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To: ChainSaw who started this subject7/3/2001 11:41:55 PM
From: jmhollen   of 50

The following abbreviations, when used in the inscription on the face of this
certificate, shall be construed as though they were written out in full
according to applicable laws or regulations:

TEN COM -- as tenants in common
TEN ENT -- as tenants by the entireties
JT TEN -- as joint tenants with the right of
survivorship and not as tenants
in common
UNIF GIFT MIN ACT -- ........Custodian...........
(Cust) (Minor)

Act ................

Additional abbreviations may also be used though not in the above list.

For value received, _____________________________ hereby sell, assign and
transfer unto







_________________________________________________________________________ shares

of the capital stock represented by the within Certificate, and do hereby
irrevocably constitute and appoint

_____________________________________________________________________ , Attorney
to transfer the said stock on the books of the within named Corporation with
full power of substitution in the premises.

Dated __________________

X ______________________________________________________________________________
AN ELIGIBLE GUARANTOR INSTITUTION (Banks, Stockbrokers, Savings and Loan
Associations and Credit Unions.)



In consideration of the covenants herein contained, Cummings Properties/LLC
hereinafter called LESSOR, does hereby lease to Book Tech. Inc. (a MA corp.),
605 Main Street, Winchester, MA 01890 hereinafter called LESSEE, the following
described premises, hereinafter called the leased premises: approximately 10,685
square feet at 42 and 43 Cummings Park, Woburn, MA 01801.

TO HAVE AND HOLD the leased premises for a term of five (5) years
commencing at noon on September 15, 1999 and ending at noon on September 14,
2004 unless sooner terminated as herein provided. LESSOR and LESSEE now covenant
and agree that the following terms and conditions shall govern this lease during
the term hereof and for such further time as LESSEE shall hold the leased

1. RENT. LESSEE shall pay to LESSOR base rent at the rate of one hundred
thirty three thousand three hundred forty eight (133,348) U.S. dollars per year,
drawn on a U.S. bank, payable in advance in monthly installments of $11,112.33
on the first day in each calendar month in advance, the first monthly payment to
be made upon LESSEE's execution of this lease, including payment in advance of
appropriate fractions of a monthly payment for any portion of a month at the
commencement or end of said lease term. All payments shall be made to LESSOR or
agent at 200 West Cummings Park, Woburn, Massachusetts 01801, or at such other
place as LESSOR shall from time to time in writing designate. If the "Cost of
Living" has increased as shown by the Consumer Price Index (Boston,
Massachusetts, all items, all urban consumers), U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,
the amount of base rent due during each calendar year of this lease and any
extensions thereof shall be annually adjusted in proportion to any increase in
the Index. All such adjustments shall take place with the rent due on January 1
of each year during the lease term with the first such adjustment on January 1,
2001. The base month from which to determine the amount of each increase in the
Index shall be January 1999, which figure shall be compared with the figure for
November 2000, and each November thereafter to determine the percentage increase
(if any) in the base rent to be paid during the following calendar year. In the
event that the Consumer Price Index as presently computed is discontinued as a
measure of "Cost of Living" changes, any adjustment shall then be made on the
basis of a comparable index then in general use.

2. SECURITY DEPOSIT. LESSEE shall pay to LESSOR a security deposit in the
amount of twenty two thousand (22,000) U.S. dollars upon the execution of this
lease by LESSEE, which shall be held as security for LESSEE's performance as
herein provided and refunded to LESSEE without interest at the end of this
lease, subject to LESSEE's satisfactory compliance with the conditions hereof.
LESSEE may not apply the security deposit to payment of the last month's rent.
In the event of any default or breach of this lease by LESSEE, LESSOR may
immediately apply the security deposit first to any unamortized improvements
completed for LESSEE's occupancy, then to offset any outstanding invoice or
other payment due to LESSOR, with the balance applied to outstanding rent. If
all or any portion of the security deposit is applied to cure a default or
breach during the term of the lease, LESSEE shall be responsible for restoring
said deposit forthwith, and failure to do so shall be considered a substantial
default under the lease. LESSEE's failure to remit the full security deposit or
any portion thereof when due shall also constitute a substantial lease default.
Until such time as LESSEE pays the security deposit and first month's rent,
LESSOR may declare this lease null and void for failure of consideration.

