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To: LindyBill who wrote (101130)2/19/2005 6:26:07 AM
From: LindyBill1 Recommendation   of 783657
The Staff at the NYT. I am posting this so that I can add it to the header. Please comply with their restrictions. There are a lot of reporters who are unlisted. I guess they think they are too good to communicate with the "great unwashed." It looks like "first inital last name" or "last name" is a good guess for them.


This is a list of New York Times staff members who have made their e-mail
addresses public. It is being sent to you automatically in response to
your e-mail to The list changes frequently and grows
steadily, so it's a good idea to inquire periodically.

If you don't get an immediate response, please keep in mind that reporters
and editors devote most of their working hours to producing the newspaper,
and the time they have to answer e-mail is limited.

If the person you want to reach is not listed, he or she either does not
have e-mail or does not make the address public. You can reach most Times
employees by writing to The New York Times, 229 West 43rd Street, New
York, New York 10036. For departmental e-mail addresses and general
information, please send a message to

THINK BEFORE YOU SEND. If you don't know who might help you, read
the titles and select only the person or people who are most
likely to be able to help you. Do NOT send a message to the entire
list, which will annoy a lot of people but is unlikely to achieve your
desired result.


Reed Abelson Reporter, Business Day
Richard Aloiso Art Director
Edmund L. Andrews European Economic Corr.
Fred Andrews Consultant, News Admin
Len Apcar Editor, NYTimes on the Web
Ian Austen Canadian contract writer,Bus.Day
Peter Applebome Columnist, Metro Editor
Steve Bailey Staff Editor, News Design
Deborah Baldwin Staff Editor, Style
Carla Baranauckas Asst to Continuous News Editor
David Barboza Reporter, Business Day
Jimmy Barden Staff Editor, National
Felicity Barringer Reporter, Washington
Dan Barry Reporter, Metro
David Barstow Reporter, Metro
Jennifer Bayot Reporter, Business Day
Howard Beck Reporter, Sports
Randy Becker The Times Foundation
Elizabeth Becker Trade Corr., Washington
James Bennet Bureau Chief, Jerusalem
Alex Berenson Reporter, Business Day
Joseph Berger Senior Reporter, Metro
Charles Blow Graphics Director
Ralph Blumenthal Reporter, Culture
Mitch Blumenthal Editor, New Jersey Section
Jeremiah Bogert Picture desk
Ted Bogosian Television
Arthur Bovino Asst. to Public Editor
Keith Bradsher Correspondent,Hong Kong
Fred Brock Staff Editor, Business
Ethan Bronner Deputy Editor,Foreign
James Brooke Foreign/Business Corr.,Tokyo
John Fisher Burns Chief Foreign Correspondent,
Jeffrey Cane Asst. News Editor,Business
Diane Cardwell Reporter,Metro
Damien Cave Intermediate Reporter,Metro
Sewell Chan Reporter, Metro
Kenneth Chang Reporter, Science
Marc Charney Staff editor, Week in Review
Linda Chavers Editorial Dir.,Magazine
David Chen Reporter, Metro
Christopher Chivers Correspondent, Moscow Bureau
Michael Cieply Film Editor,Culture
David Colburn National Desk
Michael Cooper Reporter, Albany
David Corcoran Asst Editor, Science
Anne Cronin Staff Editor, Metro Desk
June Cuddy Society News
Sarah E. Cupp Index Compiler
John H. Cushman Jr. Washington Corr.-Environment
Suzanne Daley Editor, Education
Carr David Reporter,Culture
Anthony DePalma Environmental Reporter,Metro
Claudia Deutsch Reporter, Business Day
Shaila Dewan Reporter, Metro
Jason Diamos Reporter, Sports
William Dicke Asst. News Ed., News Desk
Carol Dietz Art Director, Sun. Westchester
Joyce Dopkeen Staff Photog,Picture desk
Christopher Drew Special Projects Ed., Inves.
Claudia Dreifus Interviewer,Science Times
David Dunlap Reporter, Real Estate News
Jennifer Dunning Culture/dance
Jim, Dwyer Reporter, Metro


