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Softbank Group CorpSFTBY48.72+4.6% 5826    2 hours ago2
GrubHub Inc. (GRUB)GRUB63.47+2.9%JakeStraw61    April 26
Ericsson overlook?ERIC9.595+2.4% 5373    last Wednesday2
Verizon Communications (VZ)VZ59.30+2.1% 1798    May 6
FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd.FLY.V1.590+1.9%Sultan197    28 minutes ago1
AT&TT32.33+1.7% 4215    last Wednesday1
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)HPE14.79+1.1%Lynn8    last Friday11
KVH Industries, Inc.KVHI9.990+0.8%Walter P7085    last Thursday6
Salesforce.comCRM155.41+0.5% 238    April 24
Twitter, Inc.TWTR37.57+0.2%Glenn Petersen1227    Saturday1
Digimarc (DMRC)DMRC58.14+0.1% 199    last Wednesday32
Wi-LAN Inc. (T.WIN)WILN1.3900.0%nicmar16859    May 3
PayPal Inc. - PYPLPYPL112.74-0.1% 130    April 26
DLB Dolby LaboratoriesDLB62.04-0.2%Cooters196    May 2
LRAD - Long Range Acoustic DeviceLRAD3.010-0.3% 162    April 25
3D PrintingDDD8.740-0.3%FUBHO754    May 9
RokuROKU83.71-0.4%zax43    May 102
Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI)SIRI5.635-0.4%Quincy8408    April 241
Tivo (TIVO) Interactive TVTIVO7.055-0.6% 2091    May 5
SplunkSPLK135.54-0.7%LJM66    April 26
Sequans CommunicationsSQNS0.990-0.7%FUBHO1699    last Thursday4
Sequans, the investors boardSQNS0.990-0.7%hooligan215    last Monday51
Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO)CSCO55.94-0.7%Lynn77370    last Thursday71, Inc. (AMZN)AMZN1,855-0.8%Glenn Petersen163734    yesterday 202
TwilioTWLO139.35-0.8%JakeStraw43    last Thursday1
eBay - Superb Internet Business ModelEBAY36.59-0.8% 7762    April 241
Nuance Communications, Inc.NUAN17.73-0.9% 830    May 9
Boeing keeps setting new highs! When will it split?BA351.83-0.9% 3420    last Thursday21
Walt DisneyDIS133.82-0.9% 2189    last Friday4
Cognex - Looks undervalued...CGNX43.61-0.9% 519    April 30
Microsoft Corp. - Moderated (MSFT)MSFT126.86-0.9%Don Green19452    yesterday 52
MITEL (MLT)MLT9.882-1.0% 1730    April 251
ANSS - AnsysANSS185.59-1.0% 138    last Friday2
Dell Technologies Inc.DELL68.70-1.1% 176375    April 30
Trimble NavigationTRMB39.59-1.2% 3505    April 23
Netflix (NFLX)NFLX350.23-1.2% 1880    May 11
UPWK - UpWorkUPWK15.57-1.3%FR114    last Thursday1
Adobe (adbe) opinionsADBE275.85-1.4% 3096    last Thursday41
Facebook, Inc.FB182.64-1.4%Glenn Petersen3290    last Monday7
Arista NetworksANET246.23-1.6%FUBHO42    May 3
SWKS - Skyworks Solutions, Inc (was AHAA)SWKS68.88-1.6% 1671    last Friday21
Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables and GadgetsGOOG1,142-1.7%FUBHO2994    May 12
InfineraINFN3.075-1.8%FUBHO4039    last Thursday4
Cohu, Inc. (COHU)COHU15.43-1.8% 6677    May 72
VMware, Inc. (VMW)VMW199.99-1.8% 330    last Friday1
NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)NVDA153.67-1.8% 1642    last Friday1
The Singularity, A.I.: Machine & Deep Learning,. and GFANVDA153.67-1.8%John Pitera258    Saturday5
Alphabet Inc. (Google)GOOGL1,147-1.9%Glenn Petersen15221    3 hours ago4
ServiceNow, Inc.NOW267.50-2.0%JakeStraw66    May 7
Advanced Micro Devices - Moderated (AMD)AMD26.87-2.3%Elmer Phud275854    51 minutes ago1
AMD, ARMH, INTC, NVDAAMD26.87-2.3%neolib30097    45 minutes ago954
BB: BlackBerry (fka RIMM: Research in Motion)BB8.255-2.3%Eric L1446    May 5
ENPH - Enphase, world's leading solar microinverter playerENPH14.31-2.4% 142    last Tuesday52
