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Strategies & Market Trends : Anthony @ Equity Investigations, Dear Anthony,

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To: Nazbuster who wrote (88241)11/22/2004 10:47:01 AM
From: magicrecall1 Recommendation  Read Replies (58) of 122049
I'm leaving because I am too busy for this, and for no other reason. Looks like I partly misread you. Well, I tried, but there is the old rag, "No good deed shall go unpunished."

First, Re: DTCC, it makes over $1 Billion a year from shorting of stocks. They have pending RICO actions against them, and the actions aren't going away quietly. Do you understand re-hypothecation? DTCC is selling its seats/shares in its control via nominal ownership more than once, just like overbooking, except they get paid for the ticket just like it was used.

Maybe we can partly agree on that. You should find and read the Nutek/Datascension filing. Read it cold, as if you had never heard the name before. Then, read the Nanopierce filing in Nevada State Court, specifically on the NSCC and the Stock Borrow program. I do no work for either company, but I can assure you their cases are non-trivial on a precedent level.

I didn't name any companies, simply because I am prevented from doing so by my agreements. But, want another name that is in the open, who I don't do work for? SEDONA CORP. Two felony indictments, one UFAP, and a lot more to come unless Andreas Badian wants to spend most of his life in prison, while his brother hides in Austria.

Want 60+ more names? Look at Rhino Advisors' companies, connected to the Badians and Doctor Doctor Batliner, probably the best known major money launderer in the entire world. How many more companies are there?

Dateline has a piece coming sometime in the future. Another company name or two will come out then. Watch the piece. Part of the piece is on a Company Elgindy hit, and helped to virtually destroy, the company surviving only on the sheer will of the founder.

Surrounding prosecutions and litigations on shorting manipulation, my acquaintances and professional relationships have no fewer than 500 companies who have inquired about manipulative shorting of their companies' stocks. TWO-THIRDS are NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ NMS companies.

I tried to be constructive in my answer to your question. You want names? Do a Pacer/Lexis/Nexis search. Last time I looked there were about 60 civil and criminal actions in this space, including 40 Federal Criminal prosecutions. One set of cases in Western US has already produced 20 plea convictions. I have read them all. Have you?

There were at various times a total of about 600 members on the site, most of whom were silent. The number comes from Elgindy, including the number of hedge fund members. It is in the literature. I have read it. Have you?

You are very aggressive. The best defense to a lack of knowledge of the facts is to grind some research. Sign up for free site. They have published the names of 113 companies that have applied to exit DTCC, complained publicly about shorting, etc., and given identity to the tag "Stockgate" to the description of this crisis. They have put out innumerable articles on the shorting scandal.

Subscribe to The PIPES Report, the best out there on PIPES deals, virtually all of which have been shorted. Read the articles of Judith Burns of Dow Jones. See if someone can get you copies of Dave Patch's pieces on regulations and settlement.

I sold and managed units involved in settlement and clearing services, and I can tell you there isn't so much as a minor technical error in Patch's pieces on settlements. How did he get the information? He took a novel approach, he actually read the regulations. Have you? I can recite them by Section/paragraph number. Can you?

Looks like your good question may have been an accident, but you shouldn't let it be. Stay objective. You don't have all the facts. I don't, and I am years ahead of your power curve on just reading alone, forget relationships in the industry. I had trouble believing what I saw when I started this hard in 2000. As much as I know now, I don't think I have even 10% of what is really going on.

You want more names, do some of your own work. This isn't Quantum Physics. If you can't find a hundred names of companies whose shareholders have been screwed by shorting no one has even noticed, find another line of endeavor. If you can't find the history of how the 33 and 34 Acts came to have restrictions on shorting, simply go to Google and do keyword searches. It is all there. Who was the first Commissioner of the SEC and why was he picked? I know the answer, do you?

I didn't think it would be this hard to disconnect, but this is good housekeeping. This is a sticky site.

Stick with the views of the objective posters who actually back up their opinions with fact. You will be better served. You aren't exactly championing John the Baptist or Ghandi in supporting Elgindy.

I won't be answering anymore messages. Good luck. I would have sent this to you privately, but my service level is 1 and I see no reason to continue for now. I have got what I needed.

Contrary to your impression, this is not a crusade for me. I am not an interested party to any litigation initiated so far, I am just a paid industry consulting expert. I am not a Federal Agent, nor am I agent of any police or investigative agency. Maybe this will quell some of the shattered nerves out there that seem to be so raw, but then again, what are they nervous about?

Keep your head up and don't be collateral damage to this.
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