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To: epicure who wrote (9347)4/20/2004 10:56:25 AM
From: GUSTAVE JAEGER1 Recommendation  Read Replies (2) of 20773
Re: But seeing a conspiracy in the world's aversion to anti-semitism is not reasonable.

It's reasonable insomuch as "anti-Semitism" is used as a catchall by Zionists and Judeofascists to smear those who critize and fight against the policy of Israel --or just that of her Likud constituency....

Let's not mix apples and oranges here: there are basically three kinds of "anti-". First, the oldest one: anti-Judaism; then comes anti-Semitism; and finally, anti-Zionism.

The second one, the pet slur of most rabid Zionists, is actually an historical aberration.... Anti-Jewish hatred based on race or some racial theory could --and did-- make sense in the XIXth and early XXth centuries --the heydays of eugenics and racialism but not today. Nowadays, the racial tenets that underpinned anti-Semitism have been debunked, and the very notion of race has been dismissed by many geneticists as a quaint, noxious prejudice of the past... Anti-Semitism, just like white supremacism, belongs to the trash heap of History.

Such a clarification is important, it's no mere semantic niggling. At the same time, it's not a trick to downplay the hatred against Jewish people since it's quite possible for people who oppose Zionism and the Israeli state to plot the extermination of as many Jews as possible --albeit on a purely (geo-)political basis.... Just as it was possible for Americans to kill as many Vietnamese people ( approx. 2.5 million) fourty years ago, merely out of anti-Communist feelings. Before the invention of genetics, peoples and civilizations used to slaughter each other for many reasons other than the flimsy "racial divide". However, if contending peoples kill each other to the last, does it make it more humane, more tolerable just because they wage it for "political reasons"?

Thus my point is that we need not care about "anti-Semites" anymore than we care about "flat-earthers" and "geocentrists": they're all freaks who believe in long-disproved theories and superstitions... And we're left with anti-Judaism and anti-Zionism (and also, as far as I'm concerned, with anti-Judeofascism).

Anti-Judaism is mainly an American fantasy. As you know, Europe is now a post-Christian civilization --our churches are empty most of the time, while the oldest ones are patronized by Japanese and American tourists... Christianity in Europe is much more of a culture, a moral attitude than a religion. Nobody in Europe calls for shipping all the Jews back to Palestine to hasten the second coming! But there is indeed a strong current of anti-Zionism --people are deeply troubled by the anti-Arab hatred that drives the Israeli government. Yet, that doesn't mean that Europeans are eager to "reopen" concentration camps for the Jews! For that matter, should concentration camps ever pop up again in Europe, their inmates would most likely be Arab, African, and Muslim immigrants --not Jews (except as wardens).

So, my final point is that you don't need to resort to the anti-Semitic slur to counter posters "hostile" to Israel, the Zionists, the Jewish lobby, etc. It's an irrelevant, pseudo-scientific argument. Contrariwise, anti-Judaists and anti-Zionists must be careful as well since political antagonisms and religious feuds can yet escalate into full-scale bloodsheds.....

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