3. USE OF PREMISES. LESSEE shall use the leased premises only for the
purpose of executive and administrative offices and business printing, and all
other lawful uses necessary and incidental to the operation of LESSEE's

4. ADDITIONAL RENT. LESSEE shall pay to LESSOR as additional rent a
proportionate share (based on square footage leased by LESSEE as compared with
the total leaseable square footage of the building of which the leased premises
are a part) of any increase in the real estate taxes levied against the land and
building of which the leased premises are a part (hereinafter called the
building), whether such increase is caused by an increase in the tax rate, or
the assessment on the property, or a change in the method of determining real
estate taxes. LESSEE shall make payment within thirty (30) days of written
notice from LESSOR that such increased taxes are payable, and any additional
rent shall be prorated should the lease terminate before the end of any tax
year. The base from which to determine the amount of any increase in taxes shall
be the rate and the assessment in effect as of July 1,1999.

5. UTILITIES. LESSOR shall provide equipment per LESSOR's building standard
specifications to heat the leased premises in season and to cool all areas
[Insert addendum 5a] between May 1 and November 1 [insert addendum 5b]. LESSEE
shall pay all charges for utilities used on the leased premises, including
electricity, gas, oil, water and sewer. LESSEE shall pay the utility provider or
LESSOR, as applicable, for all such utility charges as determined by separate
meters serving the leased premises and/or as a proportionate share of the
utility charges for the building if not separately metered. LESSEE shall also
pay LESSOR a proportionate share of any [insert addendum 5c] fees and charges
relating in any way to utility use at the building. No plumbing, construction or
electrical work of any type shall be done without LESSOR's prior written
approval [insert addendum 5d] and LESSEE obtaining the appropriate municipal


6. COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS. LESSEE acknowledges that no trade, occupation,
activity or work shall be conducted in the leased premises or use made thereof
which may be unlawful, improper, noisy, offensive, or contrary to any applicable
statute, regulation, ordinance or bylaw. LESSEE shall keep all employees working
in the leased premises covered by Worker's Compensation Insurance and shall
obtain any licenses and permits necessary for LESSEE's occupancy. LESSEE shall
be responsible for causing the leased premises and any alterations by LESSEE
which are allowed hereunder to be in full compliance with any applicable
statute, regulation, ordinance or bylaw.

7. FIRE, CASUALTY, EMINENT DOMAIN. Should a substantial portion of the
leased premises, or of the property of which they are a part, be substantially
damaged by fire or other casualty, or be taken by eminent domain, LESSOR may
elect to terminate this lease. When such fire, casualty, or taking renders the
leased premises substantially unsuitable for their intended use, a just and
proportionate abatement of rent shall be made, and LESSEE may elect to terminate
this lease if: (a) LESSOR fails to give written notice within thirty (30) days
of intention to restore the leased premises, or (b) LESSOR fails to restore the
leased premises to a condition substantially suitable for their intended use
within ninety (90) days of said fire, casualty or taking. LESSOR reserves all
rights for damages or injury to the leased premises for any taking by eminent
domain, except for damage to LESSEE's property or equipment [insert addendum

8. FIRE INSURANCE. LESSEE shall not permit any use of the leased premises
which will adversely affect or make voidable any insurance on the property of
which the leased premises are a part, or on the contents of said property, or
which shall be contrary to any law or regulation from time to time established
by the Insurance Services Office (or successor), local Fire Department, LESSOR's
insurer, or any similar body. LESSEE shall on demand reimburse LESSOR, and all
other tenants, all extra insurance premiums caused by LESSEE's use of the leased
premises. LESSEE shall not vacate the leased premises or permit same to be
unoccupied other than during LESSEE's customary non-business days or hours
[insert addendum 8a].

