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To: Jerome who wrote (768)5/14/2002 8:26:23 AM
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Likud move mostly internal politics. Bibi wants to replace Sharon as the Likud candidate in the next election. Sharon has a chance to position himself in the middle now if he wishes or to court the right in order to get their nod.
Sharon and Netanyahu represent two quite different strains of conservative Israeli movement.
Sharon is a patriot and places Israels security above all other matters. Netanyaho and his group came to the fore in the sixties and seventies. They are the original believers in the theory of Greater Israel(more land) that has gotten Israel way too deep into the settlement mode.
So on one hand Sharon would trade most of the settlements for genuine peace with genuine security while the others want this less than pursuing an expansionist agenda.
The good news is that if you add the sharon right, to the sheransky Russian movement and combine that with Labor you wind up with 2/3 of the vote. The trick is not to letter a PM election wind up as a contest between Netanyahoo and some Labor peacenik. Perhaps sharon will wind up heading the labor ticket. If the vote were held today Sharon would beat anyone, assuming he is on the ballot of course as either representatvie of likud, independent, or Labor. mike
PS Why would Bush lie about castro? What is the goal of such a lie? I heard Larry Eagleburger on Crossfire call for relations with cuba but said at the same time that the admin guy who brought the charges is a good guy and would say that without believing it. Maybe Jimmy Carter is the problem. Wait till Bill Clinton starts roaming the world as X Commander and chief. Carter and Clinton are so different in makeup but so much the same in ideology and hubris.
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