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S.A. Advisory, an advisory firm, acts as a consultant to PMKY as of April 10, 1999. We have been paid $13K, a cash fee, to produce this anecdotal research report and to distribute it via media channels in order for investors to be made aware of its business plan as well as future revenue and earnings estimates. We may buy, sell, or hold shares in this issue at any time. This fee is a one time cost to the company. We are not obligated to the company in any way once this report is released. We currently own a few thousand shares of PMKY which were purchased in the open market. Before investing, consult the company for questions that you may have concerning PMKY. Visit our Website: SA Advisory's Home Page: leave us your e-mail address for free recommendations and updates. See past e-mails and newsletters. For subscriptions call

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BUSINESS - publishes educational study aids that are distributed over the Internet directly to the consumer. The company was formed in May 1997 to publish classical literature Monkey Notes, Monkey Course Guides, Monkey Test Guides and educational Monkey Software to be distributed utilizing the Internet. The company has developed and is marketing its commercial web site known as "" to distribute its products directly to the customer's desktop. The company plans to target its products initially to high school and college students. There are no printing, inventory,warehousing, or shipping costs, nor is there a wholesaler's profit or retailer's profit. The company believes that the elimination of these distribution costs is one of the significant advantages of digital publishing.

Products The company's objective is to be a leading on-line retailer of educational study aids in four product categories: notes, course guides, test guides and test software.

Monkey Notes Monkey Notes provide the student with an analysis of the major elements in a literary work such as the plot and characters. Monkey Notes are based on a particular literary title that is part of the course work covered in high school and college. Students buy Monkey Notes to help them understand the literary work, pass tests, or write reports. Management believes that Cliffs Notes is a leader in this market, and estimates it to be some 15 to 20 million notes annually. At present Cliffs Notes sells its notes over the Internet at $6.00 and in stores at $4.95, whereas all Monkey Notes are $2.95. Management believes that this $2.95 price reflects the elimination of the distribution costs that the company will not incur because of distributing its products over the Internet.

Monkey Course Guides Monkey Course Guides will be concise reviews of introductory-level course work. The company intends to publish Monkey Course Guides in economics, Chemistry, physics, biology, algebra I, algebra II, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, United States history, world history, government and geometry. The company believes that Cliffs Notes is the main competitor in this segment of the market. Small independent publishers and major textbook publishers also publish course guides. Management estimates this market to be approximately 3 million guides annually to both high school and college students. Management believes guides from Cliffs Notes and other publishers cost between $6.95 and $12.95, the company has not priced its forthcoming Monkey Course Guides, but intends to be competitive in the market.

Monkey Test Guides The company is developing Monkey Test Guides to help prepare students to take standardized tests, such as the SAT and ACT given to high school students interested in attending college. The company is currently developing test guides for the LSAT, GMAT, GRE, and MCAT tests. The company estimates that some 4 million test guides for these tests are sold annually, with some 3 million of this 4 million on the SAT and ACT tests. Management estimates that guides from Cliffs Notes and other publishers cost between $8.95 and $16.98, company has not priced its forthcoming Monkey Test Guides, but intends to be competitive in the market.

Monkey Test Software Monkey Test Software is based on the guides for these standardized tests. The company is developing an interactive software product for the SAT and ACT standardized tests. The software will make it possible for students to complete practice tests that cover the same material, and receive immediate scoring of these tests. The interactive software will advise students what areas should be reviewed. This software is being tested and will be released as soon as possible. The company plans to develop interactive software for the LSAT, GRE, GMAT, and MCAT. Cliffs Notes and two other publishers are the main competitors in this segment of the market. Management estimates that some 2.5 million test software products are sold annually for the SAT and ACT tests. Test software from Cliffs Notes and other publishers ranged from prices between $16.98 and $34.95. The company expects to sell Monkey Test Software for competitive prices. Currently, the company considers Monkey Notes to be its core product line, but the company intends to concentrate its resources on developing Monkey Course Guides, Monkey Test Guides, and Monkey Test Software. The company’s main objective in developing these materials is to be concise, organized, and accurate. Management believes that the names of the publisher and the author are irrelevant to the buyer. These products are also static in nature, in that they can be marketed without changes in core content for years. The company plans to offer unlimited access to the Monkey Notes, Monkey Course Guides, Monkey Test Guides, and Monkey Test Software for one year for $29.95. The company also plans to offer these products for individual sale.

The Monkey Store Customers enter the Monkey Store through the company’s web site and, in addition to ordering Monkey Notes, Monkey Course Guides, Monkey Test Guides, and Monkey Software, can download any book or document, free of charge, in the company’s digital library which currently contains approximately 1,200 books and historical document.

