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Here's some news directly from USBL

> The USBL's Fort Myers franchise (formerly the Tampa Bay Windjammers,
>which was recently bought by Pierre Narath) has announced that they will
>now be known as the Florida Sea Dragons. The team unveiled the team
>name, logo and mascot (Torch) at a press conference held last week at
>Oakridge Middle School in North Naples.
> Brett Vickers, Team President, sees the kids as his toughest critics
>and felt announcing it at a Middle School would really help to stir up
>some excitement. Vickers answered questions from over 200 students as he
>handed out t-shirts with the new team logo.
> The Florida Sea Dragons were named by Tiffany Norman, an 11-year-old
>from Cape Coral. Her nickname was selected from over 312 that were
> The Sea Dragons logo was designed by Adrenalin Design Group of
>Denver. The same company has designed the logos of the USBL's New Jersey
>Shorecats and Pennsylvania ValleyDawgs. They have also designed the
>logos of the NHL's Colorado Avalanche, the NBA's Denver Nuggets, and
>Major League Soccer's Chicago Fire.
> Next up for the Sea Dragons is the hiring of a Head Coach. Brett
>Vickers hopes to have a coach hired by early October.
> "The League Of Opportunity" is off to another great start during the
>1999-2000 basketball season. 180 USBL graduates have found jobs playing
>overseas in over twenty (20) different countries. The USBL has long been
>a proving ground for players and their professional careers and it seems
>that this year will be no different. In coming weeks, NBA Training Camps
>will open, as well as, the CBA, IBL and IBA seasons. Many other USBL
>veterans will surely be taking part in the action and future newsletters
>will help to detail who is where.
>Shelly Clark Argentina Florida Sharks 1996
>Leon Derricks Argentina Columbus Cagerz 1998
>Marcus Allen Argentina AC Seagulls 1997
>Kelvin Allen Argentina Jacksonville Shooters 1995
>Alonzo Goldston Argentina CT Skyhawks 1997
>Paul Graham Argentina AC Seagulls 1998
>Darryl Hardy Argentina Atlanta Trojans 1998
>Mike Ravizee Argentina Camden Power 1998
>Donzel Rush Argentina TB Windjammers 1997
>Junie Sanders Argentina Brooklyn Kings 1999
>Billy Thomas Argentina Kansas Cagerz 1999
>Ray Tutt Argentina NJ Shorecats 1999
>David Van Dyke Argentina NJ Jammers 1992
>Stacey Williams Argentina Atlanta Trojans 1996
>Lanard Copeland Australia Atlanta Trojans 1991
>Mark Davis Australia Long Island Knights 1987
>Scott Fisher Australia Wildwood Aces 1986
>Ricky Grace Australia Jersey Shore Bucs 1987
>Darnell Mee Australia Daytona Beach Hooters 1993
>Andre Moore Australia Philadelphia Aces 1987
>Sheldon Quarles Australia NH Thunder Loons 1997
>Ricky Robinson Australia Westchester Stallions 1994
>Rob Rose Australia RI Gulls 1987
>David Simmons Australia Westchester Stallions 1994
>Rich McIver Brazil NH Thunder Loons 1997
>Michael Anderson Croatia Philadelphia Spirit 1992
>Pete Patton Croatia Carolina Cardinals 1996
>Andre Foreman Finland Portland Wave 1997
>Nate Green Finland LI Surf 1998
>Clinton Holtz Finland LI Surf 1995
>Carl Howell Finland AC Seagulls 1999
>Mike King Finland NH Thunder Loons 1997
>Steve Rich Finland Treasure Coast Tropics 1996
>Godfrey Thompson Finland CT Skyhawks 1999
>John Tomsich Finland CT Skyhawks 1999
>Quinton Brooks France Columbus Cagerz 1998
>Chris Bruton France Memphis Fire 1995
>Tyrone Davis France PT Mountain Cats 1996
>Ralph Davis France LI Surf 1994
>Derral Dumas France Jacksonville Hooters 1992
>Keith Gatlin France NH Skyhawks 1991
>Rob Hodgson France NJ Shorecats 1999
>Stanley Jackson France Florida Sharks 1995
