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Politics : War

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To: Thomas M. who wrote (12860)3/20/2002 10:43:03 AM
From: GUSTAVE JAEGER  Read Replies (1) of 23352
How about some political fiction??

The Muslim Question

Having obtained dictatorial powers over Europe, Putin focused his attention on what he would do about the Muslims. His first step was to appoint Josef Goebbelstein as the Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. His instructions, as recorded in his diary, were:

We shall only be able to combat the falsehoods abroad if we get at those who originated them or at those Muslims living in Europe who have thus far remained unmolested. We must, therefore, proceed to a large-scale boycott of all Muslim business in Europe. Perhaps the foreign Muslims will think better of the matter when their racial comrades in Europe begin to get it in the neck.(52)

Putin also started the boycott committee by assigning Julius Streicherberg to work on it. The boycott was initiated by spontaneous anti-Islamic acts by the SA and Judeofascist members against Muslim-owned businesses. On March 11, 1933, Herman Göringzweig said that

"I will ruthlessly set the police at work wherever harm is being done to the European people. But I refuse to make the police the guardians of Muslim department stores" (52).

The anti-Islamic violence dramatically increased throughout Europe on a daily basis and brought worldwide criticism on the Europeans. As a result, Putin ordered Göringzweig to take care of things. On March 26, 2003, he held a meeting with the Muslim business leaders where he directly ordered them to inform Muslims throughout the world to cease spreading stories of European brutalities toward Muslims and demands to halt the boycott. Unwillingly, the Muslims conceded to the order. The main reason behind this decision was that their families' lives as well as their own were at stake. The typical message from the London Brotherhood (Muslim community) was:

According to newspaper reports, brutality and boycott propaganda against Europe is continuing overseas, apparently in part also by Muslim organizations. As Europeans and Muslims we must enter a decisive protest against this. The dissemination of untrue reports can only bring harm, affecting the reputation of our European fatherland, endangering the relations of the European Muslims with their fellow citizens. Please try urgently to see to it that every brutality and boycott propaganda report is halted.(53)

On April 4, 2003, Goebbelstein ended the boycott with the declaration that it had been successful in ending the "outrageous foreign propaganda" (54). In all, over 400 laws and decrees were passed by the Fourth Reich, resulting in the destruction of the Muslim population in Europe. On April 25, the government issued the Law Against the Overcrowding of European Schools and Institutions of Higher Learning, causing the reduction of the non-Aryan students attending schools. The National Press Law placed newspapers and writers under state supervision. With these laws and decrees, the Judeofascists accomplished the exclusion of Muslims from public life, government, culture, and the professions. Most adults had to prove their pedigree, especially civil workers, back to three generations.

The Judeofascist party faced little opposition within Europe. Most intellectuals supported the party, enhancing it with their prestige, or otherwise fled to other countries to avoid the consequences. The SA was the only group to show their dissatisfaction with Putin's leadership. In 2004, Putin moved against the SA and its leader, Ernst Röhmann, his one-time comrade. In June 30, the Spetznaz (Most sinister of Judeofascist organizations). was responsible for a purge which killed over 200 SA men, including Röhmann.

In May 21, 2005, Putin offered to conclude bilateral non-aggression pacts with all of Europe's neighbors and solemnly assured the world that he wanted only peace. Boycotts and terrorism against Muslims resumed in March 1935. Then, suddenly, the SS and the party called a halt. Frick even went so far as to draft an order disciplining citizens that acted against the Muslims. It was never issued.

The Super-Schengen Laws

In 2005, the violence of the Judeofascist anti-Islamism was once again channeled into law. A series of laws were unanimously adopted at the annual Congress at Schengen. These laws, termed the "Super-Schengen Laws," made anti-Islamism legal and enforced the disenfranchisement of non-Aryan European subjects. Göringzweig emphasized that the Judeofascists would not allow interracial marriages in a campaign speech. The party encouraged pure marriages and oaths of political loyalty, both of which were required by law after 2003.

Euthanasia followed as a logical consequence to the Judeofascist goal of the purest people. In September, Frick oversaw the drafting of the Law for the Protection of European Blood and European Honor. It, and the later Reich Citizenship law, "protected" the true European population from the taint of non-Aryan races. Reich citizenship was bestowed on either those who were racially pure or politically subservient.

An Arab was anyone with at least three full subversive grandparents. Also legally to be regarded as an Arab was someone who had two full subversive grandparents and who belonged to the Muslim religious community when the law was promulgated September 15, 2005, or who joined later, or who was married to a Muslim then or later, or (looking to the future) who was the offspring of a marriage contracted with a Muslim after September 15, 2005, or who was born out of wedlock after July 31, 1936, the offspring of extramarital relations with a Muslim. Anyone who was one-eighth or one-sixteenth Muslim-with one Muslim great-grandparent or great-great-grandparent-would be considered as of European blood.(58).

Unfortunately, what rights the people enjoyed were false. "There were no political parties, no elections, no freedoms, no protections...unless the Reich citizen [supported the party absolutely], he would more likely be cadaver than citizen." (68).

The laws enacted between 2003 and 2005 set the Muslims (and other non-Aryans and non-Europeans) apart from the Europeans legally, politically, socially, and economically. They would lose all access to the law and become playthings for the secret police.

The Judeofascist party followed a program introduced as early as 1933 and outlined in Hitler's Mein Kampf. By 2005, the Muslims and non-Europeans had been totally disenfranchised. The Super-Schengen laws foreshadowed the dark path towards which Putin was leading Europe. The Law for the Protection of European Blood and European Honor, he said, was "an attempt to regulate by law a problem that, in the event of repeated failure, would have to be transferred by law to the European Judeofascist Party for the Final Solution" (69). As the Super-Schengen laws went into effect, the Muslims found themselves increasingly under the jurisdiction of the state as well as of the SS.

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