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To: c.horn who wrote (6)11/4/2000 9:47:37 PM
From: Tom Clarke  Read Replies (1) of 12
Al Gore is a weirdo
by Casey Fahy
TNA News with Commentary
Saturday 4 November 2000

He showers up to 7 times a day, according to a strangely authentic-sounding tabloid report recently, with a new bar of soap each time, which he insists on opening himself and carrying with him. Somehow, I believe it. We've all seen his sweat-spots and gruesomely-chewed fingernails, which he has also admitted to. Yeeek!

He loves to dress up in costume at Halloween and be a chicken or a vampire or role-play any number of ACTUAL PEOPLE-type roles. He did it in the first debate when he wore a Reagan costume, complete with cool makeup and hair.

Al Gore lives in a fantasy world where the necessities and opportunities of life have always been taken care of for him, as Dick Morris has suggested. His only goal, his only duty, in return for all the greased wheels he’s been riding all his life, is to play the part of President of the United States. Hollywood celebrities are impressed by this. But normal folks live in the real world.

Gore has an exceptionally goofy sense of humor, that is fun in a childish throw-sanity-out-the-window kind of way. Unfortunately, HE LIVES THERE, and he's never had to leave there...

Al Gore is a human tool of powerful people, shaped as a child, who now gets to have fun make-believing really cool fantasies along the way that has been chosen for him. That's his pay-off. People come in and dress him up like an action figure, and it's all pretty cool. His whole “ego” is built out of this kind of balsa wood.

He’s so spoiled by the rubber, consequence-less world he's been raised in that he’s used to being able to act and say anything he wants.

Even when he speaks, it's like a bratty kid’s caricature of (or a smart-alecky sucking up to) a teacher or an adult. He make-believes his own life and past and accomplishments. During the debates he lumbered up to and got right on Bush’s back, because he’s a spoiled bully whose handler/parents have always allowed him to indulge in petty excesses. He lives in his own private universe where there has never been any real repercussion that hasn't been smothered under flattery to keep the make-believe (and the power-machine) alive.

He’s clearly tweaked by all of this on a psychological level. After all, he isn’t a spoiled child any more. He’s a grown man in a campaign for the Presidency. Yet he cleanses himself and sprays himself and fastidiously presents himself (and wants to do the same to the planet Earth), showing an unwillingness to win on who he is and preferring to do this whole thing on the level of IMAGE instead.

He doesn’t even seem cynical or guilt-ridden or sleazy about it, like Clinton. He's just always seen life as a way-cool masquerade party and he’s rearin’ to put on the neato costumes that are required and make-believe up a storm and “assert his power” as Naomi Wolfe might define it for him, while pitching hackneyed enviro-threats and class warfare which he has been told will win him the role he has been assigned to reach.

It is a virtue, I think, that Americans base their votes on personality more than anything else personality reveals all about a person. That's why Clinton never got a majority. Most people saw through him. Honesty is essential to intelligence — a fact ignored more and more fashionably by the press. Without honesty, the power of intelligence is wasted on "spinning."

Most Americans will see through Gore's childish facades, I predict, and see that Bush has no facade, and they'll vote for him — wisely.
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