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Non-Tech : Discount Supermarket Anti-Play Position Trades
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To: Don Pueblo who started this subject4/13/2002 6:22:26 PM
From: Don Pueblo   of 303
My trades W/E April 13

% winners down this week a bit.

Monday, April 8. 2002

exit half VZ short held from April 4 at 44.55 plus 85 cents
exit remaining VZ 44.20 plus 1.20

long full position GNSS 21.47
exit half GNSS at 22.15 plus 67 cents
exit remaining GNSS at 21. 93 plus 46 cents

short full position CHKP at 22.21
exit half CHKP at 21.93 plus 28 cents
exit CHKP remaining half position at 21.65 plus 56 cents

short EMLX at 27.21
exit half EMLX short at 26.82 plus 39 cents
exit remaining EMLX 27.10 plus 11 cents

short INTU at 39 risking a quarter
exit half INTU short at 38.51 plus 49 cents
exit remaining half INTU short position at 38.81 plus 19 cents

long BRCD 25.06
exit half BRCD long at 26.36 plus 30 cents
exit remaining half BRCD at 26.73 plus 1.68

Tuesday April 9

long half position GNSS at 22.80
exit GNSS at 23.08 plus 28 cents

long BRCD half position at 25.50
exit half BRCD at 26.06 plus 56 cents
exit remaining BRCD at 25.89 plus 39 cents

short CHKP full position at 22.75
exit half the CHKP at 22.26 plus 49 cents
exit remaining CHKP at 22.56 plus 20 cents

short JDAS full position at 31.50
exit half JDAS short at 30.69 plus 81 cents
exit remaining JDAS at 31.20 plus 30 cents

short half position MCHP at 44.41
exit entire MCHP at 44.40 break even

short FFIV half position 16.81
exit FFIV at 16.47 plus 34 cents

short SPLS at 21.78 full position
exit SPLS short 21.92 minus 14 cents

short SPLS at 22.10 full position
exit SPLS at 21.87 plus 27 cents

short SPLS full position at 22.04 overnight

Wednesday April 10

long RIMM at 20.88
stopped out of RIMM at 20.88 break even

short AEOS at 24.49
stopped out of AEOS short at 29.63 minus 14 cents

short CHKP at 21.61
exit half CHKP 21.34 plus 27 cents
stopped out of the other half CHKP at 21.60 break even

short SPLS 22.24
exit SPLS at 22.11 plus 13 cents

short CHKP 21.66
stopped out of CHKP short at 21.76 minus 10 cents

short AEOS at 24.87
exit AEOS short position 24.49 plus 38 cents

short CHKP at 21.75
exit half CHKP at 21.01 plus 74 cents
exit remaining CHKP at 21.56 plus 19 cents

Thursday April 11

long YHOO 16.54
exit YHOO 16.76 plus 22 cents

long CREE at 12.06
stopped out of CREE break even

long YHOO at 16.66
stopped out of YHOO at 16.54 minus 12 cents

short GNSS at 21.36
exit half GNSS 21.00 plus 36 cents
exit remaining GNSS short at 20.88 plus 48 cents

short BRCD at 22.88
exit BRCD short at 22.66 plus 22 cents

long half position long OVER at 25.50
long full position OVER 25.52
exit OVER at 25.51 break even

short full position BRCD 23.06
exit full position BRCD at 22.88 plus 18 cents

short full position BRCD at 22.77
short full position BRCD 23. 39
exit double position on BRCD at 23.05, minus two cents

long IBM at 83.68
exit IBM 84.44 plus 78 cents

short GNSS at 21.49 holding overnight

long CHKP half position at 20.50
exit CHKP half position at 20.36 minus 14 cents

long BRCD 23.49
exit BRCD at 23.39 minus 10 cents

short BRCD at 23.11 holding overnight

Friday, April 12

short full position BRCD 24.01
exit BRCD at 24.16 minus 15 cents

short full position GNSS at 21.76
exit two full positions GNSS short (one held from yesterday) at 21.19 plus 43 cents

short GNSS at 21.55
exit half the GNSS at 21.35 plus 20 cents
exit remaining GNSS at 21.19 plus 36 cents

short full position BRCD at 24.60
exit full position BRCD at 24.19 plus 41 cents

short full position QSFT at 13.74
exit QSFT at 13.21 plus 53 cents

short BRCD at 24.49
exit BRCD at 24.50 break even

long GNSS at 21.49
exit GNSS at 22.00 plus 51 cents

short GNSS at 22.24
exit GNSS short at 21.78 plus 47 cents

(still short a full position of BRCD at 23.11)
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