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And the web site says these are a full year old, but I don't remember seeing them either?????

Number 1:

Unicom Selects KVH Tracphone 50 for All Mini-M Communication Onboard 49 Ships

In selecting the Tracphone® 50 from KVH Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:KVHI), for its Inmarsat mini-M communications needs, the Russian shipping company Unicom cited the quality, performance and substantial cost savings of the mobile marine satellite system. For Unicom and its fleet of ships, the Tracphone 50 enhances business operations through ongoing cost savings and improved services, and at the same time makes life throughout international waters more comfortable for crew members.

According to a Unicom representative, the Tracphone 50 provides "excellent" financial savings and a "cost effective way to have voice, data and fax" for the 49 ships where the KVH system has replaced older communications equipment. The company is using Tracphone 50 systems for crew calling, E-mail, and business communications with usage averaging about 75 percent for voice, 20 percent in data transmissions, and 5 percent in faxing. The system is easy for crew members to operate, and Unicom reports that users on all the ships are very pleased with Tracphone 50’s performance and reliability. For security and accountability in all its communications, Unicom uses SIM cards and a number of different crew-calling concepts are available to suit individual needs. Overall, Tracphone 50 is an ideal solution for commercial vessels where operators often worry about crew members running up high monthly bills.

Voice transmissions are generally more cost effective with Tracphone 50 on ships where voice transmissions commonly constitute nearly 75 percent of daily satellite communications. In comparing per-minute costs of as little as $2.15 for mini-M service to the $4.00 charge for Inmarsat A/B, an average commercial user can pay for the cost of a Tracphone 50 and save more than $10,000 in the first year. For a multiple-carrier fleet like Unicom, the annual savings on communications costs is very significant.

Tracphone 50 is designed specifically for commercial applications. Its patented robotics design, fielded in over 7,000 similar communications applications, is robust, reliable and fully automatic. The durability of the Tracphone 50 pedestal has been amply demonstrated by both the US Navy and the US Coast Guard, as well as by the thousands of satellite telephones sold in the US by Motient Corporation (formerly American Mobile Satellite Corporation).

The three-axis, fully stabilized antenna delivers trouble-free, high-quality reception due to a 12.5 dB gain that is almost twice that found on similar products from other manufacturers. For commercial vessels travelling throughout the world’s waters, this increased gain ensures that the satellite contact crucial for business, safety and personal needs is maintained, even in the fringe areas of spot-beam coverage. KVH also has designed the compact system, which measures only 19.3 inches (49 cm) in diameter, so it is easy to install and tie into a ship’s phone system. These features increase both the time on line and cost savings.

KVH Industries utilizes its proprietary fiber optic, auto calibration and sensor technologies to produce navigation and mobile satellite communications systems for commercial, military, marine and land mobile applications. The company has headquarters in Middletown, Rhode Island, USA, with facilities in Illinois and Florida, and a European sales, marketing and support office in Hoersholm, Denmark.
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