9. MAINTENANCE OF PREMISES. LESSOR will be responsible for all structural
maintenance of the leased premises [insert addendum 9a] and for the normal
daytime maintenance of all space heating and cooling equipment, sprinklers,
doors, locks, plumbing, and electrical wiring, but specifically excluding damage
caused by the careless, malicious, willful, or negligent acts of LESSEE or
[insert addendum 9b], chemical, water or corrosion damage from any source
[insert addendum 9c], and maintenance of any non "building standard" leasehold
improvements. LESSEE agrees to maintain at its expense all other aspects of the
leased premises in the same condition as they are at the commencement of the
term or as they may be put in during the term of this lease, normal wear and
tear [insert addendum 9d], other taking by eminent domain and damage by fire or
casualty only excepted, and whenever necessary, to replace light bulbs, plate
glass and other glass therein, acknowledging that the leased premises are now in
good order and the light bulbs and glass whole [insert addendum 9e]. LESSEE will
properly control or vent all solvents, degreasers, smoke, odors, etc. and shall
not cause e the area surrounding the leased premises to be in anything other
than a neat and clean condition, depositing all waste in appropriate
receptacles. LESSEE shall be solely responsible for any damage to plumbing
equipment, sanitary lines, or any other portion of the building which results
from the discharge or use of any acid or corrosive substance by LESSEE. LESSEE
shall not permit the leased premises to be overloaded, damaged, stripped or
defaced, nor suffer any waste, and will not keep animals within the leased
premises. If the leased premises include any wooden mezzanine type space, the
floor capacity of such space is suitable only for office use, light storage or
assembly work. LESSEE will protect any carpet with plastic or masonite chair
pads under any rolling chairs. Unless heat is provided at LESSOR's expense,
LESSEE shall maintain sufficient heat to prevent freezing of pipes or other
damage. Any increase in air conditioning equipment or electrical capacity or any
installation or maintenance of equipment which is necessitated by some specific
aspect of LESSEE's use of the leased premises shall be LESSEE's sole
responsibility, at LESSEE's expense and subject to LESSOR's prior written
consent. All maintenance provided by LESSOR shall be during LESSOR's normal
business hours [insert addendum 9f].

10. ALTERATIONS. LESSEE shall not make structural alterations or additions
of any kind to the leased premises, but may make nonstructural alterations
provided LESSOR consents thereto in writing [insert addendum 10a]. All such
allowed alterations shall be at LESSEE's expense and shall conform with LESSOR's
[insert addendum 10b] construction specifications. If LESSOR or LESSOR's agent
provides any services or maintenance for LESSEE in connection with such
alterations or otherwise under this lease, any just invoice will be promptly
paid. LESSEE shall not permit any mechanics' liens, or similar liens, to remain
upon the leased premises in connection with work of any character performed or
claimed to have been performed at the direction of LESSEE and shall cause any
such lien to released [insert addendum 10c] or removed forthwith without cost to
LESSOR. Any alterations or additions shall become part of the leased premises
and the property of LESSOR. Any alterations completed by LESSOR or LESSEE shall
be LESSOR's "building standard" unless noted otherwise. LESSOR shall have the
right at any time to change the arrangement of parking areas, stairs, walkways
or other common areas of the building [insert addendum 10d].

11. ASSIGNMENT OR SUBLEASING. LESSEE shall not assign this lease or sublet
or allow any other firm or individual to occupy the whole or any part of the
leased premises without LESSOR's prior written consent [insert addendum 11a].
Notwithstanding such assignment or subleasing, LESSEE shall remain liable to
LESSOR for the


payment of all rent and for the full performance of the covenants and conditions
of this lease. LESSEE shall pay LESSOR promptly for legal and administrative
expenses incurred by LESSOR in connection with any consent requested hereunder
by LESSEE [insert addendum 11b].

12. SUBORDINATION. This lease shall be subject and subordinate to any and
all mortgages and other instruments in the nature of a mortgage, now or at any
time hereafter, and LESSEE shall, when requested, promptly execute and deliver
such written instruments as shall be necessary to show the subordination of this
lease to said mortgages or other such instruments in the nature of a mortgage
[insert addendum 12a].

13. LESSOR'S ACCESS. LESSOR or agents of LESSOR may at any reasonable time
enter to view the leased premises, to make repairs and alterations as LESSOR
should elect to do for the leased premises, the common areas or any other
portions of the building, to make repairs which LESSEE is required but has
failed to do, and to show the leased premises to others. [insert addendum 13a].

14. SNOW REMOVAL. The plowing of snow from all roadways and unobstructed
parking areas shall be at the sole expense of LESSOR. The control of snow and
ice on all walkways, steps and loading areas serving the leased premises and all
other areas not readily accessible to plows shall be the sole responsibility of
LESSEE. Notwithstanding the foregoing, however, LESSEE shall hold LESSOR and
OWNER harmless from any and all claims by LESSEE's agents, representatives,
employees, callers or invitees for damage or personal injury resulting in any
way from snow or ice on any area serving the leased premises [insert addendum

