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Politics : Foreign Affairs Discussion Group

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To: michael97123 who wrote (148924)10/25/2004 10:41:42 AM
From: Sun Tzu  Read Replies (1) of 281500
>> Regarding the conventional weapons that are now missing. This is very disturbing to me and this isnt the first time since the iraq war began.

It is disturbing to me too. But I don't think it was unpredictable. In fact I have to admit Iraq is going better than I had expected. But that is only because I expected that moron, Saddam, to have been busy building post-invasion resistance force and actively distributing the ammo among all the Iraqi factions. He did not, so things are a little better than I expected.

>> The failure of this war has more to do with poor administration from DOD than any perceived failure of neocon ideology you harp on.

DoD is the Neocon movement. How many of the neocon pioneers are in DoD or related departments? Failure of DoD is the failure of neocons. One of the biggest problems with neocons is that they are too heavy handed. Their solutions to most problems is to blow more things up, fallowed by throw massive money at corporations with ties to themselves to "rebuild" what they blew up.

...about Kerry:
I am not terribly keen on the guy. I don't think there is a substantial difference between Kerry and Bush on Iraq. Where the difference comes to play is that I think Kerry will be more reluctant to expand the war and he may possibly be better on the Afghanistan front.

On the other hand I think Kerry will be much better for the environment (how can anyone be worse than Bush?).

On the legal front, again, I don't think Kerry will right the wrong laws Bush has placed on the books. Governments never willingly give up power. I am mortified of the kinds of laws and policy changes Bush managed to get on the books. I can imagine Nightline interviews with the Ayatollahs, China, or North Korea where they will point out to the new Bush laws and point out how they are not so different than US. America can no longer claim to be the land of the free...and I don't think Kerry (or anyone else for that matter) will fix this unless they absolutely have to. But at least I'd have more faith in Kerry appointees to the supreme court than Bush's. So may be some day the court will moderate the civil rights.

I don't think stating an exit date is a good idea. It will just weaken the US position in Iraq and get the opposition started on planning for the date. But I think internally we should have an exit date somewhere between 1-5 years from now. I'd favor sooner rather than later. In an ideal world, I'd put a virtual Chinese wall around Iraq and pull out right away. After 10 years of none interference by anyone, Iraqis will have hammered out how they want to live and we'll negotiate with the government in charge...but of course this will not be easy without international support and all those US corporations who want a piece of "rebuilding" will not let it happen.
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