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To: Sector Investor who wrote (348)3/15/2000 9:14:00 PM
From: robert b furman  Read Replies (1) of 7013
Hi Sector,

This thread historically discusses news directly effecting KVHI's niche. I am by no means an expert,but kvhi's technology deals with very broadband frequencies that are beamed in a controlled direction so the quality of the transmission is constant and reliable. Nice features to have for navigation,continuous digital broadcast satellite TV and hopefully the internet soon.

This type of technology is rather expensive as the aiming requirement features fast response to gps positioning instead of wide beamed narrow band transmissions.

It is a high class way of communicating ,that has yet to benefit from the economies of scale that mass utilization bring about : ie cell phone or palm devices.

It is in my opinion, just as great a certainty. However it is a longer term development. I think the RV,taxi cab,limo ,suv will usher in the universal awareness of this great technology.It will require miniaturization and mass production savings to bring it out of the techie world and into the mainstream.

Additionally, this company which I view as far ahead into tomorrow's technology - today seems to be putting all the right steps in place.

They are first in quality with their customers.
They patent their brilliance.
They are brilliant with advanced technology in it's pure sense and seem to be able to execute their technology to the mainstream world.

I am visiting them this April ,and am humbly excited to learn about something I know so little about. I can't wait to see what a Fiber Optic Gyro looks like.How fiber optic sensors can measure the flow of electricity boggles my mind!! This is not your father's technology company.

They are advanced and I'm not sure of much more.Except one thing - THEY ARE A LONG TERM KEEPER !! Whatever they do they do so with great class. That's good enough for me.


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