15. ACCESS AND PARKING. LESSEE shall have the right without additional
charge to use parking facilities provided for the leased premises in common with
others entitled to the use thereof. Said parking areas plus any stairs,
corridors, walkways, elevators or other common areas (hereinafter collectively
called the common areas) shall in all cases be considered a part of the leased
premises when they are used by LESSEE or LESSEE's employees, agents, or
invitees. LESSEE will not obstruct in any manner any portion of the building or
the walkways or approaches to the building, and will conform to all rules and
regulations now or hereafter made by LESSOR for parking, and for the care, use,
or alteration of the building, its facilities and approaches. LESSEE further
warrants that LESSEE will not permit any employee to violate this or any other
covenant or obligation of LESSEE. No unattended parking will be permitted
between 7:00 PM and 7:00 AM without LESSOR's prior written approval, and from
December 1 through March 31 annually, such parking shall be permitted only in
those areas specifically designated for assigned overnight parking. Unregistered
or disabled vehicles, or storage trailers of any type, may not be parked at any
time. LESSOR may tow, at LESSEE's sole risk and expense, any misparked vehicle
belonging to LESSEE or LESSEE's agents, employees, invitees or callers, at any
time. LESSOR shall not be responsible for providing any security services for
the leased premises.

16. LIABILITY. LESSEE shall be solely responsible as between LESSOR and
LESSEE for deaths or personal injuries to all persons whomsoever occurring in or
on the leased premises (including any common areas that are [insert addendum
16c] considered part of the leased premises hereunder) and damage to property to
whomsoever belonging arising out of the use, control, condition or occupation of
the leased premises by LESSEE; and LESSEE agrees to indemnify and save harmless
LESSOR and OWNER from any and all liability, including but not limited to costs,
expenses, damages, causes of action, claims, judgments and attorney's fees
caused by or in any way growing out of any matters aforesaid, except for death,
personal injuries or property damage [insert addendum 16a] resulting from the
negligence [insert addendum 16b] LESSOR.

17. INSURANCE. LESSEE will secure and carry at its own expense a commercial
general liability policy insuring LESSEE, LESSOR and OWNER against any claims
based on bodily injury (including death) or property damage arising out of the
condition of the leased premises (including any common areas that are considered
part of the leased premises hereunder) or their use by LESSEE, such policy to
insure LESSEE, LESSOR and OWNER against any claim up to One Million (1,000,000)
Dollars in the case of any one accident involving bodily injury (including
death), and up to One Million (1,000,000) Dollars against any claim for damage
to property. LESSOR and OWNER shall be included in each such policy as
additional insureds using ISO Form CG 20 26 11 85 or some other form approved by
LESSOR. LESSEE will file with LESSOR prior to occupancy certificates and any
applicable riders or endorsements showing that such insurance is in force, and
thereafter will file renewal certificates prior to the expiration of any such
policies. All such insurance certificates shall provide that such policies shall
not be cancelled without at least ten (10) days prior written notice to each
insured. In the event LESSEE shall fail to provide or maintain such insurance at
any time during the term of this lease, then LESSOR may elect to contract for
such insurance at LESSEE's expense.

18. SIGNS. LESSOR authorizes, and LESSEE at LESSEE's expense agrees to
erect promptly upon commencement of this lease, signage for the leased premises
in accordance with LESSOR's building standards for style, size, location, etc.
LESSEE shall obtain the prior written consent of LESSOR before erecting any sign
on the leased premises, which consent shall include approval as to size,
wording, design and location, [insert addendum 18a]. LESSOR may remove and
dispose of any sign not approved, erected or displayed in conformance with this

19. BROKERAGE. LESSEE warrants and represents to LESSOR that LESSEE has
dealt with no broker or third person with respect to this lease, [insert
addendum 19a], and LESSEE agrees to indemnify LESSOR against any


brokerage claims arising by virtue of this lease. LESSOR warrants and represents
to LESSEE that LESSOR has employed no exclusive broker or agent in connection
with the letting of the leased premises [insert addendum 19b].

