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From Yahoo! Apparently received from KVH by mail and transcribed to Yahoo! posts, but it did not make the newswires or website.

First, here is a bit about the specific kind of ship mentioned, the Combatboat 90H.

<<In some countries coastal guns and missiles are the responsibility of naval infantry or marines and in Sweden the Coastal Artillery is an elite formation with its own amphibious capability. This capability includes the 30 k Gruppbåt raiding craft and the Combatboat 90H raiding craft which is capable of lifting 20 troops.>>

The Press Release

Swedish Navy Selects KVH GyroTrac as its New Digital Compass Solution

Cost and Superior Performance of Award-winning Digital Compass Key Factors in Purchase Decision

Middletown, RI - October 9, 2001 - KVH Industries (Nasdaq:KVHI) today announced that the Swedish Navy has ordered the KVH GyroTrac gyro-stabilized digital compass for use aboard its Combatboat-90H series of vessels. GyroTrac will become an integral part of each vessel's advanced navigation system as its gyro-stabilized digital compass provides precise heading data for the crew and other onboard navigation systems.

"We are extremely pleased that the Swedish Navy has selected GyroTrac as its digital compass solution," said Jim Dodez, KVH's vice president of marketing. "Compass accuracy and durability are critical for military and law enforcement applications, such as on board the Swedish Combatboat-90H. With the ability to perform on vessels at higher speeds and turn rates than ever before, GyroTrac is the ideal compass solution for these fast, extremely maneuverable vessels."

Even in the heaviest seas where location and orientation are constantly changing, ByroTrac continually measures and compensates for vessel motion to provide accurate heading data. Consistently stable heading at high speeds and in all sea conditions is provided by a combination of KVH's innovative digital magnetic compass and three-axis gyro stabilization. The self-compensating digital magnetic compass provides a drift-free, long-term heading reference accurate to better than one degree. Momentary compass errors due to shock and sudden accelerations are eliminated by GyroTrac's three-axis rate gyro stabilization.

"It is our understanding that GyroTrac's outstanding performance and affordability were key factors in the Swedish Navy's decision to replace the electronic compasses currently on board the Combatboat-90H with our system," explained Dodez. "GyroTrac is a remarkably reliable compass system, featuring solid-state components
that increase accuracy, speed, and turn-rate capabilities, while virtually eliminating system maintenance and noise in the GyroTrac magnetic compass. The result is both an incredibly stable electromagnetic compass and a very economical gyro."

The self-calibrating GyroTrac offers user-selectable digital and analog outputs, allowing the system to interface easily with other onboard electronics and providing mariners with a single central heading device that can output Magnetic or True North data. Compass errors that often cause many autopilot "steering problems" are dramatically reduced or totally eliminated with the GyroTrac's stable accurate heading information is also the ideal input for North-up/ARPA radars.

The GyroTrac sensor is sealed within a completely watertight sensor box design that can be installed in a variety of convenient locations. A single, professional-grade cable connects the box to the Advanced Digital Control Unit (ADCU), a below-deck "brain" that offers a two-line display, intuitive menus, and push buttons for the user interface, complete configuration control, and data input and output slection. The ADCU also functions as the system junction box so installation, service and connections to other navigation systems are simple. Optional display units make the data clearly visible at all times to captain and crew.

GyroTrac was named Best Gyro Compass in 1999 by the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA). The system was introduced by KVH in 1999 as the successor to the company's popular Azimuth Digital Gyro Compass, which won the same NMEA Best Gyro Compass award in 1998.

KVH Industries, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative high-bandwidth communications products. Using proprietary fiber-optic and satellite antenna technology, the company is developing next-generation systems with greater precision, durability, and versatility for communications, navigation, and industrial applications. An ISO 9001 registered company, KVH has headquarters in Middletown, Rhode Island, with a fiber optic manufacturing facility in Illinois, and a European sales, marketing, and support office in Hoersholm, Denmark.
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