be found in Stockwatch articles dated Oct. 21, 2003; June 22; Sept. 16 and 24; Oct. 1, 15 and 20, 2004; and Feb. 11, 14, 18, 22 and 23; and March 1, 3, 4, 7 and 14, 2005.)


Reader Comments - Comments are open and unmoderated, although libelous remarks may be deleted. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of Stockwatch.


You aren't erasing my posts yet . . . keep up loser.

Posted by cmkx_humiliates_leewebb @ 2005-03-15 22:20


Sterling is a Captain not a Major in the Air Force. The Major promotion results will not be out for a couple months.

If he does get promoted, it will show that branch of the service has absolutely no standards in the people it accepts and promotes. His obtuseness and hyping show he's not worthy of being an airman basic let alone an officer.

Posted by Anonymous @ 2005-03-15 22:51



Posted by WTF? @ 2005-03-15 23:05


Lee - it's amazing how gullible these mostly Americans are. CMKX is just your standard Canadian pumped up mining play but these yanks are eating it up like cotton candy.

I only wish the TSX Venture exchange could be freely traded by Americans. I'd be a millionaire in a couple of years!

Posted by Rommel @ 2005-03-15 23:52


Wow, another article on a few company shareholders. I'll ask again, not that I expect you to answer this time. Why do you write so much about a select few shareholders and a few that misinterpret information? Quit targeting shareholders in your "news". Are you just here to annoy individuals?

Also, are you not happy that cmkm diamonds is starting to file? Wouldnt you want them to do that? Get all their information out in the open for people to see? Or are you just starved for more attention?

Posted by nicolasraage @ 2005-03-16 00:09


Using obscenities and personal attacks in your article shows your lack of professional journalism. I used to look to Stockwatch for information and facts. Now many readers will no doubt seek other websites in search of factual information on stocks. I am a bit suprised that the editor let this article be published. Now I have to explain to my young daughter what some of those words you used mean. I'm afraid you have sunk to a new low.

Posted by Mark @ 2005-03-16 00:48


While your views about CMKX really suck, you are right about the paltalk rooms where sheep are fed virtual fodder to get them ready for a slaughter. Funny thing is those who need to be bounced from such public forums are the ones holding admin rights. A few of these crooks are JCline, Willy Wizard, ooggie, Howard and some others.

Posted by Justin @ 2005-03-16 02:31


It seems that you are very keen on being negative on CMKX for some reason or another. You claim you want to protect investors. Well CMKX is filing and every one can see it all laid out on the table. To take a chance an buy some sharees at .0001 does not seem to be that bad a play. ( note I would not morgage the house on it.) Though, CMKX is filing everything and maybe the PPS of .0001 is to low for what we might see in the later filings. We do not know.

Now I would like to ask you were you were on MLON. Alot of people got hurt by them. While you were ranting about a stock that was trading at .0001 and .0002 over the last three months, we saw MLON go up to .004 and put out some great PRs that apear to have been false. I did not hear a word out of your mouth, though if you care to llok me up you will see my repeated warnings on MLON.

Now I would like to know while you like to follow stocks, what do you have to say about GLKCE. How could you have a rag that talks about stocks and not mention this one.

I see you only want to warn people about bad stocks to play. Could you tell me some others that I should stay away from.

I also noticed how you had fun using vulgarities in your rag. Because some one else had terrible taste in words, you could not find a more appropriate maner to relay this fact with out repeating them. I would hope that you would think twice about the next time you decide to quote some one else guteral language as you lowered your self to the same class. I would like you to note that their are young children, mine, who I have been teaching what I know about the markets that are reading these articles. Again, what a class act you put on.

Posted by Warren @ 2005-03-16 02:52


You have the IQ of 1. You make all the claims about CMKX, but it seems that all your information come come PalTalk. Try have some news not what joe said.

Posted by Frederick @ 2005-03-16 03:16


I think that Lee's article hits the nail exactly and squarely on the head regarding CMKX.

Even the inclusion of the references to the foul language posts.

There is a distinct reality of what investing means today, and that FORTUNATELY includes the internet.

Those who posted the comments about having children reading these articles might take heed in the future to preread the articles before their kids do.

Freedom of speech is NOT DEAD!

Thanks for the very poignant article Mr. Webb!

Posted by Opinionator @ 2005-03-16 03:35


oogiee is a dumb redneck...that son of a bitch you got pinned down really good

Posted by JCLINE @ 2005-03-16 03:36


Buy EKWX you fucken sheep...I need to dump the rest of my 1.2 million shares on you...yuk yuk yuk

Posted by Willy_Lizzard @ 2005-03-16 03:38


Isn't there a conflict somewhere for Stirling, a serving officer in the US armed forces, to devote some much time promoting stocks?