20. DEFAULT AND ACCELERATION OF RENT. In the event that: (a) any assignment
for the benefit of creditors, trust mortgage, receivership or other insolvency
proceeding shall be made or instituted with respect to LESSEE or LESSEE's
property [insert addendum 20a]; (b) LESSEE shall default in the observance or
performance a of any of LESSEE's covenants, agreements, or obligations
hereunder, other than substantial monetary payments as provided below, and such
default shall not be corrected within [insert addendum 20b] after written notice
thereof [insert addendum 20c]; or (c) LESSEE vacates the leased premises [insert
addendum 20d], then LESSOR shall have the right thereafter, while such default
continues and without demand or further notice, to re-enter and take possession
of the leased premises, to declare the term of this lease ended, and to remove
LESSEE's effects, without being guilty of any manner of trespass, and without
prejudice to any remedies which might be otherwise used for arrears of rent or
other default or breach of the lease. If LESSEE shall default in the payment of
the security deposit, rent, taxes, substantial invoice from LESSOR or LESSOR's
agent for goods and/or services or other sum herein specified, and such default
shall continue for ten (10) days after written notice thereof, and, because both
parties agree that nonpayment of said sums when due is a substantial breach of
the lease, and, because the payment of rent in monthly installments is for the
sole benefit and convenience of LESSEE, then in addition to the foregoing
remedies the entire balance of rent which is due hereunder shall become
immediately due and payable as liquidated damages. LESSOR, without being under
any obligation to do so and without thereby waiving any default, may remedy same
for the account and at the expense of LESSEE [insert addendum 20e]. If LESSOR
pays or incurs any obligations for the payment of money in connection therewith,
such sums paid or obligations incurred plus interest and costs, shall be paid to
LESSOR by LESSEE as additional rent. Any sums received by LESSOR from or on
behalf of LESSEE at any time shall be applied first to any unamortized
improvements completed for LESSEE's occupancy, then to offset any outstanding
invoice or other payment due to LESSOR, with the balance applied to outstanding
rent. LESSEE agrees to pay reasonable attorney's fees and/or administrative
costs incurred by LESSOR in enforcing any or all obligations of LESSEE under
this lease at any time. LESSEE shall pay LESSOR interest at the rate of eighteen
(18) percent per annum on any payment from LESSEE to LESSOR which is past due.

21. NOTICE. Any notice from LESSOR to LESSEE relating to the leased
premises or to the occupancy thereof shall be deemed duly served when served by
constable, or sent to the leased premises by certified mail, return receipt
requested, postage prepaid, addressed to LESSEE. Any notice from LESSEE to
LESSOR relating to the leased premises or to the occupancy thereof shall be
deemed duly served when served by constable, or delivered to LESSOR by certified
mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid, addressed to LESSOR at 200 West
Cummings Park, Woburn, MA 01801 or at LESSOR's last designated address. No oral
notice or representation shall have any force or effect. Time is of the essence
in the service of any notice.

22. OCCUPANCY. In the event that LESSEE takes possession of said leased
premises prior to the start of the lease term, LESSEE will perform and observe
all of LESSEE's covenants from the date upon which LESSEE takes possession
except the obligation for the payment of extra rent for any period of less than
one month. In the event that LESSEE continues to occupy or control all or any
part of the leased premises after the agreed [insert addendum 22a] of this lease
without the written permission of LESSOR, then LESSEE shall be liable to LESSOR
for any and all loss, damages or expenses incurred by LESSOR, and all other
terms of this lease shall continue to apply except that rent shall be due in
full monthly installments at a rate of one hundred fifty (150) percent of that
which would otherwise be due under this lease, it being understood between the
parties that such extended occupancy is as a tenant at sufferance and is solely
for the benefit and convenience of LESSEE and as such has greater rental value.
LESSEE's control or occupancy of all or any part of the leased premises beyond
noon on the last day of any monthly rental period shall constitute LESSEE's
occupancy for an entire additional month, and increased rent as provided in this
section shall be due and payable immediately in advance. LESSOR's acceptance of
any payments from LESSEE during such extended occupancy shall not alter LESSEE's
status as a tenant at sufferance.

23. FIRE PREVENTION. LESSEE agrees to use every reasonable precaution
against fire and agrees to provide and maintain approved, labeled fire
extinguishers, emergency lighting equipment, and exit signs and complete any
other modifications within the leased premises as required or recommended by the
Insurance Services Office (or successor organization), OSHA, the local Fire
Department, or any similar body.

24. OUTSIDE AREA. Any goods, equipment, or things of any type or
description held or stored in any common area without LESSOR's prior written
consent shall be deemed abandoned and may be removed by LESSOR at LESSEE's
expense without notice. LESSEE shall maintain a building standard size dumpster
in a location approved by LESSOR, which dumpster shall be provided and serviced
at LESSEE's expense by whichever disposal firm may from time to time be
designated by LESSOR. Alternatively, if a shared dumpster or compactor is
provided by LESSOR, LESSEE shall pay its proportionate share of any costs
associated therewith.

25. ENVIRONMENT. LESSEE will so conduct and operate the leased premises as
not to interfere in any way with the use and enjoyment of other portions of the
same or neighboring buildings by others by reason of odors, smoke, exhaust,
smells, noise, pets, accumulation of garbage or trash, vermin or other pests, or
otherwise, and will at its expense employ a professional pest control service if
necessary. LESSEE agrees to maintain efficient and effective devices for
preventing damage to heating equipment from solvents, degreasers, cutting oils,
propellants, etc. which
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