Leslie Eaton Metro, Reg'nl Econ Corr.
Erik Eckholm Bureau Chief
Susan Edgerley Metro Editor
Kurt Eichenwald Investigative Reptr., Business
Stuart Elliott Advertising columnist, Biz Day
James Estrin Photographer
Barnaby Feder Technology Reporter
William Ferguson News Magazine
Dexter Filkins Correspondent, Iraq
David Firestone Asst. Editor, Metro
Ian Fisher Correspondent, Prague
Stephanie Flanders Reporter, Metro
Henry Fountain Deputy Editor, Circuits
Margalit Fox Reporter, Obituary News
Nick Fox Deputy Editor, Dining
Angel Franco Photographer
Ruth Fremson Photographer
Howard French Bureau Chief, Shanghai
Shelly Freierman News Asst, Circuits
Scott Garapolo News Asstistant Week In Review
David Geary Staff Editor, Foreign News
Philip Gefter Picture Editor, Page One
William Glaberson Reporter, Metropolitan News
Daniel Gold Staff Editor, Business
Howard Goldberg Staff Editor/Wine Writer Culture
David Gonzalez Columnist, Metro
Stephanie Goodman Staff editor, Culture
Laurel Graeber Columnist, Family Fare
Linda Greenhouse Washington Corr./Supreme Court
William Grimes Reporter, Style
Jane Gross Reporter, Metropolitan Desk
Lisa Guernsey Reporter, Circuits
Danny Hakim Detroit Bureau Chief of Business
Trish Hall Editor,Sunday Money & Business
Clyde Haberman Columnist, Metro
Damon Hack Reporter, Sports
Saul Hansell Tech. Reporter, Business Day
Amy Harmon Tech. Reporter, Business Day
Christine Hauser Reporter, Continuous News
Patrick Healy Reporter, Long Island bureau
Don Hecker Recruiting Editor
Diana B. Henriques Reporter, Business
David Herszenhorn Reporter, Metro
Jonathan Hicks Reporter, Metro (Politics)
Steve Holmes Editor, Washington
John Holusha Reporter, Real Estate News


Andrew Jacobs Reporter, Newark Bureau
George James Reporter, New Jersey Wkly
Michael Janofsky Bureau Chief, Denver
ken jaworowski Staff Editor, Business Day
Stephen Jesselli Sports Photo Editor
David Cay Johnston Reporter, Business Day
Kirk Johnson Reporter, Metro News
Tom Jolly Editor, Sports
Glen Justice Reporter, washington Bureau
Michael Kagay Dir.of Public Opinion Research
Joe Kahn Reporter,Foreign (China Bureau)
Stewart Kampel Staff Editor, Culture/SunBiz
Tina Kelley Reporter, Metro
Peter Kilborn National Correspondent
Erika Kinetz Reporter, City Weekly
David Kirkpatrick National Correspodent
Nathan"Sonny"kleinfield Reporter, Metro
David Kocieniewski Reporter, Trenton Bureau
Gina kolata Reporter, Science
Allan Kozinn Music Critic, Culture
Alan Krauss the Editor,Circuits
Paul Krugman Op-ed Writer
Stephen Labaton Washington Correspondent
Marc Lacey Nairobi Bureau Chief
Vincent Laforet Staff Photographer,Photo
Jonathan Landman Asst. Managing Editor
Jennifer 8. Lee Reporter, Metro
felicia lee Reporter,Culture, Arts & Ideas
Nancy Lee VP, New Business Dev.
Linda Lee Editor, House&Home
Michael Leone Staff Artist
Cheryl Levenbrown Staff Editor, Metro
Clifford, Levy Reporter, Metro
Tamar Lewin National Correspondent
Eric Lichtblau Reporter, Justice Dept.
Adam Liptak National Legal Correspondent
Zvi Lowenthal Photo Editor, Culture
Michael Luo Reporter, Metro
Jim Luttrell Staff Editor, Sports
Rick Lyman Reporter, Movie Beat(LA-Film)
Jack Lynch Deputy Editor, Continuous News
Juliet Macur Reporter, Sports
John Markoff West Coast Correspondent
Douglas Martin News Obituaries
Kyle Massey Staff Editor, Metro
Micheline Maynard Reporter,Bizday
Gary McCardell Day Editor, News Service
Kevin McKenna Editor, Circuits
Jesse McKinley Reporter, Culture
Rich Meislin Editor,News Surveys
Judith Miller Sr. Writer
Stephen Miller Asst. to the Tech. Ed./Reptr
Kathleen Miller Research Assistant for Safire
Cornelius Morbley Clerk, Financial
Maribel Moreby Miami News Bureau
Gretchen Morgenson Reptr,Biz.News Col,Sun.Money/Biz
Michael Moss Reporter,Investigative
Priyanka Motaparthy the Editor, Magazine
Maureen Muenster Editorial
Dean Murphy Reporter, Metro