Posted by As_I_See_It @ 2005-03-16 04:40


Wow... do they really pay you to surf the net and write this chatroom gossip column? Did Cindy break up with Charlie? lol

The Truth About CMKX

Time to find a new job. This an all time low for even you Lee Webb. Good job.


Posted by GeorgeBurns @ 2005-03-16 05:37


Evidently Mr. Engel also had a heart-to-heart with his vulgar PalTalk sidekick. For the most part, the foul-mouthed tout now limits his vulgarity to obscenities like calling other people "dumb pricks," "stupid cocksuckers" and "fucking assholes."

You have truly lost your mind Webb! What type of journalist would have to use this type of language to prove his point? Why don't you at least keep on point and trash CMKX, not ignorant, uneducated morans who probably don't even know how to spell the vulgarities which you seem so enthralled with.

Posted by Dave @ 2005-03-16 06:26


Certainly seems like Hal and Sterling will be walking seperate planks soon.

Has the "Pay it Forward" share grant to Sterling ever been fully explained? Sterling was given shares and then got caught and quickly turned it into a "give to the needy" ploy.

Maybe Lee Webb should ask Iron Bob if he has any plans to Pay it Forward and take back all the shares Urban gave himself?

Posted by ed @ 2005-03-16 06:51


mr webb you must be in the rooms more than i am to know all you know.i am a strong and long shareholder.what is your reason for being in the rooms so much?are you a shareholder as will get whats going on pretty soon.

Posted by bustercol @ 2005-03-16 07:58


i just read the latest 'hit piece' from lee webb.......while he never really was a writer in any true literary least his articles had been written in decent language......relatively speaking of course....but the filthy language fully printed out in his latest rant are worthy of a pornographic magazine....but not on a website concerning the stock market.......that stockwatch has chosen to go to such extreme lengths to secure attention is a sad state of affairs.......i am sorry that you havent been blessed with more talented writers and have to result to vulgarity where none was needed to attract attention......stockwatch's already shaky credibility is now totally and irretrievably should be ashamed of yourselves.....but i doubt that you are....shame is clearly way above the lot of you.....

Posted by artimus @ 2005-03-16 08:21


Lee, has the SEC called you yet? They will. I promise. Maybe they can explain your motives.

Posted by Txredneckbud @ 2005-03-16 08:41


Wow! We now have a Paltalk crier! Lee Webb seems to spend more time in Willy's Underground than he does doing real research. His articles seem to have turned into a personal vendetta against Paltalk posters. And here I thought this was a stock newsletter. My mistake.

Posted by DiamondLil @ 2005-03-16 08:46


LEE how about those huge addy signs at the race...

Posted by MIJ4EVER @ 2005-03-16 09:02


As a Stockwatch subscriber I was appalled by the offensive commentary by Lee Webb. What purpose does this type of buffoonery have in a newsletter?

I subscribe to Stockwatch for news not commentary with an obvious vendetta based on hearsay. What is said on the "too many" message boards has no place in an objective newsletter ESPECIALLY when it is not label as commentary.

Lee Webb criticizing offensive behavior on message boards, by using offensive behavior, is much worse on an open, supposedly "newsletter".

Any further installments of this nature will result in my cancelling my subscription.

Respectfully, Deryl Bryant

Posted by Deryl Bryant @ 2005-03-16 09:19


Deryl!!!! You are STILL a subscriber? Well I cant make sense of that! LOL

Im simply here to laugh at Lee. Brahahah brhahahah brhahahaha

Posted by Txredneckbud @ 2005-03-16 09:37


Azzhole. My name is Robert E. Marler. I'm an optometrist from Missouri. Guess what. My state has taken away my license to practice. Some would say I'm an ignorant, racist, woman-hating, anti-semite. Got that right! Oh, by the way, I have many fans. They think I'm funny. Gotta love that. Gotta give the devil his due. Don't ya think?

Posted by Ooggie @ 2005-03-16 09:42


By: jabberjaw521 16 Mar 2005, 07:10 AM EST

"Attention everyone",

If you have had a run in with Lee Webb or have any incriminating post by him towards CMKX/USCA please copy and post them in an e-mail to;

They will help by passing this onto there law firm, and hopefully get this guy off the streets..!! By the way he is designating Thursday as his official IR communicating day with all share holders of USCA.. They are serious, with their approach with this kind of poster.. Let's all see if we can get rid of this type of posting..!! GLTA

Best Regards.. Jabber

Posted by MineralsRus @ 2005-03-16 09:57


"In a mangled bit of phrasing, the company went on to state that the more than 703.5 billion shares were issued and outstanding "to approximately 2,032 stockholders of record (excluding shares held in 'street name')."

