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Pastimes : Murder Mystery: Who Killed Yale Student Suzanne Jovin?

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To: CJ who wrote (63)12/17/1999 12:40:00 AM
From: Jeffrey S. Mitchell   of 1389
Re: More new information (from Peter Stein)

Recall that Peter Stein was the one who saw Suzanne right before she returned the keys to the police substation at Phelps Gate for the car she had borrowed for the Best Buddies pizza party.

I first asked if Suzanne had a backpack or pocketbook or was carrying anything at all. He said she definitely had no backpack or pocketbook -- but -- she was carrying one or more sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 white paper in her right hand. We spent quite a lot of time speculating the significance of this. I asked if it were possible she was carrying a copy of a school publication like the Yale Daily News and he said it wasn't newsprint. I asked about other magazine style publications and he said he's pretty sure there wasn't any magazine type writing on them. I speculated maybe it was paperwork she was returning with the keys and he said there wouldn't be any paperwork involved with returning keys. I asked it could have been mail and he no, and, besides, the mail room would have been closed at that hour. Aside from Suzanne bringing the paper from home he thought perhaps she may have stopped in at Dwight Hall (where student run activities like Best Buddies are based) nearby and picked up something. I suggested maybe a flyer for a party and he said perhaps but that, again, he doesn't recall seeing any writing. My speculation is that perhaps the writing was on the other side.

Peter and I also discussed the timeline and where she might have been going. I asked if she looked like she was in a hurry and he said, no, that she was just walking normally. I asked if he believed she truly was tired and perhaps was going back home and said that he had no way of knowing, and as it was really none of his business where she was going Suzanne was under no obligation to tell him anything anyway. I asked if he thought Suzanne stopping at her apartment prior to returning the keys meant she was probably planning on not returning home and he said not necessarily because the parking lot entrance is on Edgewood where it meets Howe, which is a block north of her apartment and thus she'd be passing right by her apartment on the way to returning the keys.

So, perhaps Suzanne stopped by her apartment to drop something off from the party. Perhaps she needed to use the bathroom. Perhaps she wanted to check her messages. Perhaps all of the above. At this point one could also speculate perhaps she was expecting an e-mail or phone message about a meeting she had planned. However, if this were the case, unless she deleted either one (although things can certainly be unerased), we could assume the police would have used this information as the cornerstone to their case against someone. If a meeting were indeed planned, given the lack of evidence anyone called her, it is more likely Suzanne would have called them to say "I'm home... I'll meet you at such and such a place." We've recently discussed the planned meeting scenario so no need to rehash that here.

There are two key pieces of evidence we need to better sort out the above. 1) Did she change her clothes when she went home (indicating that unless she was wearing a party dress or something uncomfortable that she most likely was planning on not returning home immediately, and 2) When she was last seen on College Street, on which side of Elm Street was it. If it was on the side closest to Phelps Gate then that means she just might have turned left and have been taking a roundabout route home. Peter says the library would have been closed so she couldn't have been going there.

If anyone has any other ideas on how to refine our investigation, please let me know!

- Jeff
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