Naka Nathaniel Multimedia Ed., NYT Digital
William Niederkorn Desk Head, Culture Copy Desk
Maria Newman Reporter,Continuous News Desk
Floyd Norris Chief Financial Correspondent
Daniel Okrent Public Editor
Nori Onishi Reporter, Abidjan Bureau
Robert Pear Reporter, Washington Bureau
James Pearson Picture Desk
Merrill Perlman Deputy Editor,NYT News Service
Joel Pierre Lab Tech, Photo
Anthony PJ New Dehli Bureau Manager
Robin Pogrebin Reporter, Media
Andrew Pollack Biotechnology reporter,Bus.News
Frank Prial Wine Columnist, Style
Todd Purdum Chief Diplomatic Correspondent
Joyce Purnick Columnist, Metro
Peter Putrimas Asst to the Managing Editor
Tim Race Editor, Monday Business
Courtney Radsch News Clerk, Washington Bureau
Eddy Ramirez Reporter(intern), Metro
William Rashbaum Police Bureau Chief
Tom Redburn Technology News Editor
Cory Reiss Washington Correspondent,NYTRNG
William C. Rhoden Columnist, Sports
Motoko Rich Reporter, House & Home
Gary Rivlin Silicon Valley Reporter,Tech News
Sam Roberts Deputy Editor, Week in Review
Selena Roberts Columnist, Sports
Jay Romano Columnist, Real Estate
Simon Romero Reporter, Business
Gene Rondinaro Res. Sales, Real Estate & Home
Edward Rothstein Business Day/Cultural Critic
Richard Rothstein Columnist, Wed Education Page
Jeffrey Rubin Copy Editor, Metro
Jean Rutter Asst.Desk Head,Circuits


Richard Sandomir Reporter,Sports TV & Business
David Sanger White House Corr, Economics
Wolfgang E.Saxon Reporter, Obituaries
Jim Schachter Deputy Editor, Culture
Eric Schmitt Washington Correspondent
Regina Schrambling Reporter, Dining
John Schwartz Reporter, Technology
Paula Schwartz Boldface Names Column
A.O. SCOTT Critic, Culture
Somini Sengupta Reporter, Metropolitan Desk
Scott Shane Reporter, Washington bureau
Julie Shaver Graphics Desk Editor
Joe Siano Travel News
Horacio Silva Articles Editor, Mag Pt II
Cody Simms Product Manager,
Mike Smith Senior Ed./Training,News Admin
Carl Sommers Staff Editor, Sunday NJ
Kaly Soto News
Alessandra Stanley Reporter, Culture
Mark Stein Asst. to the Editor, Business
Jacques Steinberg Reporter, NYC Public Schools
Warren St. John Reporter, Sunday Styles
Sheryl Stolberg Congressional Corr,Washington
Roger W. Strong Picture Desk
Sabrina Tavernise Reporter,Metro
Celeste Brown Thomas News Designer, News Depart.
Jo Thomas Reporter, National
Dean Toda Editor, Long Island Weekly
Robin Toner Reporter, Washington
Vivian Toy Reporter, Metro (LI)
Guy Trebay Reporter, Fashion and Style
Lou Uchitelle Reporter, Biz Day
Patrick Vance Director, Special Projects
Don Van Natta Jr. Reporter, Washington
Helen Verongos Asst. to the Foreign Editor


Bruce Weber theater critic/culture
Tim Weiner Correspondent, Washington
Bernard Weinraub Reporter, Culture
Michael M. Weinstein Editorial Board
Steven Weisman Correspondent, Washington
Kris Wells Copy Editor, Business
Barbara Whitaker Contract Reporter
LeAnn Wilcox Copy Editor, Conn.section
Jodi Wilgoren Chicago Bureau Chief
James Wilkerson Database Editor,News Technology
Duff Wilson Investigative Reporter, Sports
Jim Wilson Picture Desk
Michael Wilson Reporter, Police Bureau
Paul Winfield Deputy News Editor, News Desk
Patrick Witty Picture Editor, Picture Desk
Arline Youngman Prod. Editor, Sun. Book Review
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