>Darren Jackson France Jacksonville Shooters 1995
>Mike James France LI Surf 1999
>Jay Larranga France Jacksonville Barracudas 1997
>Larry Lawrence France Springfield Fame 1985
>Derrick Lewis France NH Skyhawks 1991
>Michael Lloyd France AC Seagulls 1999
>Lance Miller France NJ Shorecats 1998
>David Robinson France NJ Shorecats 1999
>Carl Thomas France AC Seagulls 1997
>Reggie Welch France AC Seagulls 1999
>John White France Jack. Barracudas 1996
>Harold Deane Germany WSH Congressionals 1999
>Chuck Evans Germany Florida Sharks 1997
>Keith Gray Germany Raleigh Cougars 1999
>Frankie King Germany Memphis Fire 1995
>Abdul Samsid-Deen Germany Brooklyn Kings 1999
>Fred Williams Germany Atlanta Trojans 1996
>Lee Wilson Germany AC Seagulls 1998
>Chris Jent Greece AC Seagulls 1997
>Dan O'Sullivan Greece Jersey Turnpikes 1995
>Daren Quennan Greece PA ValleyDawgs 1999
>Mike Richmond Greece Philadelphia Aces 1990
>Jimmy Shields Greece PB Stingrays 1992
>Roy Tarpley Greece Miami Tropics 1992
>Maurice Ingram Holland Atlanta Trojans 1998
>Frank Seckar Holland TB Windjammers 1996
>Kevin Thompson Holland WSH Congressionals 1999
>Robert A. Shannon Hungary Atlanta Trojans 1995
>Dwayne Whitfield Hungary Brooklyn Kings 1999
>Purnell Perry Iceland NH Thunder Loons 1999
>Mark Brisker Israel Jacksonville Hooters 1997
>Norris Coleman Israel Jacksonville Hooters 1997
>Dallas Comegys Israel Philadelphia Spirit 1992
>Joe Dawson Israel CT Skyhawks 1985
>Jay Edwards Israel Florida Sharks 1995
>George Gilmore Israel Philadelphia Spirit 1992
>Jermaine Guice Israel TC Tropics 1996
>Derek Hamilton Israel Miami Tropics 1988
>Antwon Harmon Israel Atlanta Trojans 1992
>Lamont Jones Israel Brooklyn Kings 1999
>Damon Patterson Israel Westchester Stallions 1993
>JeRon Roberts Israel Atlanta Trojans 1999
>Jesse Salters Israel Florida Sharks 1996
>Derrick Sharpe Israel TB Windjammers 1996
>Greg Sutton Israel Empire St. Stallions 91
>Adrian Autry Italy LI Surf 1999
>George Banks Italy TB Windjammers 1999
>James Blackwell Italy TB Windjammers 1999
>Joe Blair Italy LI Surf 1998
>Marques Bragg Italy NJ Shorecats 1998
>James Brewer Italy LI Surf 1994
>Myron Brown Italy Portland Wave 1997
>Lonnie Cooper Italy TB Windjammers 1999
>Abdul Fox Italy Camden Power 1998
>Sylvester Gray Italy Florida Sharks 1995
>Artie Griffin Italy Florida Sharks 1997
>Darrin Hancock Italy NJ Shorecats 1998
>Otis Hill Italy AC Seagulls 1999
>Victor Page Italy WSH Congressionals 1998
>M.Ray Richardson Italy Jersey 1987
>Ron Rowan Italy Miami Tropics 1988
>Dwight Stewart Italy AC Seagulls 1999
>Kevin Thompson Italy WSH Congressionals1999
>Robert Conley Lithuania Atlanta Trojans 1999
>Derrick Hayes Poland Camden Power 1998
>Anderson Hunt Poland TC Tropics 1996
>Jeff Stern Poland CT Skyhawks 1995
>John Taylor Poland Jackson Jackals 1995
>Marcus Timmons Poland CT Skyhawks 1995
>John Brown Portugal Atlanta Trojans 1999
>Eric Cuthrell Portugal Carolina Cardinals 1996
>Jon Fedor Portugal Daytona Beach Hooters 93
>Greg Grant Portugal AC Seagulls 1996
>Todd Merritt Portugal TB Sunblasters 1992
>John O'Connell Portugal NH Thunder Loons 1996
>Sherick Simpson Portugal Kansas Cagerz 1999
>Steve Worthy Portugal AC Seagulls 1996
>Darren DeSchryver Slovenia CT Skyhawks 1999
>Danya Abrams Spain AC Seagulls 1997
>Marvin Alexander Spain Memphis Fire 1995
>Malik Evans Spain NH Thunder Loons 1997
>Ken Green Spain Empire State Stallions 1991
>Jonathan Haynes Spain AC Seagulls 1996
>Nate Higgs Spain Raleigh Cougars 1997
>Keith Hill Spain Jersey Turnpikes 1995
>Keith Jennings Spain Jacksonville Hooters 1991
>Thomas Jordan Spain Brooklyn Kings 1992
>Chuck Kornegay Spain Raleigh Cougars 1997