Axon Enterprise, Inc. (AAXN), formerly Taser Intl.AAXN66.32-2.5%J.F. Sebastian963    last Friday2
CYPRESS Semiconductor (CY)CY15.17-2.5% 2680    April 23
PTCPTC84.63-2.5% 3646    May 3
Dassault Systems / SolidWorks (DASTY)DASTY152.74-2.6% 24    last Wednesday1
IRDM - IRIDIUM NEXT / CERTUS / AIREON The Second GenerationIRDM23.37-2.6%pcstel8    May 9
OLED Universal Display CorpOLED157.78-2.6%slacker71122591    3 hours ago512 (STMP)STMP38.64-2.9% 1187    May 9
Semi Equipment AnalysisSOXX185.01-3.0%Donald Wennerstrom83314    5 minutes ago471
Apple Inc.AAPL182.65-3.4%clean86204904    1 AM303
Apple TankwatchAAPL182.65-3.4%zax32369    last Monday2
Apple, Inc. UnmoderatedAAPL182.65-3.4% 8089    52 minutes ago212
MCHP: Microchip Technology Inc.MCHP80.01-3.5% 199    April 24
Research Frontiers Lonely Hearts Club Thread.REFR3.150-3.7%StockDung157    last Tuesday2
Research Frontiers (REFR)REFR3.150-3.7%aknahow27155    8 minutes ago1412
Technology Stocks & Market Talk With Don WolanchukDRYS3.840-4.0%da_cheif™126704    an hour ago1556
WDC, NAND, NVM, enterprise storage systems, etc.WDC42.83-4.0%Sam4160    3 minutes ago31
TencentTCEHY42.92-4.2%Paul Senior47    last Wednesday2
Tesla EVs - TSLATSLA202.20-4.2%Savant9490    35 minutes ago2348
Alibaba Group Holding LimitedBABA162.07-4.4%Glenn Petersen669    last Thursday2
Qualcomm Incorporated (QCOM)QCOM77.89-4.4%Quincy152445    May 2
Qualcomm Moderated Thread - please read rules before postingQCOM77.89-4.4%Silcon Observer157464    an hour ago23112
Silicon Motion Inc. (SIMO)SIMO38.65-4.8%Elroy2049    last Wednesday3
Activision....Returns!ATVI44.12-4.9% 1983    May 3
ASML Holding NVASML191.13-5.0% 8660    13 minutes ago68
Vuzix Corporation-VUZI-A Visionary Pick?VUZI2.407-6.3%richardred494    last Thursday4
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (LSCC)newLSCC11.51-6.7% 5    May 33
Cree Inc.CREE58.65-7.1% 9987    last Tuesday62
STMicroelectronicsSTM15.76-7.2%zax3    last Tuesday1
Keysight TechnologiesKEYS74.93-8.5%Kirk ©35    last Thursday52
5G Wireless and the Internet of Things (IoT)Eric L9    May 3
AMT 56    May 9
Cloud, edge and decentralized computingGlenn Petersen1506    April 28
Driverless autos, trucks, taxis etc.Sam326    May 4
Drones, Autonomous Vehicles and Flying CarsGlenn Petersen2014    5 minutes ago72
FBN Associates - Year 2000/Y2K IPO!!!FBN 2682    April 20
FirstWave Technologies (FSTW)FSTW 9677    May 3
Full Disclosure Trading$SOXJerome13238    last Friday1
Growth Investing 307    May 92
Impossible Foodszax33    yesterday 105
Investing in Exponential GrowthPaul H. Christiansen919    last Thursday3
Jimbo's Playhouse/CPQ 12652    last Thursday1
LED light bulbs and the manufacturing of themrobert b furman133    May 10
Media Industries: Newspapers, TV, Radio, Movies, OnlineRon3035    yesterday 131
Off Topic (Every Day Technology) 1493    May 5
Peer-to-Peer, Gig and On-Demand EconomiesGlenn Petersen718    last Tuesday81
Plastic waste remediesdonpat77    last Friday2
Samsung and WirelessEric L374    April 22
SpaceXEric445    49 minutes ago9
The *NEW* Frank Coluccio Technology Forumftth46756    last Thursday2
The Electric Car, or MPG "what me worry?"Eric7231    2 hours ago80
The Real Value Sitegizwick55    May 62
Uber Technologies and Lyft Inc. IPOsUBERGlenn Petersen74    Saturday44
VADXX Energydonpat11    May 3
Y10K CRISIS 1361    Saturday3

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