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Formerly About Advanced Micro Devices 1171674    4 minutes ago18918
A Real American President: Donald TrumpHoney_Bee162684    8 minutes ago14518
The Trump Presidencybentway140077    5 minutes ago9725
View from the Center and Leftepicure420890    16 seconds ago7844
Politics for Pros- moderatedLindyBill693564    2 hours ago4874
Sioux NationCautious_Optimist319651    36 minutes ago2221
Fake NewsFUBHO13580    50 minutes ago112
Dutch Central Bank Sale Announcement Imminent? 59554    3 hours ago85
A Hard Look At Donald TrumpBrumar8917824    2 hours ago78
Liberalism: Do You Agree We've Had Enough of It?TideGlider218517    4 hours ago412
Politics of EnergyBrumar8982612    an hour ago301
Politics for Honest Conservativessense2838    a minute ago26
Welcome to Slider's DugoutSliderOnTheBlack29695    12 PM261
The Exxon Free Environmental ThreadWharf Rat39818    4 hours ago251
Rat's Nest - Chronicles of CollapseWharf Rat21226    12 PM24
The Donald Trump PresidencyGROUND ZERO™32688    an hour ago228
Military Strategy BoardLindyBill9842    32 minutes ago16
Tell a joke - anything goesGROUND ZERO™6753    2 hours ago163
Climate Changeryanaka681    5 hours ago144
Mainstream Politics and Economicsgamesmistress81864    6 hours ago121
Canadian Political Free-for-AllKitskid19936    1 AM101
Sam's miscellanySam850    yesterday 9
The Environmentalist ThreadLand Shark36374    Monday9
Politics for ConservativesJ.B.C.106968    Sunday6
America Under Siege: The End of InnocenceTeresa Lo26524    last Friday61
The Surveillance StateGlenn Petersen60    11 AM32
Foreign Policy Discussion ThreadHawkmoon12513    yesterday 3
The CastleTimF7599    last Thursday3
WarCarolyn22870    last Friday2
Libertarian Discussion Forummiraje12361    last Thursday2
The Runaway Income and Wealth Inequality in Americaryanaka32    last Thursday2
A US National Health Care System?Peter Dierks42333    yesterday 11
Canada@The HotStove Clubaxial1198    last Wednesday11
Margaret Sanger's Eugenic Legacy of Death, Disease, DepravitGreg or e1150    last Wednesday
Guns in Americaryanaka11    October 3
Modern Military Affairssense407    October 1
The JudiciaryPeter Dierks799    September 29
President Barack ObamaChinuSFO149296    September 29
Liz Warren- America's First Woman PresidentnewSmiling Bob2    September 273
Socialized Education - Is there abetter way?Peter Dierks1389    September 26
Nanoviricides - The Other Board 1009    September 26
American Presidential Politics and foreign affairsPeter Dierks71588    September 23
I Will Continue to Continue, to Pretend....Sully-35834    September 21
Foreign Affairs Discussion GroupFaultLine281421    September 17

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