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Microcap & Penny Stocks : DD Central on ECNC (formerly BETT)

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To: Jorjenzak who wrote ()7/22/1999 7:26:00 PM
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To: Mr Metals (2506 )
From: Tim Davies Thursday, Jul 22 1999 7:03PM ET
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this in on ecnc

OTC BB: ECNC - eConnect
Currently .35x.39
52-week range: .05 - $1.03

EConnect Inc develops proprietary hardware, software, and
transaction processing services. eConnect owns and operates
Internet sites and kiosks, and markets P.E.R.F.E.C.T. products
and services to enable other e-commerce Internet and
non-Internet merchants to accept ATM and Smart Card
payments from consumers, for purchases and bill payments.

From our calculations, this stock should easily surpass it's 52
week high by Thurs , and settle in the $1.00-$1.50 range.
Near term target of beginning of August is in the $2-$3 range,
with a long term of $3-$5. BEAR IN MIND THESE ARE

We have all seen the recent explo$ion of gaming stocks such
as Starnet (NASDAQ: SNMM) GGNC, and FTET. Control of
this hot sector is still up for grabs. It is believed for a company
to succeed, they must branch out beyond the exploding
domain of gambling, and incorporate novel and innovative
complements to their gaming division. ECNC is this company,
and is setting an optimistic trend for future corporate gaming.

EConnect's P.E.R.F.E.C.T(TM) (Personal Encrypted Remote
Financial Electronic Card Transaction) technology will provide
web sites with the ability to accept ATM cards as payment.
This will enable consumers to safely use their ATM cards over
the Internet in same-as-cash ATM transactions. The pilot
launch for the P.E.R.F.E.C.T will be August 1st 1999, with joint
venture partner First Entertainment Holding Corp.(FTET), a
fully reporting company. (Check links at ECNC is positioning itself to
generate revenues from it's own gaming company(and others
as well)holdings by routing the PERFECT gaming wagers to
their competitors for a small(2-6%)service fee. These service
fees will start adding up quickly as the transactions continue.
This is called TSP(transaction service processing). On-line
gaming analysts estimate that these transactions alone by
2002 will add up to 200 billion. ECNC is designing their TSP
business to capture 40% of that exploding market. That is a
ton of revenue for a sub $1.00 OTC stock.. Every transaction
throughout the world that uses ECNC's PERFECT wagering
system of cash/credit will increase ECNC's revenues and
profits. The numbers could be staggering from the TSP
revenues, not to mention the casino, and on-line sportsbook

After the launch eConnect plans to market to Internet
merchants in the fall just in time for the heavy Christmas
buying over the Internet. Ecommerce estimates consumers will
spend over $1 Billion this winter season alone, internationally.
This will propel eConnect as one of the leading providers of
same-as-cash over the Internet, taking part of the 200
billion-dollar industry of Internet gaming to come.

Recent earnings for June were over 67% higher over the
previous month and should continue to grow in their online
gaming division with the sports betting season coming into full
swing. eSportbet, which they acquired on April 26th, will launch
their website as well, making increases even more favorable.
Another recent acquisition is one of the highest
rated online casinos on the net. Revenues are expected to
triple next year. This will continually add to future revenues
pioneering the first ever Internet and land based casino
partnership promotion, which will be seen more frequently in
the future added to the marketing value of current operations.

All stages of operations appear to be going as planned. The
aggressive marketing campaign is set to begin. And we are
sitting on ground zero. Conservative estimates for stock price
would range by year-end no less than $3.50 per share with a
conservative P/E of 25 for an Internet related company.


Outstanding shares: 15.07M
Float: 5M
Total MM: 15 (so expect lots of competition and little
manipulation by MM's)
A large percentage of the float is currently held by longs and
insiders who can currently be found at RB and SI. Notice on
the threads, not a single negative comment has been made
about ECNC, as all "forward looking statements" released by
the company have been met, and all obligations fulfilled.