>Jason Maile Spain Portland Wave 1997
>Tony Maroney Spain NH Thunder Loons 1996
>Bob McCann Spain Jersey 1987
>Darryl Middletown Spain Long Island Knights 1987
>Ken Miller Spain NJ Jammers 1992
>Demet. Montgomery Spain Atlanta Trojans 1997
>Danny Moore Spain Kansas Cagerz 1999
>Bryan Sallier Spain Westchester Stallions 1994
>Patrick Savoy Spain Portland Wave 1997
>Brent Scott Spain AC Seagulls 1997
>Mike Smith Spain Atlanta Trojans 1991
>DeLon Turner Spain PB Stingrays 1993
>Andre Turner Spain Miami Tropics 1988
>Glen Whisby Spain Florida Sharks 1996
>Travis Banks Sweden Carolina Cardinals 1996
>Dor. Bennerman Sweden CT Skyhawks 1994
>Eric Coates Sweden LI Surf 1999
>Sher. Wilkerson Sweden Columbus Cagerz 1998
>Rodney Blake Switzerland Philadelphia Spirit 1993
>Jeff Jenkins Switzerland Atlanta Trojans 1999
>Eric Poole Switzerland Long Island Surf 1999
>Darrell Wash. Switzerland M.C. Gamblers 1994
>Sean Green Turkey Pt. Mountain Cats 1996
>Jerome Robinson Turkey Florida Sharks 1995
>Ted Berry United Kingdom Long Island Surf 1994
>Cypheus Bunton United Kingdom TB Windjammers 1999
>Tony Christie United Kingdom WAS Congressionals 1999
>Tony Dorsey United Kingdom Atlanta Trojans 1996
>John Gaines United Kingdom TB Sunblasters 1992
>Roy Hairston United Kingdom Kansas Cagerz 1999
>Al Hamilton United Kingdom Portland Wave 1997
>Phil Handy United Kingdom Florida Sharks 1996
>Larry Johnson United Kingdom AC Seagulls 1999
>Lorenzo Charles Uruguay Raleigh Cougars 1998
>Pete Freeman Uruguay Atlanta Trojans 1999
>Cliff Morgan Uruguay Westchester Kings 1997
>Trelonnie Owens Uruguay Carolina Cardinals 1996
>Kareem Poole Uruguay NJ Shorecats 1999
>Marvin Wilson Uruguay Columbus Cagerz 1998
>Anthony Douglass Venezuela Memphis Fire 1994
>Keith Johnson Venezuela CT Skyhawks 1994
>Nate Johnstone Venezuela Florida Sharks 1996
>Anq. McCollum Venezuela TC Tropics 1996
>Tim Moore Venezuela GC SunDogs 1999
>Dexter Shouse Venezuela Jack. Barracudas 1998
>Marcus Webb Venezuela Atlanta Eagles 1992
>Horatio Webster Venezuela NH Thunder Loons 1998
>Gerald Williams Venezuela Miami Tropics 1992
>Mark Young Venezuela GC SunDogs 1999
> The United States Basketball League, Inc. mourns the passing of
>Daniel T. Meisenheimer, Jr., shareholder and Director.
> Mr. Meisenheimer was an accomplished businessman, entrepreneur and a
>major force in the development of the United States Basketball League,
>Inc. in its formative years. The USBL management, teams and shareholders
>will miss his support, guidance and positive attitude these past 15
> Mr. Daniel T. Meisenheimer, Jr. was the father of the President and
>Commissioner, Daniel T. Meisenheimer, III and father to Richard C.
>Meisenheimer, Vice President and Secretary.
> The void of his presence at Board Meetings, Press Conferences and
>basketball games will never be filled. He was one of a kind, a
>tremendous man with compassion for all and believed in the vision of the
>USBL and for the thousands of players and millions of fans who have come
>to know the USBL.
> We will miss him always and strive to meet all the expectations he
>shared with us.
>Safe Harbor Act Disclaimer: This release may contain forward-looking
>statements that involve risks and uncertainties including, without
>limitation, continued acceptance of the companyûs products and services,
>increased levels of competition, new products and technological changes,
>the Companyûs dependence upon financing, third-party suppliers and
>intellectual property rights, and other risks detailed from time to time
>in the Companyûs federal filings, annual report, offering memorandum or
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