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To: Mary Cluney who wrote (72567)9/22/2004 2:02:23 PM
From: Sig   of 782726
<<But I am against using evil means to fight evil. I don't think that will be necessary under proper leadership. We can achieve our objectives without resorting to the use of evil means. That does not preclude the use of force. >>

Forces available:

It could not be a ground war, or the US would be accused of trying to take over all oil producers in the ME.

And oil consumers would not join a coalition that would cost them access to that oil, so the UN would be no help.

The least force if talks fail is to eliminate the nuclear sites before they get a bomb built.

And the question is whether UN approval could be obtained, and if so would it be in time. I see no signs of the UN having changed enough to do either.

So lets say that talks fail.

Who has the courage to unilaterally bomb the nuclear plants and would Iran not rebuild them sooner or later?
And build them underground.

I see only three countries with courage to bomb those sites- Israel,the UK, or the US.
And if Israel did it they would ignite a firestorm.

I doubt if Tony Blair could sell the idea to Parliament.

That leaves only the US for the job and we go back to the same old question....
Does the world (or we) do something to stop nuclear proliferation or not?

Cowardly politicians in other Nations, who have to consider their jobs,would have to risk those jobs because their people in general would not risk a war.

And that would leave the decision to the US.

So much thought needs to be applied to whether their is another way to stop Iran. Time is the killer, because time is short.

Here is where the UN could get involved, to apply maximum pressure without actual use of force.

A unanimous Resolution to send in a multi-nation inspection team to be allowed complete access "or else"

The "or else" being as follows.
Day 1. A Nuclear cruise missile to eliminate the biggest facility . ( This lets Iran know we are serious, but if this is considered as going too far, lets just level the entire site with conventional stuff)

If Iran is not convinced to let the inspections proceed then they can observe day 2

Day 2. 500 cruise missles to eliminate every known nuclear facility.

(Day 3 after allowing one week to see if Day 2 made a worthwhile impression)

Day 3: Not one soldier sets foot in Iran, and no more nukes are used.
We just eliminate every military installation in the country.

And about all I have said here is that if force is needed, it should be powerfully applied with firm deadlines.

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