You are apparently just as unfamiliar with the legal-ease of market terminology as the shareholders you mock. Do a bit of research and you'll find that the phrase is common...awkward yes, but common.

I hadn't heard of the racial slander, and I follow this stock daily. Congratulations on having lots of free time. But please tell me, what do the personalities of a few prominent shareholders have to do with the viability of the company they support?

Journalism is about exposing the truth. Repeated derogatory verbiage falls into the category of libel, with which you are your boss are well familiar.

P.S. Why are you blocking my previous name or my IP from posting? All my wording has been more tame than what exists in your articles.

Posted by TryAgain @ 2005-03-16 10:09


Keep it up loser. Your day will come.

Posted by john @ 2005-03-16 10:15


There; Now it's been confirmed.

Major Collins talked to a reliable source that we are all familar with; whose name is Frank.

Frank in turn got info from Topogigio on the RB board, who got it directly from Urban that stock will go up to between .50 to .60.

You can all sleep easy tonight, knewing that your investment is about to gain in value from 5000% to 6000%.

Urban says so; that's enough proof for these savy investors.

Posted by Waltered @ 2005-03-16 10:17


Why do you spend so much time reporting the goings on of a internet chat room. Who cares! Furthermore who cares what a .0001-.0002 stock does. Apparently if they had nefarious motivations, they have failed @ them because its .0001-.0002.

Give it a rest man, your starting to look like a woman scorned, crying every article about CMKX. again, who cares? What did they do to you and where were you BEFORE to save the 70,000 people bought into this. Your a little late, don't cha think? Your motivation for these articles are quite unclear, because a chat room discussion is hardly newsworthy.

Posted by puzzled @ 2005-03-16 10:25


Good one, Lee. It is odd that none of the folks who are shocked(!!), shocked(!!) by your quotation of "ooggie's" vulgar rantings take issue with the trailer trash postings of your critics.

I have always thought that the real story here was not just a vanilla Canadian mining scam, but rather the sophisticated use of cult recruitment and retention techniques--in this case an unholy alliance of Scientology and Amway methods--that enabled what would otherwise be a hum-drum promotion ripping off a few million under the SEC's very high radar screen, to make off with, by my estimate, over $80 million US.

Fortunately, as the character in the film Die Hard noted:"...steal a billion and they will come after you."

Have you talked with John Smith of the Vegas Review Journal? He stated in one of his articles related to the CMKX Nevada banking shenanigans, that the CMKX accounts had been frozen. The SEC could not do that without filing a public request for an emergency asset freeze, which I have not seen. However, both the FBI and the Department of Treasury's Financial Crimes Unit have the authority to do that without public revelation of the action. The Patriot Act also provides such authority to Federal law enforcement officials under its anti-moneylaundering provisions.

Posted by Thomas "Lefty" Malone @ 2005-03-16 10:26


Mr. Webb,

How did you get a job as a web financial journalist? All I want from you, and I can expect it soon, based on the venom you are spewing...One Sentence Of DEFAMATION of Character of UC/RG/IBM and you are T-O-A-S-T! I will email it so fast to the Lawyers of CMKX you will be sued within weeks! PULLEAAASE! Have a Great Day!


Posted by PennyTraderAlabama @ 2005-03-16 10:28


I detest oogies act's of racial terroism. Those who associate is equally at fault by allowing him to continue to be in your presence.

Posted by hillary @ 2005-03-16 10:35


Why can you not admit naked shorting exists?

Posted by tstocks @ 2005-03-16 10:42


Now Webb You Got OOgie Down Right But I Know To Ignore Ignorant People That Makes Such Remarks, I'm Not Going To Get Wild Up About It Neither Because He's Just A Man Behind A Mask Or So To Speak " A Man Behind A Keyboard And Monitor" But I Consider Him Damn Right Funny And Thats My Dogg On Pal Talk. Back To Your Childish Statements On CMKX You Obviously Dont Know That You're Hurting Stockwatch With Your Unprofessional Journalism Skills. And I Swear By This Statement " I Would Never, Ever, Never, Ever Ever Visit Stockwatch Or Re-Subscribe To Stockwatch Again". Cause How Many Opinionated Azzholes Like Yourself Are Writing on Stocks And They Let You In The Door. Stockwatch Your Cool Points And Respect Is Now Ground Zero. And Lee Webb Is THe Terrorist Behind The Operating Plane. Damn SHAME.

