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Non-Tech : Smith and Wesson; a sleeping giant wakes up!

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To: RSkarsten who wrote (9)3/21/2002 9:30:16 PM
From: d:oug  Read Replies (1) of 15
"Zeev Hed", never heard of him, please elaborate."


While i do not know what "a WAG" is, it might be that saying
about a dog's tail being moved about by a person so that the
dog's direction is not his or hers own choice.

Also, wag in my dictionary has a second meaning, eventhought
for some reason i was totally unaware of this as it has not ever
be used by or against me :o) "one who jests" which might be
explained simply by me being a highschool drop-out that seemed
until i joined Silicon Investor, to only associate with like types.

As for Zeev and them and his turnips, well you may be the only
person on Silicon Investor not aware of him :o) For myself, by chance,
while i traveled the dirts of deserts looking for what was talked about
marshmallows growing with ultra-fine presents of precious metals
hidded inside that required proof using a test by fire, which it seems
did not accomplish the task since the folks doing the testing would
simply eat them roasted marshmallow as they turned colors
unlike store brought one.

This story had this man Zeev, who is a working retired world class
scientist with others of equal ability, for reason still not clear to me why,
was in this desert dirt area not only in the beginning, but i heard
as the first. If Zeev was wearing a tin foil hat to capture signals,
is just rumor or not.

ok, here is some info

(off topic) HOT PEOPLE & using gold as money
Message 17136890
**** HOT PEOPLE -- March, 2002 Edition ****
This is a list of the top 50 most bookmarked SI Members.
1 Zeev Hed (or) for hottest of the hot, everything feels cold :o)
7 Jane456
41 Claude Cormier (not on this thread, but...
Member 2202817
... but he write a gold newsletter
and his nose will not grow long
when he tells you what he knows.
(gold as money)

also, eXtra

Once upon a time there came to be Zeev's Turnips,
Message 16813672
and this was good. but then arrived the Dark Forces,

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