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To: michael97123 who wrote (769)5/14/2002 8:54:09 AM
From: Jerome  Read Replies (1) of 786
>>>What is the goal of such a lie?<<< (about Cuba)...

The goal would be to see if there was any major support (outside of Miami) for getting rid of Fidel. Keep in mind that Canada and Mexico have normalized trading relationship with Cuba.

Bush's "axis of evil" balloon has to be pumped up periodically to keep it airborn.

Since Bush himself has not made the charge his hands are clean. And he is not rushing to support that statement.

Any attempt to get rid of Castro would help Bush in Florida where he won that landslide election.

Bush, (Governor of Florida) is also helped by that kind of talk. I believe that the Governor of Florida runs for re-election this fall.

Had there been normalized trade relations with Cuba for the past 30 years , Cuba would not be in the poor state that it is today, and Castro might not have survived.

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