All links provided - notice revenue numbers, dividend issues,
stock buy-backs, tremendous growth, and overall strength of
the company

Tuesday July 13, 1999
eConnect licenses Thundergo software to bring new
technology to Internet sites - Business Wire - 8:12 am

Tuesday July 6, 1999
· eConnect Announces 2.1 Million in Gaming Volume With
June Revenues of $106,000 for Its eSportsbet Business Unit
- Business Wire - 7:30 am
Wednesday June 30, 1999
· eConnect Announces eSportsbet Web Site Will be Ready
August 1
Business Wire - 7:59 am
Thursday June 24, 1999
· eConnect Announces Stock Symbol Change, From BETT to ECNC
- Business Wire - 10:12 am
Wednesday June 23, 1999
· eConnect Reports Progress in Development Of
. - Business Wire - 9:58 am
Monday June 21, 1999
· eConnect Announces 5% Stock Dividend and Warrant
Dividend for Shareholders of Record -
- Business Wire - 8:10 am
Friday June 11, 1999
· Electronic Transactions and Technologies Announces Buy
Back of Up to 2 Million Shares of eConnect Stock
Business Wire - 10:07 am
Thursday June 10, 1999
· eConnect Reports $500,000 Financing Arrangement
- Business Wire - 8:07 am
Wednesday June 9, 1999
· eConnect reports $100,000 combined May earnings for and eSportsbet, a 67% increase
Business Wire - 8:03 am
Thursday June 3, 1999
· eConnect Subsidiary Creates First
Co-Marketing of Virtual and Physical Casinos -
- Business Wire - 9:06 am
· eConnect Receives $2 Million Line of Credit From Alliance
- Business Wire - 9:03 am
Tuesday May 25, 1999
· First Entertainment Joins eConnect's Internet ATM Pilot to
Take Internet Commerce From Credit to Cash
- Business Wire - 9:05 am
Wednesday May 19, 1999
· eConnect to Test Use of ATM Cards At Home, to Send
Same-As-Cash Over the Internet to Open/Replenish Gaming
- Business Wire - 8:01 am
Thursday May 13, 1999
· eConnect Announces April Revenues of $60,000 From $1.1
Million in Wagers Generated by Its Subsidiary
- Business Wire - 9:04 am
Monday May 10, 1999
· eConnect Announces Acquisition of Rogel Technologies Who
has Recently Licensed a Unique Secure Email System to JVC
for Resale by JVC to Pacific Rim Countries
- Business Wire - 9:44 am
Wednesday May 5, 1999
· Makes First Move to Link Internet Casinos to
Land-Based Casinos
- Business Wire - 9:28 am
Monday May 3, 1999
· eConnect and First Form New Service to
''Take Internet Commerce From Credit to Cash''
- Business Wire - 9:09 am
· First and eConnect, Partner in Internet
E-Funds, Cash Transfer Solutions - PR Newswire - 9:02 am
- PR Newswire - 9:02 am
Wednesday April 28, 1999
· eConnect Projects Combined Second-Quarter Revenues of
$600,000 From Electronic Gaming Subsidiaries
- Business Wire - 9:29 am
Monday April 26, 1999
· eConnect Announces the Acquisition Of
Business Wire - 8:16 am
Friday April 23, 1999
· eConnect Announces the Close On the Acquisition of
Business Wire - 10:07 am
Thursday April 22, 1999
· eConnect Announces Agreement in Principle for Acquisitions
of, and Rogel Technologies for
a Combined First Quarter Revenue of $500,000 and Net
Profits of $100,000
- Business Wire - 3:13 pm
Tuesday April 20, 1999
· Casino Begins Talks With Revolutionary Internet
Gaming Software
- Business Wire - 9:00 am


The Company believes that by the year 2001, anyone with
global telephony will own or have access to different types of
hardware that can send ATM card with PIN or smart card
payments to merchants. ATM card with PIN or smart card
payments are the same-as-cash (only the merchant can
reverse the transaction). These devices will enable the
consumer to send in what the Company calls transactions
which are Personal Encrypted Remote Financial Electronic
Card Transactions ("PERFECT"). These PERFECT
transactions will originate from homes, offices, cars, hotel
rooms, and publicly placed PERFECT equipment.

The driving industries behind the placement of these
PERFECT devices into the home will be the telephone, utility,
cable, finance, insurance and direct response industries who:
(a) want their banked consumers to pay cash from the home
rather than a check; and (b) want their non-banked consumers
to pay cash from the home rather send in a money order or
walk in to pay the bills. The Company estimates that over $1
billion in advertising and marketing will be willingly spent by
these industries over the next two years to educate their
consumers to pay their bills by same-as-cash hardware
enabled PERFECT transactions.

The Human Nature Question:
The Company then asks the basic question: After these
PERFECT devices have migrated into global homes as a
simple same-as-cash bill payment device, then how long
before the average consumer demands to use the same device
for PERFECT wagering?

The PERFECT wagering marketplace: Presently, the global
wagering marketplace is estimated at $800 billion dollars. By
2001, it is estimated at $1 trillion dollars.
The Company conservatively estimates that 30% of this or
$300 billion dollars will be originating as PERFECT wagers
from homes and offices and cars. The long-term goal of the
Company is to establish itself as the global leader in servicing
PERFECT wagers.