The Pinkmonkey. com Solution was founded to capitalize on the opportunity for online note, guide and software retailing. The company believes that the retail note industry is particularly suited to online retailing. An online note seller has virtually unlimited online shelf space and can offer customers a vast selection through an efficient search and retrieval interface. This is particularly valuable in the note market because the number of different items often precludes even the largest physical bookstore from economically stocking more than a minority of available notes. In addition, by serving a large and global market through centralized distribution and operations, online note sellers can realize significant structural cost advantages relative to traditional note sellers.

Online Store Economics. As an online seller of Monkey Notes, Monkey Guides, and Monkey Software, the company expects to enjoy meaningful structural economic advantages relative to traditional retailers. As a result of its online business model and centralized distribution, believes it will reduce distribution costs, investment in real estate, and personnel requirements. Further, the company plans to serve a global market through centralized operations, which would allow its investments in web sites, content, marketing, and technology to be leveraged over a relatively large sales base.

Customer Convenience. Beyond the benefits of selection, the company expects the purchase of Monkey Notes, Monkey Guides, and Monkey Software to be more convenient than shopping in a physical bookstore because the Monkey Store is open 24 hours a day and shopping does not require a trip to a store. The company believes that customers may act immediately on a purchase impulse and can locate Monkey Notes that are difficult to find. Because the Monkey Store has a global reach, it can deliver Monkey Notes to an extremely broad selection of customers in rural, international, or other locations that cannot support large-scale physical bookstores.

Compelling Content. The company believes it has attracted a high-quality editorial staff that delivers relevant and informative editorial and other content, including synopses, reviews, and excerpts. Positive factors that enhance PMKY as a speculative investment within the rapidly growing internet matrix. 1. PMKY: Internet Media which will reduce costs to the consumer up to 70% versus traditional channels. 2. PMKY plans to offer one year of unlimited access to its literature notes, course guides, test guides and interactive software for $29.95. 3. PMKY offers its product individually at the following price: $2.95/notes. 4. Compared to Cliff Notes, which sell for $6.00, Monkey Notes are currently offered at $2.95. PMKY believes that Cliff's distribution costs are higher than the current selling price. 5. has entered into an agreement with Anila Systems, whereby Anila Systems will provide operational management services to and will host, design, develop and produce’s web site. believes Anila Systems will assist in developing its products and interactive software and facilitate the availability of products at In addition, believes Anila Systems will be instrumental in marketing the Company’s products and developing business relationships and alliances. 6. Anila Systems is a San Francisco-based technology company that utilizes experienced, skilled development teams for projects including embedded technology, network solutions, e-commerce and distributed computing. Anila’s principal executives have worked together for over eight years and have been instrumental in building public technology companies. 7. The Company believes that it will have a significant price advantage over its competitors on all of its products as the Company incurs no distribution costs. The Company offers a digital library which contains approximately 1,200 books and documents that can be downloaded free of charge.

To Profile Contents

To Profile Contents


Year end - April 30th
The reorganization with Texas- occurred 6 23 98
Total authorized 50 million
Fully diluted shows outstanding as of March 10, 1999 - 16,817,512
Insiders control 60% of the outstanding shares - all restricted.
1,050,000 shares are reserved for insurance upon exercise of warrants ( 900K warrants exercise piece of . 625 & 150K @ $1.00 - expire between April - Sept. 2001)
Free trading shares- 875K
Preferred stock- 5 million authorized - None outstanding
5 for 1 stock split occurred in Sept. 97 and a 2 for stock split occurred during May 1998
10. The company intends to file an SB-2 registration statement with the SEC within 60 days and become a reporting company.
Estimated revenue for fiscal 2000- $18.5 million & .33 net income / sh
Estimated revenue for fiscal 2001 - $ 37.1 million & .64 net income /sh
Law firm - Brewer & Pritchard, 1111 Bagby Houston Texas 77002 - 713 209 2911
OTC Bulletin Board - PMKY
Nominal revenues have been generated through January 31, 1999.
52 wk. range .875 - $ 17.00
Current share price as of April 99 - $3.00
Transfer Agent - American Registrar & Transfer Company
As of January 31, 99 - PMKY had $ 1.6 million in cash on hand.

Corporate Headquarters, Inc.
One Liberty Plaza
1519 Edgewood
Liberty, Texas 77575
409-336-6700 Officers & Directors

Patrick R. Greene - CEO/Chairman
David Loev - CFO, General Counsel, Treasurer & Secretary

To Profile Contents
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