Posted by squirt_3 @ 2005-03-16 10:42



Posted by MRBENZ @ 2005-03-16 10:44


That's addictive behaviour MRBENZ. I'll show you, I'll hurt me.

I'm surprised that the share structure was such a mystery to the shareholders, given that you voted on it twice last year. March 01/04 and on August 18/04.

Posted by Walterd @ 2005-03-16 11:05


I was very surprised to read all the replies to Lee Webb from names I recognized from PalTalk. Responding without respect makes everyone look like children fighting in a grade school school yard.

We have all been concerned with CMKX and the direction it is going in. We have all wondered what the float actually is. We have all speculated about Roger Glenn and the lack of information given to us from the company. Many posters on Paltalk do not post there true question for fear of being banned by a self serving admin. When a poster speaks up and tells how he feels he or she gets attacked and treated like an idiot for not agreeing with the admins. Why wouldn't you all attack Lee Webb the same way. After all he doesn't agree with you.

After the admins on Paltalk read my reply I'll probably be banned from Paltalk's Sterling Classroom. I'm here to tell you that I'm long and strong on CMKX. Unlike some of the posters, that think they will be Millionaires with this stock because they invested $1,000.00, I do believe we will make a fair return for our investment. Some more than others.

Lee, I don't like the term cult following on the Paltalk forum. There are alot of hard working men and women that do alot of DD and share there DD with others. Yes there are alot of folks also that spend all day and night on the board, who cares.

Best of the day to you....

Posted by Vicsr @ 2005-03-16 11:30


do you think this could be printed in the globe and mailnewspaper in toronto ?

why do you have to used this lanuage in your article? im shocked at you .. very angry as to who let you even publish these remarks. yes write about cmkx but i dont need to hear any blue launage from a chatroom!

higly dissapointed in your choice to use this launage in your article.

Evidently Mr. Engel also had a heart-to-heart with his vulgar PalTalk sidekick. For the most part, the foul-mouthed tout now limits his vulgarity to obscenities like calling other people "dumb pricks," "stupid cocksuckers" and "fucking assholes."

Posted by tsxinvestor @ 2005-03-16 11:44


When will u get it u freaks! Scam

Posted by CMKM holders poor dumb bastards @ 2005-03-16 11:48


The 0,000001 carat "diamond" finding last year, the Almost-Trillion 0,0001 cents shareholders, gives an extraterrestrial color to this one-man-made Circus! Too pityful to laugh, too funny to cry. What to do? Smile! Period. Thankx again Mr Webb.

Posted by Bou_17 @ 2005-03-16 11:50


"Lee Webb, you have earned a place in history imo as, bar none, the single worst "journalist" I have ever read."

Posted by Lee Webb wears depend @ 2005-03-16 12:37


ooooohhhh boooyyy are you in trouble my friend ur short position not looking to gooood now we gonna squuuuuuuueeezzz you to death you can't stop us.

Posted by UrbanTenderUsNow @ 2005-03-16 12:40


Good luck Lee with your obviously very large (and very naked) short positon. You and the Market Makers must be very frightened that this shell will actually find diamonds and you will be forced to cover at much higher prices!;-)

The SEC (Scam Engineering Commission) halted it merely to have enough time to count the massive naked short position!

This can be the only explanation! LMAO!

Posted by Short4Ever @ 2005-03-16 13:05


Thanks for all your DD. Because you, I loaded up even more CMKX before the halt.

Posted by phatatat artist @ 2005-03-16 13:06


Thank God someone published an accurate record of the goings on of Urban Casavant and all if it from publicly available documents.

I hope some got out in time and recouped some money.

What has been posted here is only 1/10th of the details behind this scam.

The rest of you have only yourself to blame. I hope Sterling and the Christian Traders all have their necks stretched for what they have done.

Good for you Lee.

Posted by Johnny B Good @ 2005-03-16 13:26


Lee you have lost your edge pal. This seems to have become way too personal for you. Thought this was supposed to be about stocks, not the private investors in said stocks. The deplorable! We have come to expect (not condone) it from Oogie but, coming from you it takes on a whole new flavor and it is not pleasurable. Does anyone review your journalism before they print it? Someone really ought to. I almost thought I was reading an X-rated rag for a minute there. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Just FYI, Oogie does not represent anyone but Oogie in Willy's room. You, on the other hand, represent "Stockwatch". How shameful of you...and them!

Posted by Cindy Lu @ 2005-03-16 13:29


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