The Company has also recently acquired Rogel Technologies,
an Internet related software firm. Rogel Technologies has
signed a Licensing Agreement with JVC who will sell the
"secure email" to Pacific Rim companies. These companies will
pay $5.95 US per employee per month. JVC will pay Rogel
Technologies 50% of the monthly fees. JVC expects to launch
this business in about 2 months. The purpose of the
acquisition is three fold:
1. Rogel Technologies is developing the Merchant Response
Software, which is supplied by the Company to the gaming
companies to respond back to the PERFECT bank host
commands through eGate.
2. The development of the PERFECT Portal which is where
merchants will go to download their PERFECT Merchant
Response Software and the consumer will go to find out who
are the PERFECT merchants accepting PERFECT
3. To receive the projected 3 year $20 million in profits from
the JVC sale and servicing of "on line secure email".

The Mechanics of a PERFECT Wager.
A PERFECT wager is Jane Simms, effecting a $100 home
Lottery wager at 2 a.m. with her PERFECT hardware, which
may have been made by Panasonic and delivered to her by
Bell Atlantic as a bill payment device. After inserting her ATM
card and inputting her bank assigned PIN, she sends the
transaction toll free by modem to the Company bank host or to
another bank host who is driving the transaction. In seconds,
her card is authorized and the cash has been withdrawn from
her bank account. Since real cash in real time is now on the
way to the Lottery, the Company bank host needs to receive
back an acknowledgment from the Lottery that the wager has
been accepted and that Jane Simms is the player.
The next step is the long-term revenue generator for the
Company. The bank host, which could be the Company, or X
host or Y Host then connects with eGate, the transaction
division of the Company, who then connects with the Lottery
and basically says computer to computer: "We have the cash
completed, send back your acknowledgment of the wager and
we'll pass it on to the bank host who is waiting for your reply."
In about 6 seconds, Jane Simms is receiving a printed receipt if
she has a stand alone PERFECT device or an email if she
used a wireless mobile PERFECT device. Her receipt will state
the time and date of the transaction, the numbers. She chose
and her bank card authorization. Her receipt will also state any
instant taxation of any winnings, which may have already been
sent to her bank account.

Jane could have just as easily played Bingo or Black Jack or
entered into a game of Bridge where she used her PERFECT
equipment and her interactive television to see her fellow 2
a.m. Bridge players who all ante up real cash into a Pot to be
held by an Ante Up service, with the winner then receiving her
cash less Federal and State taxes and the 10% Ante Up
service fee. Business and Goals of the Company.
A portion of the Company business will be in electronic
("eGate")gate servicing hundreds of global bank hosts, who
are driving in millions of incoming second by second
PERFECT wagers which are originating from a variety of
different PERFECT hardware devices, such as the Company's
patented stand alone PayMaster or wireless PocketPay or
Internet related SLICK or patent pending TV Pin Pad Remote.
eGate connects these bank hosts to the gaming companies
and sends back the gaming company "pay per play same as
cash acknowledgment" to the bank host.
One goal of the Company is to establish its presence in
Europe, Asia and Latin America as the prime source to service
PERFECT wagers. Management of the Company feels that the
Company is at least 2 years ahead of any other competition,
which at the present time is minimal.

The Business Structure of the Company.
The Company is composed of two principal divisions: eGaming
and eGate. The reader already understands that eGate is
directly dependent upon the emergence, marketing and
distribution of basically free PERFECT devices for home entry
as same-as-cash bill payment devices.

The Company is priming the pump by now distributing the
Company PayMaster in public locations. This PayMaster will
enable consumers to pay bills, shop from catalogs while
waiting for the car to be cleaned or the oil to be changed or a
business meeting to start in a hotel lobby, and to use their
ATM card to open or replenish their gaming accounts with and, two divisions of the
Company with operations in Costa Rica.

The business of eGate is a long-term development. Today,
PERFECT wagers do not exist. Over the next few months, the
Company will effect PERFECT wagers with

The immediate 12-month goal of the Company is to acquire
gaming companies in the market segments of bingo, lottery,
slots, and racing. We already have acquired the market
segment of internet casino which is and the
market segment of sports bets which is
The acquisitions serve three purposes:
1. They are driving in revenues and profits for the Company.
2. They will serve as test beds for PERFECT wagering.
3. They will act as Group Gates to connect the PERFECT
wager with
competitors in their specific market segment and they will take
a fee for the service.

Investor relations contacts: Carnegie Cooke, Anita Goldberg, 1

posted also onthe gold ones thread..
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